M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


6. vacation


some days later

me and Michael are going on a vacation. we hadn`t decided to were  to go but we were going to stay there for a week. i had already talked with Lucy and she was thrilled. we had talked for hours about the trip and about everything actually. i had found out that she and Jackson was now a couple and he had given her a (beautiful) promise ring, and she was shocked that me and Michael had  shared a bed without having sex multiple times and that we had only made out which she thought was weird since Michael had read my fanfic and didn`t do all the dirty stuff i had written there. she knows about the whole fanfic incident and all about my fanfic since she had helped me writing it. i was scrolling trough instagram when Michael laid down beside me in the bed. i took my eyes of the phone to kiss him but then focusing on the phone again. he started to kiss my neck, then sucking on it making sure to leave a mark. " i have figured  out where to go" Michael said. " oo! where?" i said excited." that is a suprise but you should maybe start to pack. so yeah bring bikini`s and summer dresses since we are going to a warm place" he said winking before walking out of the room. " can`t you just say where we are going?!" i shouted after him " nope" he shouted back. " dammit" i said to myself. then jumped off the bed to start packing. i brought out my suitcase. we were currently sleeping at my place since we were still in Norway. the other boys had gone to visit their family`s. Michael had already visited his parents. i started with my few summer dresses and some of my bikini`s. i then started to pack other stuff i needed. after a bit i got hungry and went to make some food when i saw Michael on the couch passed out with the tv and the PlayStation on. i laughed and turned of the tv and PlayStation. i went to kiss Michael on the forehead when he grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. i kissed him on the lips and then  got off him. i went in the kitchen and started to make som cheese toast. " what are you making" michael asked as he walked into the kitchen. "cheese toast" i simply replied before continuing. " you want one?" i aksed. i didn`t have to turn around to know that he was smiling like a kid " yes please" he said. i quietly laughed before starting to make another one. as i finished the first one i put in on a plate and handed to him. i finished mine. i sat down at the table ahead of michael. we ate in silence. After we ate we laid on the couch snuggling. We ended up falling asleep. when we woke up we finished packing and decided to play video games.

 Next day at the AirPort.

I'm so excited, i can`t wait to find out where we are going. as we walked trough the airport i think Michael had gotten really annoyed with me since i wouldn`t stop asking where we are going. when we got closer to our gate i shut up since i felt bad for him, all he wanted was taking me on a vacation and that the destination was going to be a suprise and of course me being me i didn`t stop asking. i cursed at my self in my head, when i found out that Michael had stopped walking which i found out since i walked right into him and fall straight on my bum. " au" i mumbled when i looked up to see a laughing Mickey who tried to old out his hand but couldn`t since he laughed so much. i got up and frowned, but i didn`t hold it long before i started to laugh too. we then walked hand in hand the rest of the way bumping into some fans on the way. it was really funny to see their face when i spoke Norwegian to them. they apperently tought that i speak English, well i do but Norwegian is my mother tongue. the fans were really nice and took pictures with both of us. i really hope i don`t get much hate. we got to the plane and borded. i fell asleep almost right away, with my head on Michael`s chest and our legs intertwined. i  really hoped that when i wake up i don`t find out that it was only a dream.

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