Infatuated⎜Calum Hood

A story about what once was and what's about to be.

Ella and Calum were best friends until Calum suddenly disappeared. Years later they stumble upon each other once again, but things aren't as they used to be.

*WARNING: Contains strong language and sexual references


18. Chapter 17



(n) the frustration of waiting for someone to turn up



He pulled me onto his lap and I put my arms around his neck as I deepened the kiss. The feeling of his lips against mine had become familiar, but I wanted this time to be different. I wanted it to be real. I wanted him to feel what I felt towards him. He tasted like strong liquor and cigarettes, his hands were roaming my body and my heart was pounding in my chest. I felt hazy, but not like ever before. I felt high on him, constantly craving more.

But I pulled away from the kiss to catch my breath, and in the dim light from the lamp on my nightstand he'd never looked better. His hair was messy and he had this smirk on his face that made me feel like I could melt. It was like admitting to myself that I really liked him made it even worse, but what was really nagging me was the fact that I didn't know how he felt. We'd had our moments, but that didn't prove anything. He'd had "moments" with other people too.


He started tucking lightly at the hem of my shirt, and as soon as I got where he was going I helped him get it off of me. Then he just threw it on the floor and looked at me once again. 

"You look so good, baby", he whispered as he leaned in once again, brushing his lips across mine as his hands slid down the sides of my torso. I couldn't help but smile, feeling the way his soft voice sent chills down my spine. I then moved my hands to his chest and lightly pushed him down onto the mattress, so that he was laying down, me still in top of him. The sudden burst of confidence surprised me, but I enjoyed it.

I moved my hands down his body until I reached the hem of his shirt, also pulling it off of him, exposing his tattooed chest. Hesitantly I bent down until I was hovering right over him, and planted a tender kiss on his neck. I then made my way down to his collarbone, my lips brushing over his soft skin on the way. I reached the tattoo of the roman numerals and planted yet another kiss right on top of it. Then I made my way back up so that I could look him in the eyes. They were still slightly bloodshot from the alcohol, but hopefully he was sobering up. I didn't want to be just another drunken hookup.

"Cal?" I whispered, biting down on my lower lip ever so slightly.


"Is this just going to be another one of those things that we're just gonna pretend didn't happen?"

We'd never spoken one word about our previous "hot encounters", and it wasn't like it was bothering me that much, but it made it hard for me to figure out where we were standing. Were we dating, friends or just fucking? I just wanted to know for sure.

He looked confused by my question at first, making me feel stupid for even overthinking it the way that I did.

"Who knows", he quietly answered before grabbing the back of my neck, lowering my head down until my lips touched his once again. I wasn't completely content by the answer that he'd given me, but I just rolled with it and returned the kiss.


Determined to forget all about the conversation, I moved my hands to the edge of his jeans. I fumbled with the zipper for just a second, but then finally got them open. I was about to break the kiss to pull his jeans down, but suddenly I heard the front door slam and I instantly sat up, my eyes widening.

"What's going on?" Calum asked and frowned, sitting up as well, me still in his lap.

"Parker", I said under my breath as I got off of him and collected my shirt from the floor, quickly throwing it on.

"Wait, what the fuck?" I heard Calum exclaim on my way out of the bedroom, but there was no time to explain. I made it to the hallway and there he stood. Parker. He'd changed clothes since the last time I'd seen him, so apparently he'd been at home at some point when I'd been out.

"Oh my God", I sighed and ran the last few steps towards him, slapping into him and wrapping my arms around him in a hug. It only lasted for a second before the anger suddenly washed over me and I pulled away. I had no idea what to do with myself, so I did the first thing that came to my mind. I slapped him right across the face for the second time within the last few days.

"You're an idiot, you know that? What the hell, Parker", I shouted. I felt hysteric, but I couldn't care less. I'd even forgotten all about Calum that I'd left half naked on my bed.

"What was that for?" he asked and placed a hand on his cheek, which had turned bright red.

"For fucking leaving, what do you think? I've been so scared", I answered, taking a step away from him as he took off his jacket and kicked off his sneakers. My heart was beating furiously in my chest as I tried my best to make myself calm down, but with no luck. I was so happy to see him, but I was pissed at him at the same time for so many reasons.


That's when Calum suddenly appeared in the hallway. He'd gotten dressed once again but still looked as confused as before. Parker took a brief look at him and then back at me, and I honestly wanted to evaporate. The timing couldn't have been any worse. Like, at all. Of course he would walk in when Calum was here, why the hell not.

"You've got to be fucking kidding, El", he mumbled and sent me a sharp look.

"Somebody had to keep her entertained while you were being a pussy, right?" Calum casually said as he crossed his arms and leaned up against the wall. This entire thing had just gotten a whole lot messier than it already was, and that was a lot.

Parker was visibly tensing up, and I didn't know what to do. The whole thing they had got going on was so childish. They'd never gotten along, but this was just too much.

"Stop it, Cal", I mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear. Calum sent me a quick look, but seemed to completely ignore my words as he just looked back at Parker, one of his eyebrows slightly raised.

"I didn't know literally forcing yourself onto your best friend was something you did these days", he continued and slowly walked closer. It was like he was asking for something to happen. I'd seen this side of him a few times, and it was far from my favorite, but he had a point. What Parker had done was a low hit, but I just wanted to forget about it. It wasn't that big of a deal.

"What about you mind your own fucking business, huh?" Parker said, taking a step closer to Calum. I had to step out of the way not to get caught in between. Suddenly Calum took a step forward and pushed Parker right in the chest, making him stumble a few steps before regaining balance. I could see that he was about to spew even more insults, but this time I had to intervene.


"Stop it!" I shouted, my gaze shifting between the two of them. "What is wrong with you guys? This is ridiculous."

None of them said anything, but luckily they'd stopped arguing. That was good enough for me for now, but I knew it was only a matter of minutes before they would be right back at it again.

"Calum, you need to leave", I said, his expression immediately showcasing that he wasn't happy with my decision.



He looked at me for another moment before nodding slightly. Then he walked over to me and gently pushed me up against the wall, then kissing me quite passionately. I kissed him back for a second before I realized that he was trying to show off, so I pulled away and he just looked at me with an asshole grin on his face, and I had to really hold myself together to prevent myself from blushing. He had me way too good.

"Goodnight, Calum", I quietly said and nodded towards the door.

"I'll see you around", he answered and gave me a quick peck on the lips, making my heart flutter, before walking to the door. He then opened the door and sent Parker a quick look before he finally left.


"Gross", Parker mumbled as he walked to the living room.

"Could you not act like an eight year old for instance?" I asked and sighed, following him.

"Could you not share spit with that dick right in front of me?" he asked back before he sat down in the couch like nothing had happened at all. I just stood in front of him with my arms crossed, getting quite irritated by his behavior.

"It's not my job to spare your feelings, Parker", I answered.

"You're definitely not trying either."

He was so annoying, but that was nothing new. He was still my best friend who I loved. I just stood there for a moment, and he turned on the television, having to lean over to be able to look past me.

"Well would you at least tell me where you've been?" I then asked, changing the subject.

"Out and about", he answered and shrugged, not giving me anything.


Then he finally looked at me once again. He didn't say anything at first which actually made me a bit worried. What had he been up to? It had been a while.

"I just... Slept around." he admitted, making me raise my eyebrows.

"Ew, are you serious?" I mean, that explains how he could've stayed out during the night, but come on. That was not how we was. It wasn't Parker. He'd been preaching about how wrong it was that I was hooking up with Calum, it was so hypocritical.

"Could you not act like an eight year old for instance?" he answered, mocking my voice.

I couldn't help but sigh out loud,  but there was nothing I could do for now. Hopefully he'd calm down eventually. Him being here with me was at least better than the last few days, so I just rolled my eyes at him and went to my room.



Author's Note:

​Hi guys!

First of all I'd just like to once again thank all of you who's  reading along! Congratulations on making it this far.

I'd also just like to apologize for taking quite a while longer than normal to update, but a lot of stuff happened (like I went to a Rihanna concert??!!??), so that's why it's taken me all week to write a single chapter. I'd also just like to inform you that I'm starting school next Wednesday, so updates might start to come further apart from there on, but of course I don't know how things will be just yet.

Remember to like and favorite so you'll know whenever I post new chapters!

- Olivia

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