Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


16. chapter 14

*Maddy's Pov*
"I'm a barbie girl!" Mason sangs at the top of his lungs in a squeaky voice
"In the barbie world!" Alec did the same
"Life in plastic, its fantastic!" They chorused
"You can blush me hair!" Mason sang
"Undress me everywhere!" Alec sang with a smirk and winked at me. I rolled my eyes but me and Emma are laughing hysterically.
"Imagination, life your creation!" They sang, They both can sing but they pretend they dont
"Come on barbie, lets go party!" Emma and I chorused in a deep voice
"Ah-ah-ah-yeah!" Alec and Mason squealed and flipped their imaginary long hair
"Come on barbie, lets go party!" Me and Emma said again in the same way
"Uah-ohh-uah-ohh!" They did again
"Come on barbie lets go-" Me and Emma were cut off by theys 5 guys started laughing as they hold there phones up and take videos
"OH MY GOD!" Emma yelled as she jumps up
"Oww! Emma!" I yell
"Do you guys know who these 5 sex gods are?" She ask us
"Yeah" We said, just cause we dont listen to there music doesnt mean we dont know who ther are
"Wait! Sex gods?" Mason ask
"Sorry babe but when One Direction are standing in the same room as me i dont know who you are" She said and kisses his cheek (This is before Zayn leaves since it is Febuary and not March)
"Damn" I heared one of them mutter
"Fine then, get out my room!" Mason joked with Emma
"If i can take one of them" Emma ran to them but i hold her back
"Whoa girl, calm down" I say and sit her down next to me
"What are you doing here?" I ask
"Your dad sent us to check on you beacuse he had a feeling you would be haveing a party" One of them said
'Yeah like 3 days ago and i went on a killing spree' Of course i didnt say it out load. Oh yeah and i am feeling musch better but Mason is getting the same symptoms as me, right now he has a soar throat
"I thought he only adopted 3?" Another ask
"He did, me and Mason, the twins. And Mitchell, he's not here right now he is at work" He is at a Gang Meeting, Alec cant go because its between Jeremy, Conner, Justin, Ethan and Mitchell. plus these other 3. Chloe and Ella are in America for this collage that they are seeing
"Im Madison but you can call me Maddy and this is Emma, Mason girlfriend and Alec, my boyfriend" I say and Alec winks at me and i smile
"Im Louis, this is Harry, Zayn, Liam an-"
"Im Niall! We are going to be good friends!" Niall cuts him off and jumps on me and Emma
"Down Boy!" Harry yells and Niall gets off and pouts as he walks back
"Oh my god!"
"Ow!" Me and Emma said together, can you geuss who said what
"Ella and Chloe are getting back tomorrow night" Alec said
"Who?" Zayn ask
"Zayn calm down! You have a girlfriend" Harry said
"Yeah! Give me and Harry a chance!" Niall yelled
"Ella's my older sister" Alec said
"Chloe's my older sister" Emma said
"And our older brother has a crush on Ella and she has a crush on him" Me and Mason said together
"And Ethan has a crush on Chloe and Chloe a crush on Ethan" Emma said
"Oh" Niall and Harry sigh
"Yeah, so explain why you are here and how long you will be here?" Mason ask and Emma slapped him
"Dont be rude!" She snapped
"Im just asking" He defends himself
"2 reason we are here, we have a 4 months break from the tour after this show tomorrw tonight here, the lads let us stay here for those 4 months, the next reason we already told you, Michael called us to check on you guys. We are leaving around the end of June" Harry said and we nod, well 3 of us did, Emma was jumping up and down
"Mason since i love you so much i was think i should come to your house more now" Emma said
"Sí, esa es la razón por la cual usted quiere venir más" Mason smart not to say it in English (Yeah, thats the reason why you want to come more)
"What was that?" Emma ask
"I love you" Mason smiled and i laughed
"Whar did he say?" Emma ask
"Lo sentimos, no hablo Inglés" I smile (Sorry, i dont speak English)
"I need to learn spanish" Emma mutters
"So boys, go pick a room, we all have our names on our doors so you know not to pick that one" I say and they run to find a room but Niall goes the other way
"Niall! We dont have rooms that way or rooms down stair, if you want to go to the third floor where Ash and Luke sleep, the stair case is all the way to the end of the hall" I say
"Im hungry!" He yells
"Oh" I mutter, yes our house is 3 stories, The first room you see when you come up is Michaels, the biggest in this hall, then theres Calums, second biggest in this hall way, Michaels room is next to Masons and mine to Cals. Then you see two door faceing each other, thats mine and Masons, mine on the right and Masons on the left, you go more down and see 3 more rooms, 2 guest rooms and Mitchells is at the end of the hall, next to the stair case. He got scared because Calum was coming down stairs but Mitchell thought it was a ghost. Up stairs there are 7 rooms, like the second flloor, when you go up the first thing you see is a door that say Ashton. Then 2 rooms down you see a door that say Dr.Fluke. Luke is like that, then there are 5 guest rooms. Up stairs there also 2 other door, those are the guest bathrooms or when Luke and Ash break there bathrooms they use those. Same with the second floor, 2 bathrooms. No one really use them because every room has there own bathroom and a walk in clothes. First floor is a living room like 2 master bedrooms can fit and a kitchen that is the same size, then there is 2 bathrooms, a game room and then the basement were they keep band things, the attic is for old things we dont need and the holiday decoration. So there are 14 bedrooms, 6 guest bathrooms, big kitchen, big living room, game room, basement and attic. To be honest, in this neiboorhood our house in the smallest.
"Maddy, your phone" Mason said and i answer
-Phone Call-
"Hello?" i ask
"Hey baby girl" Michael!
"Dad" I smile
"Are you out of school yet?" He ask
"We've been out for the past 3 hours now" I say
"Well sorry, time diffrents" He said and i laughed
"Why is One Direction in the house?" I ask
"There going to live with us for 4 months" He said
"Yeah, they told us" I say
"But dont they have family?" I ask
"I dont know, ask them" He said
"You're the worst" I say
"But you love me! See you in a couple of weeks" He said
"Yeah, bye!"
"Im hungry" Alec whines
"Me too!" Emma and Mason says
"Want me to make sandwhiches?" I ask
"Yes please!" They yell and i laugh
"How many do you want?" I ask
"2" Alec says
"2" Emma says
"4!" Mason yells and i laugh
"Okay" I walk downstairs and see Niall eating cookies
"Im makeing sandwhiches, want one?" I ask
"5 please, and if you are maing for the lads too, they each about 2 each" So i ahve to make 17 sandwhiches plus 2 for me. Great!
"Need help?" Someone asked as they came down
"Please?" I ask
"Sure love" Zayn said
"Call mw when the food is ready!" Niall yelled and ran out
"Is he always like that?" I ask
"Everyday" He says
"He's like a baby, always whining" He said and i giggle
"So, do we have bread?" He ask
"Let me see" I say, great no bread
"Lets go out and eat" I say
"Ok, i'll tell the lads" He goes upstairs and i follow
"Guys, we are going out to eat, we dont have bread" I say
"I need to change" Emma said
"I'll give you some of mine, Mason, give some of yours to Alec" I say and Pull Emma to my room
"Not to be rude but me and you dont have the same style" Emma said, Emma's and girly girl and i am not. She loves bright colors and i dont
"Well you have to suck it up for now because Luke and Cal made me burn all that, but i'll see what i can fine" I say and look around
"Here, show off the merch!" I say, she changes and so do i

"Good enough" She says and we walk down stairs and see the boys waiting
"Ready?" Louis ask and we nod
"To food!" Niall and Mason yell and we laugh
-Time skip-
We went to this resturant i never been to before but everyone else has
"So, how did you guys end up in the orphange?" Niall ask me and Mason, we stayed silent
"Niall! You cant just ask them that, they dont even know us" Liam yells at him
"Sorry" Niall says and he forgive him
"We can tell you but we dont really trust you" Mason says and i nod
"We understand, you just met us and its a sencitive subject for you guys" Liam said
"Yeah and Mitchell is not here. When we tell people the 3 of us have to be together" I say. A waiter comes, she looks about 17 or 18
"Can i take you order?" She ask, you might be wondering, no she is not flirting with the boys more like Niall and Harry. We all order and Harry was about to give her his number when-
"Mommy! Mommy!" A little girl comes running to her, she looks about 3. With another guys a little younger maybe 16 chasing after her
"Mommy! Anothey is a monster!" She giggle
"Im going to eat you" He says
"Guys, im at work right now, Im so sorry" She says
"Its ok" I say and the rest agree
"Sorry sis, i brought Miley her to eat and i was messing around with her and chaseing her around and she saw you" Anothey says
"Its fine, now can you guys go i have to work" She said, she looks really stessed
"Yeah, come one Miley, mommy need to work" He said
"Ok! Bye momm!" She waves and her mom give her a smile
"Soor about that, so is that ir?" She asked us and we said yeah
"I'll be back with your drinks" She walks away
"Guys, what just happened?" I ask
"She goes to our school she is a senior, i met her" Alec said and i look at him
"Ella brought her home crying, remeber Mason" Alec said
"Oh yeah, Emily is her name" Mason said
"Yeah, her and Ella used to be best friends, they still are but dont talk much since the baby" Alec said
"What happen?" Harry ask
"It was 10th grade and Ella brought Emily home with us and she was crying saying her mom is going to kill her and what is she going to tell this one dude" Alec said
"What was his name?" I ask
"Im scared to tell you" Alec said
"Why?" I ask
"Im not sure if its him but she said Michael" He told me and i froze, Mason probably knows
"Keep going" I say
"She told Ella that she is pregnat and she was afriaid to tell Michael, then she came back 2 months later that Michael left her and broke up with her" After that we all stayed silent. i looked at the little girl and she does look a little like Michael.
-Later that day-
Alec and Emma went home and Mitchell got back, i told him everything and he told me to call Michael so i am
-Phone Call-
"Baby girl, whats up?" He ask
"Dad, i need to ask you somthing" I said
"Shoot" He tells me
"Do you know anyone named Emily Green?" I ask. Yes i found her last name. Michael didnt answer
"Dad?" I ask then he hung up
It is him.....

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