Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


38. chaprer 34

*Emma Pov* -Day she was kidnapped-
It 1st period and i have Gym right now, we are outside running. A guy walks up to me
"Your Mason Cliffords girlfriend, right?" He ask
"Yeah, why are you asking?" I ask
"Just letting you know you should be careful" He said
"Why?" I ask
"After what Madison did to Derek he is planning to go after Mason but thought of a better plan to go after you because he knows Mason will go after you and then they'll kill Mason to make Madison suffer" He explain
"When?" I ask
"Who told you this?" I keep going
"I dont know and because im part of that group but left after all the killing they've been doing to innocent people" He said and then walked away. I walk behind the bleachers and take my phone out. I look for Mason's number but my phone it taken from my hand and i look up and see a guy and 5 more behind him. They dress like Maddy's family
"Hey!" I says
"We cant have people knowing where you are" He said while smirking
"Yet" Then he smashed my phone and steps on it
"WHAT THE HELL!" I yell and then someone from behind grabs both my wrist then the but a bag on my head
"HELP!" I yell but i feel them throw me and i hit my head and black out
"Night, Night. Emma" Was all i heard then fell asleep
-Time skip-
I wake up and see im sitting in a room, my hands chained and a guy sitting on a chair near the door watching me
"W-What do you want?" I try not to sound scared but fail horribly
"It not me sweetie" He said and stand up, He's like really tall maybe like 6'6 and im like 5'2 plus sitting down so i feel even more smaller, and walks over to me
"But i do want something from you" He said and i slide as back as i can till i hit the wall. I let out a small whimper of fright
"Max leave the poor girl alone" The same guy that smashed my phone walk in. He laughs and step away
"Who are you?" I ask
"My name is Derek, this is Max and the guy behind me is Chase" He said and i roll my eyes
"What do you want with me?" I ask
"Just waiting for the fish to come" He said
"What?" I ask
"Your the bait so Mason and Madison can come but im only im planning to kill your boyfriend" He said and feel like crying again, im not a wimp but i am scared and if they plan on killing Mason i dont know what i'll do.
"Aww dont cry" He tries to wipe the tears away but i move my head to the side
"Whatever" He says and throws a deck of cards at me, its hits my face
"Oww!" I mutter
"Uh i cant do much" I show him my hands
"So needy!" He says and grabd the other chains and chains my legs then take the ones on my wrist off
"You know your not good at this" I gain more confidence but probably was a bad idea because he punch my and i scream out in pain
"Now shut up!" He yells and walks out and Chase behind him, he slams the door and Max is still sitting by the door
"Want to play?" I ask and he rolls his eys and sits infront of me
"Know how to play poker?" He ask and i shake my hand
"Gold fish?" I ask and he sighs then nods. I give him 12 and myself 12
-Time skip-
'"Have any 2s?" He ask
"Gol-" I was cut off because a alarm went off
"What Happening?" I yell because the alarm was so load
"Hold up" He said and walks out and leaves the door open, i could run out but im chained, he come back in with handcuffs and keys
"Come on" He puts the handcuffs on me then takes off the chains on my legs
"WAIT!" I yell and we stop
"What!?" He yells
"The cards?" I ask
"I'll get you another pair" He rolls his eyes but i can see a smile on his face, we walk out, i hear gun fireing and yelling
"Try not to get shot" He smirks and my eyes wide, we walk down a hall that looks like one of those hospital halls in horror movies. We turn and go into another room but this time it looks like a bedroom
"Is this yours?" I ask
"Used to be but then i got older and moved out" He said
"Where are you parents??" I ask again
"They died 2 years ago and the house was really old when they moved out of it 8 years ago" He said and i feel really bad for asking
"Im sorry, but what happen?" I ask
"Are you always this annoying!?" He mutters
"Only when i get kidnapped" I say and he smiles
"Your really bad at this" I couldnt hold it in and i remebered what Derek did when i said that so i shield my face
"What are you doing?" He ask
"Y-your not going to hit me?" I ask
"My mum and dad raised me to never lay a hand on a women" He said
"And plus, why would you think i hit you?" He ask
"Well when i said that to Derek i thought you were going to hit me like he did" I said
"Im not like that fucking bastered, he can die for all i care!" He yells
"Oh really" Our head look over at the door and see Derek
"I wonder how you will feel after this" He points a gun at his head and is about to pull the trigger
"NO!" I yell and he looks at me
"And why not?" He ask
"H-h d-doesnt need to d-die" I stutter
"And why not?" He ask again
"It just doesnt feel right" I said
"Well it does to me" The he pulls the trigger and shots him in the head and i am to in shock to reacted
"Now imagen your boyfriend like that" He says and slams the door. I walk over to Max's old bed and lay there and start crying, at least he is with his parents now. I feel something on the pillow and i look under it and see a sweater, it look like his but why would he have a sweater that looks like a teenagers in his old room when he was like 13? Unless he always used to come here and probably left it here. I put it on because why not, he's cold in here and there's this big sweater that goes below my knees. I look at Max's and he's laying on the ground with a pool of blood around his head. I feel more tears go down my face.
"THIS IS BOODY HELL!" I scream out in frustation and put my face in the pillow and let the tears stream down my face. I laugh a little because i reamember Max yelling
"Got any 3?" He ask
"Goldfish" I said
"Got any 6?" I ask and he gives them to me and i pair them up
"Any Kings?" He ask
"Goldfish" I smirk and he sighs
"Jacks?" I ask and he gives them to me
"Any 7?" He ask
"Goldfish!" I said and he throws his card at the ground
"Your cheating!" He says and i laugh
"And your a girl" I said and he smiles
"Lets check" He says and pulls his pants do
"NO!" I yell and cover my eyes, he starts laughing
"Move you hands" He says
"I dont want to" I mutter
"Just do it" He says and slowly i move them and see his pants on
"Dont do that!" I throw my cards at him and he sees them
"You do have 7s!" He says and i laugh
"I know i just wanted to see when you snaped" I said and he chuckles
"Kids" He said
"ADULTS!" I point at him
"Im only 23" He said
"Still" I shrug my shoulders and he starts tickiling me
I ended up falling asleep but then i feel someone shake me
"5 more minutes mum" I smacked there hand away
"Emma, get up unless you want to die" A familiar voice said
"ETHAN!" I hug him and he smiles
"Are you ok, did they hurt you?" He ask
"Yes and one of them punched me" I move my hair to show him where
"There's a big burise there" He touches it and i finch back
"Emma! Your arm!" I look down and see a big cut and blood going down it the i see my wrist where the handcuff are at and they are red and bleeding
"Do you know where the keys are?" He ask and i point at the floor but see Max gone
"What? There was a dead body there, Derek shot him in the head" 'I yell and Ethan picks up the keys
"I dont know but we have to go!" He says and we walk outside and Nick, Anthony and some other guy
"Wait, what about my mum?" I ask
"She thinks you are sleeping over at Maddy" He said then my eyes widen
"Where's Maddy?" I ask
"With Alec" He said
"And Mason?" I ask and he stops walking and i face him
"Where's Mason?" I ask again
"Him, Mitchell and Vic got shot, there fine but we dont know about Vic" He says and i sigh in relefi
"Lets go find Maddy" He says and we all look around and then we hear banging and crashing, we all run to the sound and find Alec laying on the floor looking lifeless and Maddy punch someone, it's Derek. Ethan runs over to his brother
"I can feel his pulse but it very slow, call Jeremy, Conner and Justin!" He yells then looks over at Maddy
"You" Punch "Fucking" Punch "Did" Punch "This" She yells and Ethan runs over to her and pulls her off of him, she looks at him then cries into his chest
"Jeremy, Justin and Conner are coming" Anthony said and the 3 walk in
"Alec's been shot and his pulse is very slow" Nick says and the 3 carfuly pick him up, Maddy looks at me with blood red eyes and then runs and hugs me, she cries into my sholder
-Time skip-
We are at the hospital and a doctor is look at all of us, i went first and i got a iece pack for my cheekm, my wrist wrapped up and on my arms stiches. I dont know i got that on my arm but whatever. Im alone in the lobby. I feel something in Max's sweater pocket, i pull out a folded paper, i unfold it and read it
'Hey Em! I am alive but very injured, i am on my way to a hospital, I want to wake you but if i didnt make it i didnt want you to be hurt, tell Mum and Dad i said hi! Wait shit! Reason why i should't write in pen. Well now you know, I hope to find you and Chloe soon' - Max


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