M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


3. M..m..Michael Clifford?!


The day of the concert


Im so excited! I'm going to see 5sos live and I'm going to meet my internet bae! But what am I going to wear?! I'll ask Lucy.

"LUCY!!" ARE YOU UP?" I shouted not wanted to go to her room. "Am now" she shouted back with a sleepy voice. "Good then come in her I need your help to find out what to wear" I said. She walked into my room in her pyjamas and walked to my stereo before putting on music. I started to sing and dance along to the music. we used a bit of time figuring what to wear. but we decided that i was going to wear a grey singlet with a hoodie which said clifford 95 on the back with blue ripped jeans and my black converse, yeah and my pikachu beanie. after we figured what to wear we went to mc Donalds for breakfats. after that we went to Starbucks. i had and caramel frappe and she had chocolate. we walked a bit around the mall before i had to go to meet Michael at the soundcheck  so we could talk before they went on stage.

M: What are you wearing? just so i know who to look after.

J:Look after a girl who is wearing a pikachu beanie with dark brown hair.


J: Yeah i like pikachu any problem?

M: Nope;)

 i didn`t answer the last text cause i had no idea what to write. i got to the arena and started to look around. i have no idea  of what he looks like, but it`s worth a shot. i wandered around til i found my seat. the guys came on stage and we screamed stood up and went closer to the stage with the other people that were there. i made i contact with Michael, i smiled he smiled back but then suddenly ran off stage. all of were confused even the boys. i felt someone tap my shoulder. it was security. "excuse me miss you have to come with us" he said. " no i dont want to miss it" i said looking back to the stage. suddenly i was picked up and thrown over someone`s shoulder. i found out that it was the same security guy andstarted ti punch him and screaming for him to let me go or at least tell why he took me and where we were going. he took me inside some room and put me on the couch and got out and locked the door before i could even move. " great now i`m stuck her. and NONE WILL TELL ME WHY"! i said shouting the last part. i looked at the table and saw a cheese pizza on the table with a note beside it. i picked up the note and read it out loud since i felt like it okay?. anyway. " i see you found the pizza and the note we well I got u the pizza tought u maybe hungry. i took u back here cause i know who u are and i know u know who i am not totally but most of it. i`m michale the one o have been texting i know the answer to your question its "American idiot" and that youre name is Jane and youre sister mandy is prego. well what u havent known is that im Michael Clifford and i bought u here now cause i tought u should know. i didnt say it right away cause i didnt want u to go all fangirl and i wanted to have a friend who liked me for me and not for my fame. i`m sorry. i wanted to tell you sooner but decided i should tell in person well almost i hope u enjoy the pizza and the rest of the concert so sorry to drag u away from soundcheck but i had to tell u that. i think i love u." i read out loud. " well guess what i love you too" i said suddenly someone hugged me. the person pulled away and i saw that it was Michael. " how long have u been here" i said nervously. "the whole time, i was going to say something but then u found the onte and i tought that i maybe should let u read it." he said. i didnt know what to do so i walked closer to him and kissed him. he was shocked but kissed back we kissed for a while before we broke apart. michael had to go on stage. i walked back to my seat with the biggest grin spread on my face someone looked weird at me but i didnt care. i had just said i love u to michael and he said it back so nothing can bring me down for the moment

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