Warning Siren

Becca and Cassie 16-year-old are fraternal twin sisters with completely different personalities. Becca is a loving, kind, introvert while Cassie is a reckless extrovert. They don't usually get along but will they have to in order to survive unusual circumstances?


1. The sirens are calling

Becca was sitting in the big comfy chair in the living room, watching Animal Planet, when the screen flickered with a national warning sign. The neighborhood's warning sirens went off as the screen solidified to the warning screen then changed to the president.

"Cassie! Turn off your music please!" She called to her twin as she turned up the T.V. to hear the person on the screen.

"I am calling the nation into a national state of distress. In Washington, DC an experiment was begun to find a cure for cancer using a virus that we call Virus X that got out of hand. We cannot release anymore information at the moment. Please, collect as much food and water as you can and stay indoors. Your life could depend on it." The president finished as the T.V. lost signal. Becca sat there, wide-eyed. She jumped up to warn her sister.

"CASSIE!!" She screeched

"What?" Cassie called back, annoyed by her twin's rude interruption of her music.

"We need to collect as much food and water as we can, quickly." Becca said with a worried look on her face.


"Because," Becca began as she picked up Cassie's T.V. remote sitting next to her and turned on the T.V. to a channel still playing the message, "That.". Cassie watched the screen intently.

"You're joking, right?" Becca shook her head sadly. "Well, what are we waiting for?? Get in the car, we're gonna get some weapons and supplies." Cassie said, putting her guitar aside and standing. She checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror quickly making sure her black hair with purple streaks was flat as she slid on her black hiking boots that went well with her ripped black jeans and 'My Chemical Romance' shirt with her leather jacket. Becca slid on her black canvas sneakers to go with her boot cut jeans and white tank top with a light pink sweater and fixed her blonde hair in her usual fishtail braid. The twins made their way out to Cassie's black jeep that was parked next to Becca's white mercedes-benz. Both were as requested by the twins on their 16th birthday.

"Should we take both cars?" Becca asked her sister.

"Yeah, then we can take more food and water." Cassie replied, locking the door behind her. Becca and Cassie got in their cars and got ready to leave.

"Ready?" Becca asked. Cassie nodded and they rolled out of their driveway to the nearest weaponry shop, speeding to outrun the others that saw the message as well.

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