Inspirational Stories

Reading all this stories I hope it will inspire you all!


1. Greydan Christopher God Gift

Life is tiring isn't? Ever felt like giving up on life?

Here's a story of a man named Greydan Christopher,When he was a kid he had no family,friends or anyone,Let me tell you why,The first day he was born his Mother died,Several days after he was born his Father died,Slowly one after the other dies...The people of the town he lives in says that he was send from Hell to wipe out humanity,Some says he held a Virus or a Disease while some says he was send from Heaven to protect humanity,You must be wondering why some says his send from Heaven,Here's the reason why,When he was 10 years old he was able to go to a private school because of the help of someone,A researcher named Galvin Adkin found out that Christopher did not have Virus or Disease in him neither is he going to wipe out humanity,Galvin said that he was given two gift by God,The good gift Is whenever Christopher gets injured or anything of sort he regenerates instantly while the bad gift is that whenever someone loves Christopher....The person dies,Galvin Adkin was like a Father to Christopher,Galvin gave him a good reputation,He said this to the entire population on earth "Greydan Christopher his a gift from God! God send him to earth because he can protect us all,He can be a hero! The regeneration power he had could save us all! Give him a chance,He is nothing different from us..humans." from that day onwards Christopher never needed food,water or anything,He was a hero,He had a dream that is to have someone to love him,When he was 28 years old he wanted to give up on life...He had no happiness and he even tried to kill himself many times but he couldn't because he is immortal,One day he finally understood and carried on his life or can I say his unlimited life,Wondering what he understood? Let me tell you what he said "God never gave up on me and I have never gave up on him,that's why he chose me to help the others to never give up and stay strong.


This is not a real event it is just a made up inspirational story to help everyone.

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