Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


14. chapter 13

*Madison Pov*
Saturday came and well i feel like shit
"Mitchell!" I yell and seconds later Mitchell runs in with a bat and a towel wrapped around his waist
"What! Who's trying to rape you?" He yell/ask which makes me laugh
"Can you give me my meds?" I ask
"Please" I pout
"Fine" He mutters and goes to my bathroom to get them
"Here" He said giving me the bottle, i takes them and Mitchell cringes
"What?" I ask
"How can you take them without water?" He ask
"Mag- *Cough* -ic" I say and Mitch burst into laughter
"When does the party start?" I ask
"Around 8" He tells me and i nod
"Maddy, are you sure you dont want me to cancel it, i text everyone that i invited saying if i text them "Cancel" That means i canceled the party" He tells me
"I dont want you guys not to have fun because of me" I tell him
"Just make sure you lock, Luke, Cal, Ash and Dad's door" I tell him
"I already did" He said and i nod
"When are you setting up?" I ask
"Around 1" He said and i nod
"Wake me when Alec gets here" I yawn and fall back asleep
-Time skip-
I cuddle closer to whatever this warm soft thing is, that smell is familar. Alec! I feel his arm go around my waist and pulls me closer to him
"Hey Mad- What the hell?" Someone walks into the door and that someone sounds alot like Alec. i look up and see Alec standing at the doorway
"This isnt you?" I ask and he shakes his head, i pull the covers off and see fucking Justin
"Justin!" I yell
"Im trying to sleep" Wow, his voice sound really hot when he wakes up, i would say morning voice but im pretty sure its not morning anymore (A/N I'll do a whole chapter on how Christan, Ryan, Vic, Tony, Aiden, Jack, Jeremey, Conner and Justin look like. I dont want to add them in the character section because they arent really the main characters)
"Get out!" I yell, god i feel like shit, the meds must of warn off
"We swaped spit before, cant we sleep in the same bed?" He ask
"What!?" Alec ask
"I was 12, he was 22" I tell him
"Never in my life have i thought a 12 year old and 22 year old would make out" Alec said
"We didnt make out!" I say
"No, we did" Justin said
"Shut up Justin" I say
''Whatever, what time is it?' i ask
"Like 3" He said and i nod, i grab the bottle of pills and take two
"Maddy, i didnt know you were into that stuff" Justin said
"Im sick" I say and he jumps out of my bed
"Could of warn me before i fell asleep in you bed" He said and i roll my eyes
"We're starting to set up, want to help?" He ask and i nod
"Yay Party!" Justin says
"Wait! Where are you going to be?" He ask
"Im my room" I say
"With me!" Alec grins
"Dont get to excited" I tell him
"Dont worry Alec, maybe next time" Justin said
"Next time my ass" I joke
"So you want me to fuck you in the asshole, got it" Alec smirks
"Fuck who is the asshole?" Ethan ask as he walks pass my room
"Nothing!" I yell and push the three of them out and we walk down stairs
"Yo Mitch! Alec going to fuck Maddy in the butthole!" Ethan yelled and everyone looked at us. Ryan, Tony, Vic, Aidan, Jeremry, Conner, Jack, Mason, Emma, Ella and Mitch. Chloe xant be here because she is only 14. Pretty sure mine and Alec's cheeks are burning red
"What happen to the innocent Maddy i know" Jeremy ask, hugging me
"Im still have a innocents but not inoccent anymore" I say
"Maddy, since i started hanging out with you, i have been seeing Jeremy, Conner and Jusitn A LOT" Ethan tells me and Mitch agrees
"So i am just being used?" I ask, pretending to be hurt
"Pretty much" Mitchell shrugs
"I see how it is" I say and they chuckle
"Come and eat before we start" He said
-Time skip-
3 hours before the party starts and i order like 10 pizza boxes just for me and Alec, i put Luke's mini fridge in my room and filled it with like 20 cans of soda, water bottles, 2 big bottles of soda and put the pizza and cuts on top of it
"Maddy, time to get ready!" Ella said
"But there is like 3 more hours" I say
"Then we need to start and fast" Ella said
"Fine" I mutter
"But i am picking your guys clothes" I say
"Are you scared to?" Ella asked Chloe
"Yes" She said
"Guys, i didnt start dressing like this, Luke and Calum did this to me, i just start likeing this style but that doesnt mean i forgot" I say
"Lets do this!" I yell
-After 3 hours of yelling-
"And done!" I said finishing Ella's make up
"Now pick this on!" I yell handing Ella and Chloe dresses, Ella goes to my closet and Chloe to my bathroom
"Done?" i ask and the both walk out
"Mhm" I thing and go through the bag of shoes they brought
"Here" I say, handing a pair to Ella and a pair to Chloe
"No look" Its fun to be the boss!
"Oh my-"
"God" Ethan and Mitch cut Ella and Chloe off
"Hey! we could of been changing!" I throw a shoe at them
"Oww!" It hits little Ethan
"Dude this cup is not working" Ethan groans
"You didnt put one on" He said
"Oh" Ethans on the ground, groaning and moaning in pain
"Grow a pair" I say
"I think i need a new pair" He said and stands up
"You guy look beautiful" Mitchell said
"Thanks" The blush
"Hey, what about me?" I ask
"You're still in pj's" Ethan said
"Wow, thanks" I said bluntly
"You are very welcome!" He said
"Oh yeah! Here" Ella gives me a bag
"What is it?" I ask
"The clothes you will wear" She said
"Im not even coming out" I say
"Just put it on, you never know" She said and i walk to my bathroom and change
"Ready?" They ask and i walk out
"Just wait till you join the gang" Ethan said
"No!" Me and Mitchell say
"What! She has the look, she can fight and now how to shot a gun" He said
"Used to know, i dont remeber anything from that week" I tell him
"Take the picture so we can said it to Emma" We hand our phones to the guys
"Lets go, we'll send Alec up" Ella said
"You're lucky this room is sound proof" Mitchell said
"All the rooms are" I say
"I need to talk to Madsy, you guys go" He said
"Here" He hands me a black pistol and some ammo
"What?" I ask
"If Alec gets all touchy and, there are other gangs out there, they might crash this party and if Alec is not here or they take Alec out, you will use it" He said
"I dont know how" I say
"Its will click, just like fighting. When Ethan was traing you, he told me you are horrible but when you and Aiden had a little fight, he saw something in you he never seen" He tells me and i nod, he kisses my forhead
"Be good" He said and walks out, i hind the gun in under my pillow and Alec walks in
"Ready for fun?" He ask as he opens the door, i hear the loud music but when he closes it, it's gone
"Cool" He said as he locks the door
"Sound proof" I say
"Movie marathon!" He yells and i laugh
'There are other gangs out there'
'It will click'
'He saw something in you he never seen' those words replay in my mind
-Time skip-
Im going down to get a drink" Alec said
"Not to much, i dont want to use the gun Mitch gave me" I say, yes i told him about it
"I know mom" He jokes and walks down stairs, i lock the door because i am sure mostly everyone is drunk. After 1 hour Alec never came back then i hear a gun fire and screaming. i look out my window and see a bunch of girls run out, must be the plus ones of the gang members, then i heare more shoting and i see Ella and Chloe run out with guys about the age of 14 and 15, must be the soon to members. they run to there cars a leave, Ella is looking at me, i mouth 'Im fine' and she nods and drives away. Theres a scilence for 5 minutes, next thing i know i hear shouting and things being smashed. i grab my gun and out it in the back of my pants and the ammo in my jacket. i climb down the window and to the backdoor to the basement, i go down there and smash the box, everything goes dark, i go back up and see everything is dark, must of smashed it to much. The darker the better. i walk in very quitly and see guys in clothes like me, must be my brothers gang, and guys in flannels and black jeans. is this the Luke Hemmings fan club? Not the time Maddy. I shot on in the leg and he goes down. Mitch was right it will just click. i shot another, and another and another
"Who's doing that!" Some yells
"I dont know but they are on our side!" Another yells, i keep rolling around under tables and shotting them, just in the leg os shoulder. i can kill anyone. all of them run out but 5. My gang on one side and those 10 on another
"We said no guns if we had a fight!" On of them yell
"None of us have one!" Jeremy says, i look back at the Hemmings Fan club and only see 9, weren't there 10 of them!?! Oh no! Man, i should of toke my meds beofre all this. Man i feel like a peace of shit. Oh No! I sneeze. i fell someone grab me
"Got ya" Is one of the members of the Luke Hemmings fan club!!
"Boss! i found the rat" I hide my gun
"Maddy!" They yell.
"Oh" The boss said, he puts a knife to my next
"Let her go" Mason growls
"Oh is this you girlfriend?" He ask
"No, im his twin!" I yell snd shot him on his foot, he just slices my shoulder
"Fuck! You little rat!" He yells, 2 of the guys step up and try to grab me
"Hell naw!" I grab one of them and twist his arm as i shot the other one, The guy i am holding, elbows me in the stomch, i stunmble back and let him go. He takes the chance to punch me but i pretend to cry
"You would hit me! Im just a little girl" I cry into my hands
"Do it!" One of them yells
"I-I cant" He stutters, i take my chance and shot him, he yells out in pain. Maybe i should of shot him on the leg and not around his jems
"Ok! Get the fuck out! If i see anyone one of you again i will shot you!" I yell, next thing i know i am coughing none stop and sneezing. i feel like throwing up
"I'll be back! If i find anyone fight i will shout all of you! and i am not kidding!" I snap
"She's bluffing" One of the guys from the fan club says, i shot his leg
"She's not bluffing" He groans in plain
"I dont care if you guys are on my side i will shot you" I point the gun to my brother, i run upstairs to my room, i get the key from my pocket and walk in, i take my meds and then run back down
"Now! Just give the meds a second, i have a fever of 102 and then i have to come sown here and save there asses" I tell one of the Hemmings Fan Club
"Hey!" The yell
"Ok, i think i am fine. probably all the pizza" I say
"The Luke Hemmings Fan Club, get the fuck out. if i see you again i will shot you!" I yell and they run out
"Luke Hemmings Fan Club?" Mitchell ask
"The look like Luke" I shrug
"Now! Everyone clean up!" I yell
"Im going to sleep" I say and go to my room and fall into deep sleep. Not a care in the world
What a day......

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