Infatuated⎜Calum Hood

A story about what once was and what's about to be.

Ella and Calum were best friends until Calum suddenly disappeared. Years later they stumble upon each other once again, but things aren't as they used to be.

*WARNING: Contains strong language and sexual references


4. Chapter 3



(adj) lasting for a very short time



“Are you alright?” Calum asked, leaning in towards me to make it easier to hear what he was saying, the feeling of his breath on my skin making me shiver.

“Yeah, thanks”, I answered, still kinda baffled by the sudden turn of events.

“Can I buy you a drink or something?” he offered. I nodded before even thinking it through. He then stepped closer, placed a hand on my lower back, and walked me to the bar where we sat down next to each other.

“What can I get you?” he asked and turned his head towards me. I didn’t know much about drinks and cocktails, really, so I just ended up going with one of the only ones I knew of.

“I’ll just have a margarita.” Calum nodded and ordered.

“Didn’t you want anything?” I asked as I noticed how he didn’t order anything for himself.

“I don’t drink”, he answered and shrugged. For some reason that kind of surprised me. I didn’t know what to answer though, so I just nodded and we both sat in silence for a moment after that.


“So, eh, did you know that guy?” I asked, referring to Will as I’d heard how Calum had called him by name.

“Yeah. I got here with a bunch of friends, he was one of them. I don’t know if I’d call him a friend though, he’s an ass,” he answered. “Talking about friends; are you here alone?”

“No, I’m with my friend Parker, but I think he’s outside getting some air,” I answered. I felt kind of bad for just leaving Parker, but he had my phone number, and he could call if something was up.

“You’re just friends? Does Parker know that?” Calum asked. Apparently he remembered him from the day in the coffee shop. The question confused me though.

“What do you mean by that?”

A slight grin formed on Calum’s lips as he shook his head. “I don’t know, you just look like a couple.”

“Well we’re not!” I insisted. I felt like we’d been mistaken for a couple countless times just during that day. It wasn’t annoying, but I wasn’t not annoying either. 

“Whatever”, Calum mumbled as he grabbed the margarita the bartender had placed in front of him, and placed it in front of me instead. "Parker shouldn't have left you like that though."

"I can fend for myself, thank you", I quickly stated.

“Obivously", he answered, sarcastic once again.


Suddenly a girl walked up next to Calum, and threw her arm around his shoulders. As I looked closer I recognized her as the girl who'd flirted with Parker earlier on.

"Heeey Cal, I wondered where you'd run off to", she said in a high pitched voice, followed by an equally as high pitched laughter. She seemed pretty intoxicated.

"Well here I am", Calum answered as he placed his arm around her waist, his deep voice contrary to her's. Then the girl, who Parker had called Chloe, shot me a dirty look.

"Who's she?" she asked, lowering her voice. I still heard it though.

"My name's Ella", I answered even though I knew she'd asked Calum, not me. Then I faked a smile, the alcohol giving me an extra boost of confidence. She honestly seemed like a bitch. I wasn't one to judge people like that, but in this case I couldn't help it. I didn't like the way she clinged to Calum either.

"Right", she answered before suddenly turning to Calum who'd just kept quiet throughout our quick encounter. She leaned in towards him and crashed her lips onto his, obviously just wanting to mark her territory or something. I instantly just looked the other way and drank what was left in my glass while they made out. I definitely had no desire to watch them.


Then Calum pulled away, quickly running a hand through his hair as it had fallen in front of his eyes. Chloe just shot me a cocky look, but I ignored her completely.

"Are you gonna join the others with me?" she asked Calum, probably referring to the group of friends he'd mentioned, but luckily he shook his head no.

"I think I'll stay here for a bit, Chloe", he answered.

"Don't be too long." Once again Chloe looked at me, which made her words seem like they were directed at me. Then she flicked her hair, turned around and finally left.

"Sorry about that", Calum said, looking towards me again. "Here, I'll get you another drink."

"No worries", I answered. "Anyway... Is she your girlfriend?" I hadn't really thought about the possibility of them dating until just now.

"Chloe?" Calum asked and raised his right eyebrow, "no." I felt relieved by his answer. He surely did deserve better, no doubt about it.

"Does Chloe know that?" I then asked, quoting what Calum had said about Parker earlier. He just rolled his eyes at me.


Afterwards we's just talked as I'd gotten more and more drunk. Calum didn't tell me much about himself, or what he'd been doing during all this time, but just kinda listened as I'd told him about me moving, and all that kind of stuff. In the heat of it all I never got to ask the questions that had been bothering me for so long. I was probably too drunk to even process important information anyway, so saving the deep conversations for later probably wouldn't be a bad idea.


Suddenly a loud voice boomed through the room, making us both turn our heads in the direction where it came from.

"Does anybody know this guy?" It was some man who had his arm wrapped around somebody who looked like they had passed out.

"Is that Parker?" Calum suddenly asked.

"It can't be, he didn't have that much to drink", I answered as I frowned. Then I took a closer look at the dude who was leaning up against the man who'd shouted just a second ago. "Shit, it is Parker!"

I quickly got up, almost losing my balance before Calum grabbed me by the shoulder.

"Take it easy, babe, you aren't exactly sober yourself", he said, standing up as well. Then we both hurried over to the entrance where the man had sat Parker down against the wall.

"He's with us", Calum said and I just kept my mouth shut, as I weren't sure if I would be able to say something smart.

"Good luck with that one, guys. He threw up, and then passed out immediately. I'd probably keep an eye on him if I were you", he said and Calum nodded.

"We will, thanks."


Calum picked up Parker, who was slowly regaining consciousness, moaning and groaning as we both struggled to keep him standing.

"We don't live that far away, I can handle it", I said as I placed Parker's arm around my shoulders.

"No way in hell that I'm not going with you, Ella", Calum insisted. Then we left the night club with no further discussion.


Getting home took about ten times longer than it normally would've. Parker had to throw up a couple more times, and other times me and Calum had to readjust as Parker was quite heavy and difficult to carry around. But we made it home eventually.

"You guys live together?" Calum asked as I unlocked the front door to the apartment.

"Yea, why?" I mumbled and opened the door. We got Parker inside, and I lead the way through the apartment and into his bedroom.

"It doesn't really help on the 'not looking like a couple'-thing you've got going on", Calum continued. I just rolled my eyes which I immediately regretted as it made me a bit dizzy.

"Can we just, like, not focus on that right now?" I requested as we got Parker to lay down on his bed. It only took a few seconds before he started snoring. Then I looked towards Calum, and he looked at me. A small smile appeared on his lips, and I couldn't help but laugh a bit, before throwing a hand up to cover my mouth as I didn't want to wake up Parker.


"So, uh, are you gonna go back to your friends?" I asked Calum as we made our way back to the front door. I didn't want him to leave, that was for sure.

"I guess," he answered, taking a step closer to me, "I mean, unless you want me to stay."

His words made my heart beat faster in my chest, and all I could do was nod. I wanted him to stay here with me, and not go back to Chloe and Will. Without thinking, I stepped closer to him as well, the gap between us getting smaller.

"It's been so long, Cal", I suddenly said, my voice almost a whisper. My entire body was craving his presence and his affection. I kinda blamed it on the alcohol, making me feel and think all these strange things.

"It has, hasn't it?" he answered. He then reached out, carefully brushing a strand of my hair behind my ear. His touch made my skin tingle, and I couldn't help but smile. Something about that damn boy drove me crazy, but at the same time he made me feel safe.

"I've missed you so much, you have no idea", I whispered and bit down on my bottom lip to keep my feelings contained. I didn't want to look as much like a mess as I felt. "Did you even think of me?" I added after a moment. That was question that had been bothering me for a while. Did he even care? Had he missed me even a little bit, or had he just moved on in a heartbeat? I had to know if I was the only one who'd gone through shit after losing their best friend.

"Oh, I thought about you. A lot", Calum answered quietly. I could feel his breath on my skin and as the seconds went by, I began to crave more of him in a way I hadn't before. My heart was pounding as I unconsciously leaned in, suddenly feeling his lips brush against mine.

"Cal?" I whispered as I slowly placed one of my hands behind his neck, "kiss me."

He hesitated for a second, but finally I felt his hands on my hips at the same time as he crashed his lips onto mine. My eyes closed shut, and I used my available hand to grab the collar of his shirt and pull him closer, the gap between our bodies closing entirely.


The moment felt like it lasted forever, but at the same just a brief moment. Suddenly Calum pulled away, and we both let go of each other. I looked at him, and he looked at me, as we were both panting, trying to process what had just happened, and even more important; what was about to happen. But then he started talking.

"I'm sorry, Ella, but I can't. Not like this", Calum suddenly said, and I instantly felt my heart drop. What?

"But- ..." Calum cut me off before I could say anything. "I have to go, babe. You should get some rest", he said, before leaning in a last time, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. Then he stepped towards the front door, looked at me one last time before walking out, shutting the door behind him.


I didn't get one bit of it. One moment we were making out, the next he was gone. Why the hell did he always do that? Why did he always have to leave? My head was pounding, and I couldn't take anymore shit that day, so I did as Calum had told me, and went to bed, not bothering to remove my clothes and makeup.

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