Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


11. chapter 10

*Madison Pov*
I woke up the next morning smiling, everything that happend to me came back.
-Flash back-
Alec got a blanket put of the car and we are sitting on it, in front of the lake. Alec stands up and starts taking his shoes, socks, pants and shirt off
"What are you doing?" I ask and keep looking at his 6-park
"Getting in, and take a picture, it last longer" He smirked which made me blush. he jumps in
'You coming?" He ask
"I don't have a bikini" I say
"Then get in with your bra and panties, its the same thing" He said
"I wont look" He said as he turns around, i start stripping but keep my bra and panties on, i jump in
"Well look who joined" He said and i smile, he moves some pierce of hair away from my face, he wraps his arms around my waist, we a extremely close
"Can i kiss you?" He ask and i nod, he leans in and i fell his lips touch mine. I start to fell funny. I have butterfly's in my stomach. I fell alive when i feel his touch. Alec is my drug. He bite the bottom of my lip with makes me grasp, he takes the chance to slip his tonged in. We finally pull away
"You don't know how long i have waited for that" He say
"Maddy" He said and i look at him
"Will you be mine?" He ask
"Yes" I say and he smiles, kissing me again
-End of Flashback-
Yup! Me and Alec are dating! I wonder how Emma will react to this? i get up and walk down stairs, nobody is up. I eat left over pizza from last night the guys have, after my 3rd one, there was a knock at the front door, i go and open it. Its Ethan smirking down at me
"Hey! What do you want?" I ask
"Well i heard that you and Alec are finally dating" He said and i nod
"Yup! Want to come in?" I ask and he nods stepping in
"You have 10 minutes to get ready" He said
"For?" I ask
"Well when was the last time you practice fighting?" He ask
"Last time was when i was 13, when you left and stop teaching me and so did Mitchell" I said
"So 2 years?" He ask and i nod
"Fighting for some people is like ridding a bike, Punch me" He said and i did, he didnt even flitch
"You're not one of them'" He said making me pout
"Get ready and get Mitchell so he can come to" He said and i roll my eyes, i want to Mitchell's room
"Mitchell!" I yell jumping on him, he pushes me off to the side
"What?" He ask sitting up
"Ethan is here to take me to learn how to fight again and he wanted me to get you, we have 10 minutes" I say and run to m room, i change and put my hair up.
i walk down stairs and see the guys waiting. they look up
"If you weren't 4 years younger than me and not dating my brother i would bend you over and make you scream my na-"
"Okaaaay, please dont finish that sentence" I say, blushing a little
"Yeah dude, thats my little sister" Mitchell snapped
"Plus if you were to do that, i dont want to see" He added
"Dont worry babe, you're the only one for me" Ethan said kissing Mitchell's cheek, which made me laugh
"Lets go" Mitchell said, rolling his eyes as he walks out, big mistake to walk in front of Ethan, He slapped my bum
"Ethan!" I yelled
"Loader than that" He whispers in my ear and walks away. This kid has problems.
"Harder!" Ethan yells
"Its been fucking 2 hours! So shut the fuck up!" I yell at him
"One more, you can do it! i know you can" He said and i roll my eyes
"Maddy, please?" He ask
"Fine" I mutter and punch the punching bag with made a sound and the bag more back
"Again" He said
"You said only one more time" I whine
"Again" He said through his teeth and i punch it again
"After 2 years and she can still punch" A familar voice said, i turn around and see Jeremy
"Jer-Jer!" I yell and run up to hug him
"You've grown" He said
"And you're getting old" I say
"Hey! 35 is not old" Jeremy is the Gangs top boss. Yes Ethan is the learder but the main boss is Jeremy
"I remember the first time you go-"
"Nobody can know about that!" I yell
"About what?" Ethan ask
"Nothing!" I say and Jeremy smiled
"Its was the funniest day ever!" Jeremy laugh
"I thought they were normal cookies and brownies!" I yell
"You ate Hash Brownies?" Ethan ask and i nod
"I think me, Mitchell, Conner and Justin still have the videos" Jeremy said
"You met Conner and Justin, how many times?" Ethan asked
"One day when i was 12, Ethan had an important mission and you were joining him so no one could watch me, Mitchell ask if Jeremy can watch me, he said yes. That when i met Conner and Justin, they had cookie and brownies, i was hungry so i ate some-"
"Some? You almost ate all of them before we stopped you" Jeremy cut me off
"They were good! So every since that day, till i was almost 14, every saturday night if they were free i would go with them" I countinue
"I've only met them 4 times! And i have been in the gang for 4 years!" Ethan whines like a little boy
"We liked her" Jeremy said
"Are we done?" I ask Ethan
"Why? Want to go see you're little boyfriend?" He teased
"Boyfriend? What happened to the plans you and Justin made?" Jeremy ask
"I was 12 and high, he's like 10 years older than me!" I say
"What?" Ethan ask
"Justin said he was never going to find love, he was drunk, Maddy the little girl that was high said once she turn 18 they would get married" Jeremy explained
"I was high and he was drunk! We didnt even remember till you told us in the morning" I defend myself
"Aww, now i feel heartbroken" I hear someone say, i look behind Jeremy and see Conner, Justin and Mitchell
"Conner! Justin!" I yell are hug them both
"So, you're going to leave me?" Justin ask
"Im sorry, but i already have someone" I say
"Really? Who? I want to know so i can hunt him down and kill him" He said
"Who said it was a guy" I teased him
"So now i look like a girl to you?" Some ask, Alec was walking in with Mason, Christan, Jack, Ryan, Vic, Tony and Aiden.
"Well..." I trail off
"You want proof" He said as he starts pulling his shorts down
"No! No! im good" I say and he laughs pulling them back up
"Am i seeing double?" Conner ask, looking at me and Mason
"We're twins" I say
"You have a twin?" Justin ask
"I explained the story when i first met you guys" I said
"Yeah, but we were drunk!" Justin said and i roll my eyes
"You do know, if you keep rolling your eyes, they will fall out" Someone said behind me, wrapping there arms around my waist
"Alec, i think i will be fine" I said
"Just warning you" He said,
"So, you and Alec?" Justin ask and we nod
"I am Alec's trainer, We fight sometimes. Me and Madison had plans when she turned 18. Watch yourself kid" Justin joked and i rolled my eyes
"What are you even doing here?" Alec ask
"Ethan's my trainer" I say
"Is he going hard on you?" He ask
"It's Ethan" I say
"Alec, we have to start" Justin yells
"Coming!" He yells
"See you soon babe" He said and gives me a quick peck on the lips
"You too Maddy!" Ethan yells
"Fine" I mutter and walk back to Ethan
"Ready?" He ask and i nod
"Start" He said
-Time skip-
*Mitchell's Pov*
After al this practice, Me and Ethan toke the kids home. Me and Ethan are cleaning up a mess, lets just say, we made Aiden and Maddy fight, Maddy was right when she said we might need a mop to clean Aiden's blood up, after 5 hours of training and she could kill someone. Ethan looks confused, angry and sad?
"You ok mate?" I ask
"Yeah im fine" He mutters, wiping the last of the blood off of the mat. Wait! I know
"Do you know where Chloe is?" i ask
"No, i havent seen her in like a week, why?" He ask
"Just wondering, i really want to ask her something" Ethan was in kill mode
"Ask her what?" He ask
"You know, take her to out hind out in the middle of the forest, where we usally take girls, If thats ok with you?" I ask
"Yeah i dont care" He said
"You sure, because i looks like little Ethan here might have a crush" I say
"I dont, we are jsut friends" He said
"So you dont care if i fuck her?" I ask
"Go ahead, i dont care" I can see it in his eyes he really does
"I wonder what those pink lips of hers can do" I said and Ethan froze
"And those legs and ass" I countinu, Ethan's going to break any minute
"I can already here her screaming my name and for me to stop" Next thing i knew, i was pindded on the wall
"You touch her, i will kill you" He growls
"Got you" I laugh and he lets me go
"Ok, maybe i do like Chloe" He said
"And she likes you" I tell him
"How do you know?" He ask
"Ella told me" I say
"I think i might ask her out" He said
"Good boy" I say
"So, Do you like Ella?" He ask, smirling at me
*Madison's Pov*
"Aiden i am so sorry! i didnt mean to kick you that hard" I say into the phone
"Maddy, im ok" He said
"You sure?" I ask
"Yes, now i have to go"
"Bye" I say and hang up
"So you broke a guys nose" Calum ask
"I didnt mean to" I say
"I know" He said
"Im have to go, i want to do something" I say and run to my room. i grab a notebook and a pencil and start drawing
"What are you doing?" I hear someone say which made me scream
"Sorry babe, didnt mean to scare you" Alec said hugging me
"It's ok and i am drawing something" I tell him
"Can i see?" He ask
"When i am down" He pouts
"Stop! Don't do that" I cant lie, is kinda turns me on.
"Why?" He ask, licking his lips, getting closer to me. i look at the door and see its close and lock, this kid.
"B-because" I stutter as he wraps his arms around my waist, pushing me onto the wall
"Do i make you nervous?" He ask biting his bottom lip
"N-no" I lied
"So i don't make you nervous?" He ask and i shake my head, he starts kissing my neck, sucking and biting on it. sending shivers down my neck. A small moan escapes my mouth, he stars grinding on me, Which made me moan a little loader when i feel little Alec on me. Alec also lets out a moan. trailing up from my neck to my lips and we start making out. He kips the bottom of my lip, asking for entrance, which i give it to him. There was a knock on the door which made me and Alec pull apart, we fix each other up and i go and open the door and Alec hides under my bed
"Hey dad" I say
"Something wrong?" He ask
"No, why would you ask" I say
"You just called me dad, is Alec in here?" He ask and i shake my head
"Nope, just me" I say
"What are you doing?" He ask
"Drawing" I say
"Can i see?" He ask
"When i am done" I say
"Fine" He said walking away
"Give me 2 hours of alone time and i can finish!" I yell
"Ok!" He yells back and i close my door, locking it
"Than was close" Alec said, coming out of my bed and walking to the bathroom
"What are you doing?" I ask
"Fixing a problem you caused" He said and close the bathroom door. i go back to drawing
-2 Hours later-
Alec left an hour ago
"Im done!" I yell
"Let me see" Michael said walking into my room

"Can i have them?" He ask and i nod, laying on my bed, yawning
"You had a long day, go to sleep" He gives me a kiss on the cheek
"Night dad"  I Mutter
"Night baby girl" He said as he walks out closing the door

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