Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


17. chapter 15

*Madison Pov*
Its Saturday and Michael hasnt answered my calls, i ask Luke, Cal and Ash and they said Michael and Emily did used to date, i didnt tell them about the baby because they must not know because i ask if they had a kid and they said not that they know of. I found out more, Emily was 15 when she had the baby and Michael was 17, Michael was in 12th grade (Lets predent they did finish school) and she was in 9th. they dated for 2 years When Michael was in 9th and Emily in 7th. Nothing seemed wrong with there relationship and everyone was suprised they broke up. When Emily was pregnnate she left school but came back after 13 months. People now know why and call her a slut and all those mean names, she stopped talking to Ella and Chloe and became the outcast of the school. Today im going to find out more. Im going to where Emily works around noon because thats the time people have lunch break, right? I also seen Anthony around school, he plays on the football team (Soccer)
"Maddy are you sure you want to do this?" Mason asked and i nod
"You want to come?" I ask
"Yeah, Mitchell! Michael is your dad too!" Mason said
"Im coming" He said
"We'll just stalk you" Zayn said, Me and Zayn have came close. We both have a lot in commen, he said when Michael came back he would help me comvince Michael to let me have a room were i just paint. Yeah i have other talents but i like drawing the most. Niall and Mason are close to, i am not kidding. Maybe i am not Masons twin beacuse they both have so much in commen. Mitchell and probably Liam are close. Then there is Lou and Harry, all alone.
"What time are you leaving?" He ask
"Around noon" I say
"Thats in 2 minutes" He said
"Then lefts go"
-Time skip-
The 1D boys sat at this table and me Mitch and Mason went to find Emily
"Uh, Hi! Im looking for Emily Green" I say to someone
"She over there on her lunch break" She pointed to a table and i see her, Anthony and Miley Sitting together
"Is that Emily?" Mitchell asking pointing to Miley
"Yes because a 3 year old girl would be working" I say
"Shut up" He said
"She does look like Michael, the eyes, nose, lips. Basicly her hole face but she has the hair like her mum" Mitchell said
"She was lucky not to get Michaels hair" Mason said and we agree
"Lets go" I say, i see Anthony get up and go to the bathroom, lets hope Miley doesnt under stand anything
"Hi, are you Emily Green?" I ask
"Mommy!" Miley yells out and starts giggling
"Yes thats me" She said
"Do you remember Mason?" I ask
"Mason Miller?" She ask and i nod
"Yeah, he was a akward looking kid" She said and me and Mitchell started laughing
"Hey!" Mason said and she looks behind us
"Mason! Wow! Puperty help you alot" She said and me and Mitchell are still laughing
"Do you trust Mason and Our older brother to watch Miley, just over there?" I point to the table across
"Why?" She ask
"I need to ask you and tell you something" I say
"Sure, Miley you are going to go with Mason and his oder brother" Mitchell put his sleeves down so they dont see his tattoos
"Mommy, are they mean like Derek?" She ask a little scared
"No! Mason was a friend of mine and Mitchell is a nice guy" We look over and see Mitchell throwing food at Mason and laughing
"There good actors" Emily said and i laugh
"There not acting" I say
"Come on" Mason said and Miley goes with them and start playing with her
"What did you want to tell me?" She ask
"Do you remember Ella and Alec Reed and Chloe Parker?" I ask
"Yeah, wait! That was you, Mason Alec and 5 other guys on Tuesday, right?" She ask and i nod
"Alec was telling us about you because he remembered you, he told us when you were 15 you got pregnant by your boyfriend who was 2 years older then you and his name is Michael" I said and she nods
"You are 18 now and i have a dad who is 20" She cuts me off
"How old are you?" She ask
"16" I say
"He adopted me and Mitchell then i was reunited with my twin Mason" I say and she nods
"My dad is 2 years older than you and is named Michael" I say
"It doesn't sound like the one i used to date because he said he never wanted kids because he wants to be in this band with his friends, Luke, Ashton and Calum" It is Michael! Then that means Michael does have a kid, i look over and see Mitchell and Mason shocked and i look at the 1D table and there jaws are hanging open
"What was his last name?" I ask
"Clifford" She said

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