Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


2. chapter 1

*Madison Pov*

*Madison Pov*
I woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying
"MASON!" I yelled. Arms were wrapped around me but I knew it wasn't Mason because Mason has been gone 6 years now.
"Shh, its ok. Calm down Maddy" My older brother whispers to me
"What time is it" I ask
"3am, try going back to sleep" He say laying me back down on mine and walking to his. We share a room. Mason's bed was removed from this room 5 years ago
"Please stay" I beg and he lays next to me
"Night Maddy" He mutters
"Night Mitchell" I say and darkness takes over
-Next morning-
I woke up and saw Mitchell already up and changed, watching TV
"Morning" I yawned and got up from my bed and into our closet
"Im going to shower" I tell him and he mutters a 'ok'. I walk to the bathroom and does all that stuff
I walk out
"Is that my shirt?" Mitchell ask
"No...." I trailed off
"Im pretty sure its mine" He smirks
"Opz, my bad. i must have bought a guys sweater" i giggle
"No that's mine and you have to pay for that" He runs to me and throws me over his shoulder and on my bed
"No Mitch, pleases don't" I beg/laugh
"Sorry little sister" He starts tickling me and I laugh so much tears start to fall down my cheeks
"Tell me it’s my shirt and I will stop" He say
"T-this I-is your s-shirt" I manage to say and he stops ticking me
"Thank you" I say and he nods
"I’m going to ride my penny board" I

 Tell him
"Ok, be carful" He say and i nod walking out. i got to Mrs.Snow office
"Im going out for a little" i tell her
"Be back before 2, someone's coming to adopted. Not like they are going to adopted you" She doesn't like me. i was the reason she had to make this orphanage ages newborn-21. Since i wouldn't let Mitchell leave at age 18 the government had this age rate change
"Ok" i mutter looking down and walk out. i ride my penny board for a while now i don't even now what time it is, i cross the street and almost get hit by a car, it stops right in front of me, it didnt hit me but i did stumble back and fell flat on my butt, 4 guys get out
"Oh my god! i am so sorry!" Someone say, i look up and see a guy with curly hair, than i look at all 4 of them. i think there in the band every girl in the orphanage talks about, 5 hours of spring?
"No its ok, i just stumbled back and fell on my own" i say and the guy with red hair helps me up
"Do you know who we are?" He ask
"I think? Um, Ashley, Conner, Luther and Max?" i ask and they laugh
"What band?" Red head ask
"5 hours of spring?" i say but came out as a question
"Close enough, Its 5 seconds of summer and i am Michael, this is Luke, Ashton and Calum" He points to them
"Oh, im Madison" i tell them, my phone rings. Its a text from Mitchell
Mitchell-The people that are coming to adopted will be here in less than 10 minutes!
"Shit! I have to go" I say and didnt wait for a answer, i just road off. When i got there i saw Mrs.Snow
"Where have you been! i need everyone here!" She yells and pulls me by the ear to a line of girls, Just girls? i take my phone out and text Mitchell
Madison-Why just girls?
Mitchell-Don't know? just the person to come adopted is looking for a girl ages 10-16
i look up and see the door open
Madison-Who ever it is and why a girl? There here. See you after because i know i am not getting adopted
I didnt respond after that
"This is it, sorry we don't have any girls ages 16 all we have is 10-15 and the oldest is-" i look up and see Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum. Please don't say my name, please don't say my name!
"Madison" Fuck! The 4 of them looked at me, i just waved at them
"Ok boys your going to have a interview with all 25 girls so everyone go to your rooms besides Becky because she's the youngest and first" Mrs.Snow said and i walk back to my room. i walk in and see Mitchell of the PS4 in our room
"How did it go?" He ask
"Have to wait to be called" i shrug and joined him
"What are we going to play today?" He as then we looked at each other and smiled
"FIFA!" We yelled and put the game on. in the middle of playing there was a knock on our door
"Come in!" i yelled and the door opens then closed, i didnt want to look i was to busy winning. And i did!
"Oh yeah! Got beat by a girl! And fucking 4 years young then you" I yelled in his face but he is looking at the door, i look at the door and see the guys
"Uh hey...." i trailed off
"So pretend you didnt see that" I tell them
"Yeah, ok" Ashton tells me
"So who's adopting a kid?" Mitchell ask
"Me" Michael said
"Name.." He ask
"Michael Clifford" He responds and Mitchells examine him
"What's he doing?" Michael asked
"This is my older brother Mitchell and your the person coming to adopted someone, put 2 and 2 together" i tell him
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" He says
"Yeah, um Mitch you can stop now" i say and he does
"So what now?" i ask
"I guess i ask you questions" Michael said
"Ok, go"
"Full name?"
"Madison Brooklyn Logan"
"Any nicknames?"
"Maddy or anything you want to call me"
"Favorite color?"
"Blue, Purple and Black"
"She draws, dances, sings, play the gutair that she hides in our closet" Mitchell tells them
"Really!?" The 4 yell
"And can ride a peny bored and skate board, Big gamer but only i know that but know you guys" Mitchell countinus
"Shy around people but when i am really confertable around you then im a out going girl, layed back"
"How do you feel about attention?"
"Dont know really, dont care. unless its were everyone doesnt leave me alone and i fell like i can breath then have a panic attack and black out" I explain to him
"I think that's it" Michael tells me
"Nice meeting you" They say and i nod and they walk out
"I think there going to adopt you" Mitchell tells me
"Yeah and you are not in a gang" i say with sarcasum
"Lets just wait and see" He tells me
-Time skip-
its been 1 hour and nobody been called yet or maybe they left with another kid! To be honest i did like them a little and did see them as my uncles and dad
"Told you they were not going to adopt me" i tell Mitchell who just walk out of the bathroom
"Im ju-" He was cut of by a knock on the door, i walk to it and open it and saw Ashton?
"Uh, hey" i say
"Start packing!" He yells
"Wait, what?" I ask
"Michael wants to adopt you!!!" He yells jumping up and down
"Uh, give me a minute" I say and he waits outside
"M-Mitchell?" i start to cry and he comes and hugs me
"I c-can lose you too!" I cry into his chest
"Hey i'll be ok here, you'll be fine" He tries to confert me but its not working
"I can leave you!" I yelled, i think Ashton can hear us
*Micahel's Pov*
I send Ashton to get Madison but he hasnt come down yet with her, then i get a text from him
Ashton-Dude she cry
Michael-What do you mean?
Ashton-She doesnt want to go, i can hear her crying and yelling at her older brother
Michael-Be there in a sec
"Guys we have to go check on them" I tell them and we run to there room
"Mitchell i can leave you here! i lost Mason. i can lose you" She cries to her older brother
"Guys" i say as i walk into there room, Mitchell is hugging Madison
"Can I talk to her?" I ask him and he nods handing me Madison and walks outside with the others
"Hey Maddy" I say but she doesnt look at me
"Baby girl can you please look at me?" I beg and she looks up. my heart breaks
"What's wrong?" I ask her
"I-I want t-to g-go with y-you but i-i dont want t-to l-leave my brother" Her voice cracks and so does my heart
"What if I adopt him too?" I ask and her face lights up
"Is there enough r-room?" She stuters a bit
"Maddy who are we?" I ask
"5 seconds of summer"
"Who am I?"
"Michael Clifford"
"Hoe big do you think my house is?"
"Big" She mutters
"Than I think there will be room" I tell her then tickle her a little and she giggles
"Start packing baby girl, I tell Mrs. Snow and Mitchell" I tell her and she hops down and I go tell the guys
"Change of plans! I am adopting Mitchell and Maddy" I tell them and Mitchell lights up
"Really?" He ask surprised
"Yes" I tell him and he goes to his and Maddy's room and starts packing
My question is
Who's Mason?

hey guys so i kinda thought of this and well this happened tell me what you think 

lov ya lots


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