Gray is just my type

Ethan Dolan has always been my best friend, but I have always noticed his brother Grayson... I'm Autum, 16 yer old irregular girl with an irregular life.


3. the date with Grayson

It was Friday, Grayson would pick me up any minute to see the movie Captian Americas Civil War, I've already seen it but I didn't want to drag him to seeing a chick flick or a kids movie. I was wearing skinny jeans and a nice flowy top, I curled my hair and did my makeup. For once I didn't look lazy.

He knocked at my door. "Oh hey Grayson. Is Ethan with you? Autum told me about a movie." My mom said talking to Grayson. "Well actually it's just going to be Autum and I, Ethan didn't want to come" Grayson said. "Hey Grayson, are you ready to go?" I said when I got to the door, I was slightly blushing and I felt the butterflies kicking in again. "Yeah sure" Grayson said flashing a smile. We get in his car, he starts to drive "you look great Autum, really." He said smiling. "Thanks, you look great too" I was blushing and my face felt hot, I was hoping my makeup would cover me blushing. "So captain America huh?" I could tell he didn't know what else to say. "Yeah I bought the tickets online so we could just get popcorn and drinks then get good seats" I said looking at the tickets making sure I had them. "Well I'll buy the popcorn and drinks, you could go and save us a good spot if you want" he ran his hand through his hair. I love it. We got to my movies and I got the good seats, the ones in the back corner. I was hoping at some point he would kiss me. Anyways. He found me and I waved to him to show where our seats were. "Nice seats" he said. "Yup" the movie started. I reached to get popcorn and he did too "oh sorry" I said and moved my hand "don't be sorry for anything" he said smiling at me. There I go again, blushing with butterflies. As the movie goes on, we didn't talk much but I noticed him looking at me every now and then. "So Autum, I wanted to tell you something but I didn't know when I could" Grayson said nervously "I think you're a really great girl, and I don't want to ruin your friendship with Ethan, but I like you and yeah" he got nervous. "Don't worry, I like you too, I have for a while actually" I said my face was red, but it was dark so he couldn't see. We were just starting at eachother then he leaned in. This was it. He kissed me. I didn't know if I should stop or not, so I placed my hand on his shoulder and we started kissing. I couldn't believe Grayson Dolan actually liked me, and that there was a chance that he could be my boyfriend. Ethan called, of course, so I leaned away and answered the phone "this is a bad time I'm kinda busy Ethan" I said. I was blushing hard and butterflies were crazy in my stomach. "I know you are" Ethan said "what are you talking about?!" Oh no. "Look forward and to your left" Ethan said "oh crap, Damnit Ethan, did you really have to spy on us? This was actually a date!" I said, I was pretty angry. "So uh busy were you. Oh man this is so great!" Ethan said laughing. I hung up the phone and crossed my arms. "Your brother, who's a shitty best friend was spying on us, perfect right" I said my face was burning. "Damnit, I told him not to, whatever, that's not going to ruin our date is it?" He looked worried when he said this. "No, not at all" I said smiling. I kissed him again, but the movie ended so I had to stop.

He drove me home, which isn't far from his house. "So I don't k ow about you but, does this mean we're dating, or a thing, or?" Grayson asked. "Sure we're dating " I said with a smile. When we got to my house, I kissed him again and he kissed back, but I had to pull away, my mom was waiting outside for me. "Bye, I'll see you on Monday" I said smiling. Then he left.

"Mom! Were you watching the whole time?!" I said my face was red. "What? No I didn't see anything, just my baby girl getting out of the car, nothing to worry about, now Lea go shopping tomorrow, you need more nice clothes." My mom said, I laughed and went up to my room.

I called Daya "omg you would not believe ...(I told her everything about the date)" "omg!!! Now way?!!! How did you get Grayson!???" She asked squealing. "I don't know but I did! We're like a thing now, well we're dating but I'm not sure if I should call him my boyfriend or not." We talked for a bit then I hung up. I called Ethan. "Ethan wtf?! Why would you show up at our date?!" I said almost yelling. "Some pretty hot make out sesh" Ethan said laughing. "Ugh just please, look he won't replace you you're my best friend don't worry!" I said "ok fine, I won't bother you anymore, I promise" he said. "I'm going shopping with my mom tomorrow, you need to come and help me pick out nice clothes" I said " oh ok" he said. I hung up. I couldn't sleep. Just thinking about Grayson, and how his soft lips felt against mine, I couldn't believe what was happening....

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