M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


5. chapter 5

where am i? that was my first thought when i woke up then i felt Michaels arms around me and i rememberd yesterday. i tried to get out of bed, but was dragged back in bed.  i turned around in Michaels arms to look at him. his eyes still closed. i kissed his nose, cheek and forehead. it looked he was waiting for me to kiss him on the lips. i smiled before kissing him on the lips, lingering a bit before pulling away. short after i pulled away his lips met mine again. we pulled away gasping for air." you know i can get used to wake up like this every morning" he said sleepy. god i love his voice." yeah me too" i said snuggling back into his chest. we laid there a couple mintues before Luke comes into the " good morning love birds and yeah michael we got an intervju in an hour or so get dressed", he said and walked out again so we could get dressed. i decided to wear blue ripped jeans and a black crop top with my black converse. Michael wore black skinny jeans and a rolling stone muscle tee. we walked out of the room and went into the kitchen to the boys. they were sitting at the table eating luckily they saved some for us. we had pancakes, bacon and orange juice. after we ate the boys had the go to the interview. we drove to the interview. i realized the interview wasn`t far away from the mall so i decided to go there so i wouldn`t be bored. i walked around in the mall ending up with a few shopping bags and a caramel frappe before i had to go meet the boys again. the boys looked at me with wide eyes before giving me a hug. i looked at myself confused before looking at them again even more confused. "why are you looking at me like that?" i said.  " we just never thought of you like a shopping girl"  Ashton said. " oh, i`m normally not i was bored and had some money to waste so i thought why not" i said shrugging my shoulders.  " shall we go?" Calum said. we nodded and headed to the car. i sat next to Michael which decided to steal my half finished drink and i was to tired to argue so i let him have it. we drove around untill we figured out we got lost.  i went on my phone and decided to read some fanfic and update my own. OMG i got over 1000 people who had read my story. i was really happy i thought that nobody was going to read my story when i first posted it. i felt someone looking over my shoulder as i were writing. " what are you doing " Michael said. i jumped in my seat even when i knew he was there. " nothing" i said and quickly saved my story and locked my phone. " okay it`s clearly something since you don`t want me to see it" he said and snapped the phone out of my hand i didn`t think about it for a second before i remembered he knew my passcode. i tried taking my phone back but he had already unlocked it and was looking trough my story. "oh my god" i mumbled as i put my head in my hands since i had written some dirty stuff in my fanfic and it was about him. " wow babe you are really good. this story is great..." he stopped i think he had gotten to the dirty part since he started to blush, luckily the boys weren`t paying attecion to us. i  put my head back in my hands when michael whisperd in my ear " we can do some of the stuff you mentioned in your story if you want". i felt my cheeks burn, while i nodded. " finally! we`re back" luke said. we got out of the car and walked inside.


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