Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


24. chapter 21

*Madison Pov*
I finally woke up, i looked around and see i am on the bed swing outside and people are still here
"How long was i out?" I ask myself
"About a good 10 minutes" Someone chuckles, i look at see Justin laying on the grass
"What happen?" I ask
"Well me, Conner and Jeremy saw you passed out on this guy so we thought the worst and thought he drugged you so we ran up to him and Conner punch him in the face-"
"Little Conner?" I cut him off
"Im not that young!" He yells and i look on the other side and see him and Jeremy coming over
"Your awake!" Jeremy hugged me
"Jer-Jer Im fine" I say
"Yeah Jer-Jer, now let me finish!" Justin whines
"Ok" We say and he starts again
"These other 4 guys came and one i think his name was Niall ask the is going on and we told him that this guy drugged you and then Michael comes over and ask why is the guy on the floor and you passed out, finally the guy i think is name was Zayn told us what happen and we all hugged it out but the we still toke you because we dont trust them" Justin finished
"Why did you pass out?" Conner ask
"Uh, from crying to much" I mutter
"WHAT!" They yell
"Who made you cry i will beat his or she ass" Jeremy asked
"Nothing" I say
"Maddy, its not nothing" Conner said
"Tell us" He begged and i sighed
"Alec" I said
"Why?" They ask
"We broke up this morning because i kissed another guy but it ment nothing to me but he broke up with me then after i finshed singing he grabbed me and told me he wants to get back together but i said no" I explain to them and they mutter 'Oh'
"Im going to go back to the party" I said and i go and fine Zayn, i find him with Perrie holding and ice pack to his nose
"You!" Perrie points to me
"Sup" I says
"This is your fault, your friends did this to my baby" She yells at me and i ignore her and walk to Zayn
"Hey, how do you feel?" I ask him
"Fine, how do you feel?" He ask
"Im fine, my head hurts" I said
"Probably from all the crying" He said and i nod and he hugs me. Perrie gasp
"How are you not mad at her?" Perrie ask him
"They were protecting her, i understand. i would do the same" He tell her and she rolls her eyes and i giggle
"Did Alec leave?" I ask him, he was about to answer but Perrie cut him off
"Yeah, but not alone" She smirks
"What does she mean?" I ask Zayn
"Nothing" He said
"Zayn, please?" I ask
"He left with this girl, she has blue eyes, blonde hair. I think her names was Alice" He said
"Im going to go" I said and i run inside to my room and slam the door and start crying again. After what she did to me, after she made me want to kill myself he leaves with her! I throw something at my clothes door and i hear a whimpering sound. i get up and walk to the closet. i open it and see a puppy!
"Oh my god! Where did you come from?" I ask picking him up, Wait?" I look down there.
"Aww! Your a girl" I said and i see a letter, i open it and see something marked off with a marker and i read under it
'Even if i hate you and you hate me i still wanted to give you your present. Her name is April, she was found in a burning house and she was the only one to survive, she is a golden retriever. Her papers are in the big folder and she has all her shots. She is 8 weeks old so she is still a puppy, her birthday is January 5th" From Alec, P.S. I will always love you no mater what.
I finish reading with more tears going down my face and April barks and licks my face and i laugh
"I love you too" I say and i change and grab April, lock my door so no drunk people come in. i get into bed with April next to me and i fall asleep
-Next Morning-
I woke up and April is laying next to me, i look around and see Calum asleep next to April, Luke on the floor with Ashton and Michael sleeping on mine and Calums legs. I sit up which wakes April and she trys to bark but i sounds like she is crying
"Morning April" I say and she keeps trying to bark
"Are you hungry?" I ask and she wiggles her tail
"Let me see if he left food" I get up and walk over Luke and Ashton and look in the closet and see a lesh, dog bed, food and 2 bowls, i grab the food and bowls and carry April and take her down stairs to eat. i give her food and water and she eats. Someone comes down the stair
"I see you met April" Mason said and i smile
"Is it true?" I ask
"What" Mason said
"Alec left with Alice yesterday?" And who invited Alice?" I ask
"After the cake random people came and it got messy but we cleaned after the party ended" He said
"That didnt asnwer my first question" I said
"No, he didnt leave with her, she followed him because the work got out you broke up but Alec told her to fuck off and he fell asleep in my room" Mason tolds me
"Is he still here?" I ask and he nod
"Talk to him" He told me
"No, he made it clear yesterday morning" I said
"He cried himself to sleep" He told me. Maybe i should talk to him?
"I'll see" I mutter and i eat some cereal
"Morning!" 3 voices say, i look up and see Jeremy, Conner and Justin
"You stayed over?" I ask
"Yup! Didnt you see us in the living room?" Conner ask and i shake my head
"You need glasses" He messes with my hair and i slap his hand away
"What's to eat?" He ask
"Make whatever you want" Mason said and finishes his cereal
"Ella shut up!" I hear Chloe say
"You and Ethan looked confertable on the floor together" Ella says
"And you and Mitchell looked confertable on the bed together" Chloe said
"When will he ask you out?" Ella ask
"When will he ask you out?" Chloe ask
"When will you shutup!" Mason said
"Mason you shut up! You and Emma slept together too" Alec said as he walk into the kitchen with Emma behind him
"Really?" I ask Mason and smirked
"We didnt do anything! Just sleep" Emma said
"Because i was there" Alec muttered and we laugh
"Oh" Alec said when he saw me and i just smiled. Everyone stayed silent
"I dont think anyone is up yet" A british voices said
"Nope, its all slient" A irish voice said and Harry and Niall walk into the Kitchen
"Oh, morning" They said and we all respond something. I feel something lick my leg, i look down and see April. I pick her up and rub her belly
"You found April" Alec said
"Yeah" I mutter, April looks up and jumps out of my hands and goes to Alec
"Hey girl" He bends down to pet her, she licks his face and comes back to me
"Morning" 2 voices says and we all look and see Mitchell and Ethan
"Im going to my room" I said
"Yeah, Im leaving" Alec said and he leaves
"I'll see you later" Ella said
"Im staying" Emma said
"For me?" Mason ask
"Your sister, we havent hung out in a long time" Emma said and Mason pouts
"I'll just go with Alec" And he goes after him
"Im staying" Chloe said
"I need to go to work" Ethan said
"Same" Mitchell said, what they mean is something with the gang. They leave.
"Lets go to my room" I said and pick April up and the 4 of us leave, as we go up stairs. Zayn, Liam and Louis come down. Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton behind them
"We'll be in my room" I say and they nod, we walk in and i close the door. i break down into tears and the 3 of them hug me
"You'll be okay" Emma said
"I hope" I said
*Alec Pov*
After i got into my car Mason got in and i drove to my house. I park the car and rest my head on the wheel
"Im so stupid!" I yell
"You didnt cheat" Mason said
"Yeah, but she told me and told me it felt nothing to her. And i might off cheated on her" I say
"WHAT!" Mason yells
"It was the week we started dating and i went to a party, this girl came up to me and we start kissing" I said
"Were you drunk?" He ask
"No" I mutter
"Now i am on my sisters side, she told you and said it ment nothing to you, no wonder she hates you" Mason said
"And i called her a slut" I added
"Wow! I thought Maddy was the one that made a mistake" He mutters
"She told me and i beens having this secret for 7 months. And i kissed the girl" I said
"If you tell Maddy im sure she wont take you back after that" Mason said
"Can you not make me feel worse" I told him and he nods
"I should tell her" I said
"You sure, you might lose her forever" He told me
"As long as she knows i love her" I told him and he nods
"Lets just have a guys day today, ok?" Mason ask
"Just us guys, i'll call Mitchell and Ethan. Maybe even your dad and ucles and his friends" I say
"Oh! Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry are going home for a 2 weeks, they are leaving later so they propbably cant come but my dad, Luke, Calum and Ashton might come" He told me
"You stay here and set everything up and i'll get food" I said and Mason gets out
"Here" I throw him the house key and i drive away to the store
*Madison Pov*
"Maddy, get changed! We said when we get back you have to be changed!" Emma yells at me and i just lay in my bed
"Maddy, we know you are heartbroken but you cant be like this all the time" Ella said
"Everything hurts" I say
"I know what will get her up!" Emma said, i hear movement and a song starts playing. Emma starts singing

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