Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


12. chapter 11

*Madison Pov*
"Maddy *Poke* Madison *Poke* Baby *Poke* Little M *Poke* Baby Girl *Poke* Babe *Poke* Food Buddy *Poke* Beautiful *Poke* Bitch *Poke*" After that last poke on my cheek I woke up and saw Mason who called me Maddy, Mitchell who calls me Madison, Calum who calls me Baby, Ethan who calls me Little M, My dad who calls me Baby Girl, My super-hot boyfriend who calls me Babe, Luke who calls me Food Buddy (Yes I finally eat, like a lot!) Ashton who calls me Beautiful and Ella who calls me Bitch. I call her a cunt so we are even.
"What the fuck do you all want!?" I yell/ask
"Lounge!" Luke yells and I give him the finger
"Its Monday, which means school" Michael said and I groan
"Get out so I can get ready" I mutter and everyone leaves but Alec
"Alec, go" I growled
"Well when we are married I know not to mess with you in the morning" He mutter as he walks out, I wonder if we will last that long? I shrug it off and head to the bathroom to take a shower, after that I walk to my closet and change
I got the blow dryer and dried my head then I got my curling iron and curled my hair. When I finished I walk down stairs to see everyone
"Ready to go?" Ale ask and I nod
"You going to eat?" Michael ask
"I'll eat at school" I say and he nods
"Have fun at school!" Luke yells
"Luke did you have fun at school?" I ask
"No" He answered
"Then why would you think we would have fun?" I ask
"Because you are you" He said pinching my cheeks and I slapped his hand away
"That hurts" I say and walk away to the front door
"Bye!" They yell and we wave, Ella went to her car and me, Mason and Alec went to Alec's car
"SHOTGUN!" I yell and sit in the passenger’s seat
"Fuck you" Mason mutter as he sits in the back
"I’m your twin sister!" I tease him
"Shut up" He says
"Siblings" Alec mutters as we drive away
-Skip to lunch-
Me, Mason and Alec got to lunch early so it was the 3 of us, Mason and Alec got into trouble and got send out, I followed them. The teacher ask where I was going and I said the bathroom, I never came back.
"So, what’s there to eat?" I ask them
"We get to pick from 4 things. 2 slices of pizza, hamburger and fries, chicken soap and a salad." Mason tells me
"Hamburger and fries" The 3 of us say and we get into the line, we got back we saw the guys, Ella and Chloe there; we sat down
"So it’s true?" Chloe ask
"What?" I ask
"You and Alec?" She ask and I nod
"I wonder how Emma will take it?" Aiden say
"Take what?" Emma ask sitting down and putting her salad on the table
"That Maddy and Alec are dating" Vic and Tony said stuffing their faces with pizza
"Oh" She said and started eating, after a good awkward silence for 5 minutes everyone started talking.
"You think she's okay?" I whisper to Alec, he grabbed my hand and inswings our fingers together
"I’m more worried about you" He said
"Why?" I ask
"I know what happened this morning, people talking about you because now everyone knows you are Michael Clifford’s daughter" He said
"They treat Mason the same but they hate me" I mutter
"There just jealous of you" He said wiping the tears away
"Jealous of what? The girl that was beaten by her mom and step-dad, the girl that is depressed, suicidal, cry’s herself to sleep, cuts herself. Who will be fucking jealous of the most broken girl in the whole world!?" I was yelling by now and everyone in the cafeteria was silent and looking at me
"Madi-" I cut him off by running out
*Alec's Pov*
"What just happened?" Tony asked
"I'll go after her" Mason said but I stopped him
"I'll go" I say and I notice everyone looking
"WHAT! Don’t all of you have something else to do?" I screamed and everyone stopped looking, I ran after Maddy. I looked everywhere for her, where would she be? Art room! I ran there and saw her in the corner of the room crying
"Maddy" I say and walk to her and hug her
"Want to come to my house?" I ask
"We can’t leave school" She said
"You can’t be here in this condition" I tell her and she nods, I text Mason saying we are leaving and if he can take our bags to my house he said everyone is leaving because we are.
-Alec's House-
We get to my house and Maddy fell asleep during the car ride
"Maddy, we're here" I say but she won’t get up, she just slapped my hand away.
"Fine" I sighed and picked her up and take her to my room so she can sleep. I was about to walk away but she stopped me
"Stay" She said and I take my shoes off and layed next to her, soon I fell asleep too
*Maddy's Pov*
I open my eyes; this is not the art room. Oh yeah! Imp in Alec's room. I look and see Alec asleep next to me
"Alec wake up" I shake him
"5 More minutes" He said and I roll my eyes
"Fine, I hope you like going a week with kissing your girlfriend" I say as I get up but only to be pulled back down
"I’m up!" He yells as he gets on top of me, using his elbows to support him to stay hovered over me
"Alec get off" I say
"Since I got up I should get a prize" He smirks
"What do you want?" I ask
"A kiss from my girlfriend" I feet butterflies in my stomach when he calls me that.
"I don’t know? You didn’t get up the first time when I ask you" I tease him
"But I did! Please!" He begs
"Should I?" I ask
"Please! I am begging you. I need you!" He begs and I give in and kiss him, after 10 seconds we pull away
"Thank you" He smiles and I smile
"Now can you get off?" I ask and he does
"Come on, everyone is down stairs, I think?" He said and I nod, we walk down and see Ella, Ethan, Mason, My dad, Emma, Luke, Calum and Ashton. They all rush to see if I am ok. I didn’t pay attention because I see Emma walking away, I guess Mason say to
'I'll go after her" He mouthed and I nod
*Mason Pov* 3rd POV TODAY!!
I go after Emma; she is sitting on the kitchen table
"Emma, what’s wrong?" I ask sitting next to her
"Why does everyone care for her? She has only been here for almost 2 months! What does Alec see in her, I’ve been trying for 6 years now to get him to like me? Me and him have been friends since I was 8 and he was 10. The first time I saw him when Chloe introduced me to Ella, Ethan and Alec I started having feelings for Alec, we've been friends for 6 years now and him and Madison have been friends for almost 2 months and he dates her. Am I not pretty enough for him? Maybe what everyone has been saying to me is true, imp ugly and no one will ever love me" I've never seen her like this, it’s like all her emotions just came out.
"Emma, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, don’t listen to what others say. They don’t know who you really are, you NOT ugly. Alec is a stupid dumbass for not seeing how beautiful you are. I’m going to be honest, since the first day I saw you when I was 13 I fell in love with you, I knew you are the one for me but when you told me you liked Alec that broke my heart and I knew you and Alec have been close friends so I backed away but my feelings for you grow each day" I poured my heart out
"I-I think I like you, I was just to blind to see it" She whispers and my heart stared racing and I had the biggest smile on my face
"Fuck Alec" She say and crashes her lips on mine, at first I was socked but then kissed her back
"Whoa, you guys were gone for 5 minutes and you guys are already having sex on the kitchen table" Michael said
"Come on guys! We eat there!" Luke and Maddy whine together and me and Emma start laughing and pull away
"So! Is Memma a thing?" Alec ask. I looked at Emma and take her hand
"Memma is a thing" I smile

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