Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


18. chapter 16

*Madison Pov*
Mitchell and Mason brought over Miley with there jaws hanging open, The 1D lads came over with there jaws droped to the floor and Anthony came back
"What happened?" He ask
"Michael has a daughter" I mutter
"And its not me" I say to myself
"Wait, your dad is Michael Clifford?" Emily ask and i nod
"That doesnt sound like him, he left his flesh and blood and 2 years later he adopts a kid" Anthony snaps
"3" Mason said
"He adopts 3 kids after he left my sister and said he never wants children untill his stupid band is done!" Anthony spat at us and we nod
"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" I ask
"Where, your house where Michael is. Did he sent you guys?" Emily was about to speak but Anthony cut him off
"He's not here, he's on tour. He wont be back till Monday" I explain
"Yes we can" Emily said
"Really Em! After what he did to you?" Anthony ask
"What HE did, not them!" She said
"Fine" Anthony said
"Come on, wait dont you have work?" I ask
"I think i can call sick, i work everyday for 7 hours and next had a break" She said and goes talk to someone
"So, Michael knocked someone up" Harry said and i hit him
"Sorry" He said
"Anthony, who's Derek?" I ask
-Time skip-
We got to my house and get a text from Alec
Alec-Can i come over?
Me-Sorry, i am busy. Tomorrow before we leave to Michael's concert
Alec-What's wrong?
Me-Emily is here
Alec-Oh! i leave you alone then
Me-Thank you babe
If you are wondering who Derek is, he is Emily's boyfriend, no one likes him, he's a bad guy but Emily is too blind to see it
"Come in" I say and they walk in
"Mommy, this is not house" Miley said
"No its not, but we came to talk with these nice people" She said and Miley nods
"Otay! Who them?" She points to One Direction
"That Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall" She said
"Fan?" Liam ask
"No, our cousin talks about you guys everytime she comes" She said and they nod
"Do you want Emily nowing anything about Michael?" I ask
"Not yet, can one of you take her to another room?" She ask
"Me! i have a past with kids, i have alot of younger sister! And Lou's dauther!" He said
"Is that ok?" He ask
"Yes, Miley you are going with Louis" She said to Miley
''Is he like Derek?" She ask
"No! He nothing like him" She said
"Otay" Miley woddles over to Lou
"Hi! Im Louis" He said picking her up
"I Miley" She mutters
"Dont be scared, i have alot of toys! Do you like teddy bears?" He ask
"Yes!" She giggles
"Are they from Fans?" I ask
"Yeah, sure lets say that" He said and runs off with Miley on his back
"We'll back sure he doesnt brake her" Zayn said and the 4 of them follow them, Anthony goes too
"So, how is Michael?" She ask
"He's fine, he's really happy" I said
"Good, good" She said
"Who's Derek?" I ask
"Yeah. why is Miley scared of him?" Mitchell ask
"Ih, he's my boyfriend and he comes home drunk, every night. Before everthing was fine but then he started drinking." Her voice cracks
"He start abusing me and im scared to leave him because is he said i leave him he would kill Miley and Me" She crys and Mitchell hugs her
"Do you want me and my friend Ethan to kill him?" He ask
"Mitchell!" Me and Mason yelled
"What! Miley kinda my sister and Emily's her mum, there kinda like family" Wow, when did Mitchell get all soft
"Please dont" She said
"I still love him" Why! Why!
''Why! He hits you! He threaten to kill you and your daughter!" I yell
"I dont know, i just feel like he is still the same Derek" She said
"Where does he go to drink?" I ask
"The bar down the street, Drown In Them" Of course that bar
"What time?" I ask
"Around 5" Its 3
"Is he at work?" I ask and she nods
"We are going to your place and packing your stuff, and we are not take no for a answer" I say and she nods
"WE'LL BE BACK!" I yell and the 4 of us get in the car and drive to her place. We get there
"Where will i go?" She ask
"You'll live with us, you cant be here anymore" I say
"But what about Michael?" She ask
"I'll talk to him" I say andwe get to her room
"Derek, im home!" She yells
"There you are" He slurs
"I thought you said he wasnt home?" i ask
"I was checking, sometimes he come early" She said and i nod
"Im going to the bar, make sure there is food when i get home!" He yells and slaps he butt
"Mitch, no" I say as Mason pulls him away, Derek finally's leave
"Come on, Miley's room is over here" She said and we walk into her room
"Mason, go with Emily, me and Mitchell will stay here" I say
"Oh and here, just in case" Mitchell hands him a gun
"You have yours?" He ask me and i nod
"I'll get the clothes and toys, you get you pillow and blankets, we'll buy them other thing they need later" I say and he nods
"Just take everything?" He asked and i nod
"Everything!" I say and go back to packing
-Time skip-
'Thats it" I say
"Are you sure about this?" Emily asked
"Yes!" The 3 of us say and we get into the car and drive away, we get home and he banging and smashing, we run in and see Miley chaseing Louis. And Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Anthony tied to chairs
"Are you sure she is three?" I ask
"I fucked your dad 3 years ago and got pregnat" She said
"Ok!" I say
"Miley! Im sorry!" Louis yells
"No! Bad Lou!" She yells
"Run Lou!" Anthony yelled
"Guys!" Emily yelled and Miley turns around
"Mums Home! Mums Home!" She yells and runs to her mum
"Mum? Thats the first time she said that" Emily said, picking her up
"We kept yelling 'Mum help us" Liam said
"So, where's you guys go?" They ask
"We did some shopping and packing" I said
"Packing??" Anthony ask
"Im moving on" Emily said
"WHAT!" Anthony yelled, his face was red. Miley whimpered and hid her face and Anthony's face went soft
"Miley, i didnt mean to yell" Anthony said and Miley shock her head
"Hey Miley! Im sorry" He said
"No! You like Derek!" She said and Anthony looked like her was going to cry and he walks out
"I'll get him" I say and walk outside to see Anthony punch the wall
"Whoa kid! Calm down" I said
"Dont tell me to calm down! It hurts know that she thinks i am like that sick basterd" A tear went down his cheek
"You just scared her, she just 3, she'll forget" I say
"Miley's diffrent, she had to watch her mom get hit and yelled at. The thing a kid doesnt want to see is there mom cry all the time. I walk in on Miley hugging her mum and kissing her wrist" Anthony said while crying
"Your sister cuts?" I ask and he nods
"I did to" I mutter
"How does it feel?" He ask
"At first it felt good because i knew i had to punish myself for what i did but then i met Michael and Luke, Calum, Ashton, Alec, Emma, Ella, Ethan and Chloe" I said
"Michael has changed?" He ask
"I guess, he's more mature and is ready for anything" I say
"Anthony?" Miley pokes her head out the door
"Yeah?" He trys wiping the tears away, she must of notice because she woddles/runs over to him and hugs him
"I sowwy" She said and Anthony chucks and tears fall down his face
"No! i am. I didnt mean to yell" He said
"No more cry?" She ask
"No more cry" He said and she kisses his cheek
"You love her?" I ask
"More then anything else in the world" He said and tickles her a little and she giggles, i look down to my stomach and rub it
"You're?" He ask
"No! i had one but died at birth" I said
"How?" He ask
"R-A-P-E" I spelled out and his jaw hung open
"I was 12" I said and a tear went down my cheek
"Does anyone know?" He ask
"Just Ethan and Mitchell" I say
"I was walking home one day and some guy got me and did that, a week or 2 i found out i was pregnat but it died at birth, i dont know what i did wrong, the doctor said it was because of my age but i always felt guilty because i thought i did somethign wrong" I say and he nods
"Guys, i made dinner" Harry said and we walk inside
"What happened outside, never happened" I say
"Deal" We wipe our faces and walk to the kitchen
"So! There's a concert tomrrow in Melbourne, Michael last show, want to come?" I ask them
"Yes!" Everyone yells
"Emily?" I ask
"We'll go" Anthony said and i smiled
"We leave at 6" I say
-Time skip-
I walk into the bar with Jeremy, Conner and Justin
"Are you sure?" Justin ask
"He did things to her and i need to warn him!" I say and load my gun
"Over there!" I say pointing to him with a girl giving him a lap dance. We walk over
"You want to join?" He slurrs and the girl giggles
"Go!" I said to the girl
"No! Im having fun her" She moans a littler after she said that and grinds harder on him. Great, thats going to be in my mind for the rest of my life
"Go!" Conner points his gun at him and the girrl grabs her shirt and runs off
"Hey!" Derek yells
"Shut up cunt!" I yell and point my gun
"Stay away from Emily and anyone in her family! Her mum, Dad, Cousin, friends, Anthony and Miley, or i will kill you!" I snapped
"You would do anything, you're just a girl!" He smirks and i smile
"You wanna bet?" I ask and i shot his shoulder
"You bitch!" He said
"Stay away from her. all of them! Or i will kill you" I say and shot my gun next to his head on the chair he was sitting on
"Opz! You lucky i 'missed'" I put air quotes around 'missed' We leave and they drive me home


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