Werehog In Love - Sonamy FanFiction

He always felt that he was very lucky to be the super hero. He loved the attention so much that sometimes he gets jealous when he sees one of his friends get more attention than he has.

One day, his enemy had a genius idea that made him being hated by everyone that once loves him: His family, his friends and even his girlfriend.

She, who wants everyone to refer her as Amy, was one of his first fans. She always greats him with an "I love you!" or one if her tight hugs. But she overcome her love to him four years ago.

One day, the evil doctor had a crazy idea that made her the unique one with no fear for this wild beast.

And suddenly, the wolf become obsessed with only one word: "Amy"

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3. Second Chapter

Playlist: 02. Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

"Sometimes, a little heartbreak is a lesson and the best thing to do is to learn it."

~Jon Voight



"Hello?...it's me...I've missed you too...What? You need me to go back there?...No way!...wait, what? Someone is sick?...who is it?...ugh, fine, I'll be there at midnight...bye, see you at the airport!" I said annoyed as I took my way out of the room towards my balcony.

The real reason behind me leaving Mobius was my mom's pregnancy the newborn baby sister. Since she is the queen of the Rose Kingdom, she ruled the kingdom after father's death eight years ago. And because of my brother's relations in Mobius and his work, the princess Amilia Rosalina had to take his place in ruling the kingdom for three years. Now that Sonia was born and that Scourge's friend sick, I had to go back to Mobius.

I'm already excited!

And I missed the gang so much, there was my two best friends Cream and Rouge. There's also Knuckles, Tails, Tikal, Blaze, Cosmo, Sally, Shadow, Espio, Vector, Mrs.Vanilla, Charmy, Silver, Scourge and finally Sonic. They were cool to hang out with and I had a lot of memories with them; good ones and bad ones. Most of them were when I was a fan girl of his, but now it is only a memory I laugh at.

'That day was Valentine's day, which the day I wanted to declare my love for Sonic. However, knowing him, he'll try and run away. He's really shy, but I wasn't going to let that get in between me and him!
So I told Rouge to dress me up in hope to make his jaw drop, and Rouge of corse agreed to put one of her fashion masterpieces on her best friend. And believe me, it was really stunning on me! A tight high neck red crop tank top with a white mini skirt and red high boots.

I thanked Rouge and run out searching everywhere for a sign of Sonic for one hour. No use. I kept searching everywhere but there was no blue furred hedgehog heroine called by the name of Sonic.

But I didn't give up, until I walked thought the forest. two shadowy figures were seen somewhere in the deep of the forest so I hide behind a big tree and tried to sneak peeks and listen to what they were saying.

Soon enough, I was facing Sonic and Sally, who were kissing each other with so much love that I wanted to kill both of them for ripping my heart to pieces but I didn't want to get myself in a lot of trouble, nor worry the gang.

There was only one thing I could at that time;

Run away as tears fallen from my eyes towards my house and cried my eyes out until I fell asleep, all red and puffy.

The next day, Scourge found out about this so he bate up Sonic and kept the reason a secret. While Rouge, Blaze, Cream and Tikal comforted me.

After a week, I took by Blaze's advice and try to ignore him, walk away and avoid him just like he wasn't even there. It was hard to do at first but it ended up with Sonic being sad and ashamed of himself.

Another year passed and I kept ignoring him until I felt that the love is finally gone. I finally confessed this to the gang and everyone. All of them were shocked, but Cream, Rouge, Tikal, Blaze, Shadow, Tails and Scourge we're proud of me now for that. Yet, Sonic looked hurt when I said that it pained me at first, but I shrugged it off. I only wanted the truth, but I still felt the heartbreak more and more.

Upon Sally hearing the truth, we became friends. We talk sometimes and usually hang out with the others. But when she involves Sonic with her, I would totally refuse to go with them to not complicate everything between us.

And a night, I got an urgent call from my aunt saying that mom was pregnant. I tried to convince my old brother , Scourge, to come with me and help me through those years but he refused and promised he'll stay there for three days before returning back here for an important mission and that he'll try and visit. I spoke about this with  Rouge and Cream in secret and I promised them that when the Queen is fine and the baby is born, I'll return. We said goodbye for the last time before taking my luggage and going straight to the airport with my brother.'

I sat down on a seat and looked at the sun in the middle of the blue sky. It was midday and it looked already beautiful outside. I stood up then walked towards my mom's room where I found her hugging Sonia and trying to make her go to sleep. I knocked at the door then bowed.
"Mom, I have very important news" I begin.
"What is it, dear?" Mom asked changing her gaze to me.
"Well, one of my friends from our team is sick and Scourge told me that I have to go back to Mobius again and visit them..."
"Sweetie, that early?" Mom asked, a sad and worried expression showed on her face. I looked up at her and nodded slowly.
"I'm very sorry mom, but can I?" I asked politely and she nodded with her sweet smile then looked at Sonia again. I bowed then walked out and to my room to pack everything.

Several hours later of packing, getting myself ready, going to the airport and riding the plain, I arrived in Mobius' Airport at midnight where Scourge was waiting for me with his new car.

Starting to get tired, I stared outside for forty minutes until we reached my house. I noticed that it didn't change at all over the years. The house was creamy pink with red window frames and a white door. The house was two stores with a beautiful small garden on the rooftop. And there was the big garden and it had plenty of colorful roses.
'It looks like Cream took care of them while I was gone.'

I unlocked the door and got in then put my luggages in the corner, Scourge helping with the other luggage left and I stared at the inside of my house again. It looked like it was cleaned.
"By the way, Scourge, who is the sick person?" I asked but was faced to surprisingly a frowning Scourge.
"Well, I didn't want to tell you in the phone but...it was...Sonic." He said and looked down nervously.

He was scared, and he should be frightened.

I stared at him shocked, anger painted on my face while my eyes widened.
"You said what right now?" I screamed at his face and he backed a little from me.

Sighing, he lifted his gaze towards me with a guilty expression.
"I'm sorry..." Were the only two words he could say to me before Rouge and Cream jump in on me and hugged me to dear life.


I hope you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading!

~The Black Rose

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