Gray is just my type

Ethan Dolan has always been my best friend, but I have always noticed his brother Grayson... I'm Autum, 16 yer old irregular girl with an irregular life.


2. meet my best friend and his brother

My name is Autum Rose Penwell, I'm a junior in high school and 16 years old, almost 17! I'm pretty small for 16, well short I'm 5'1 but size doesn't matter too much, anyways, let's get on to the story.

I wake up at 5am to my annoying alarm. I slowly get out of bed and try to put together and outfit that's cute but comfy. "Mom! I don't have anything to wear!" I said staring at a pile of clothes on desk chair. "Autum I told you I would take you shopping after you finished cleaning your room! I'll take you today." My mom said, she's a nice lady, I'm lucky to have a good mom.

I finally put together an outfit, my favorite black Adidas leggings and a white crop top, a pink adidas hoodie and my superstar adidas shoes, my style is interesting it goes from tumblr to hippy to lazy to sporty in a matter of seconds, so I'm kinda unpredictable. I go to my bathroom to do makeup and hair. I don't wear a lot of makeup, I just fill in my eyebrows put some mascara on and some brown eyeshadow to accentuate my green eyes. I have ombré hair (that's a long story) that I just brushed. I go downstairs to eat breakfast and brush my teeth.

I call Ethan, Ethan Dolan is my best friend, we've been best friends since the first grade. People always say you fall in love with your best friend, but in this case it's not true, he's had a couple girlfriends, I've had a couple boyfriends, we just like being best friends. Anyways I call him "hey, Ethan! Are you on your way to my house?" I said. "Yeah almost there" he said, he sounded kinda weird.

He got to my house and we started to walk to school.

"Hey, so are you ok? Is something wrong?" I say with a concerned look at Ethan. "Um ok, what do you think about Grayson?" He said. "What are you talking about? If you think I would replace you with your brother your wrong! You're my best friend don't worry" I said. "Just what do you think about him? That's not it I just want to know what you think about him?" He said quietly, almost hiding. "Why are you asking? You know how I feel Ethan." "But just, ok I know what you USED to think but what about now? Please tell me the truth" he almost started to laugh because he knew he was being ridiculous. "Ok fine, are you just waiting to laugh at me? Yes I think your brother is gorgeous and stuff, he's a nice guy, and sure I guess I might have a tiny crush on him, but that doesn't matter." I started to laugh a bit. "Ok well, never mind he said I couldn't tell you" Ethan said with a playful tone. "Ethan stop, I don't want to talk about crushes right now, ugh" at this point I was blushing.

We got to school, and waiting by my locker was Grayson. His hair and his eyes, he's was just so "hey Autum! Did you finish the math homework? It was hard" said my friend Daya, she's nice but can be annoying. "Hey Daya, yeah it was ok, I have to put some stuff in my locker, I'll see you 3rd period in math." I headed toward my locker, I wasn't sure but it looked like Grayson was starring at me, but then again, our lockers are next to each other. "Hey Autum" Grayson said with a smile. "Oh hey Grayson, how are you?" Gosh he looked great, I tried to focus. "I'm fine how about you?" He said, now I know he was starring at me. "Well, I had to get glasses, but I only need them when I drive haha" I said blushing. Did I say too much? Would if he thinks I'm weird?! "So I was wandering if after school on Friday we could see a movie or something?" He said running his hand through his hair "oh is Ethan going to be there? I hope it's not horror! He hates those" I said jokingly, anything to make Grayson laugh. "Actually I was thinking it could be just you and me this time." He blushed but it was cute. "Oh, yeah sure. What movie?" I was starting to blush, my face felt hot and I had butterflies in my stomach, but at least I didn't embarrass myself. "Um you can pick a movie, just text me, and I'll figure out a time to pick you up" he said with a smile. "Ok sure, I'll text you later" I shut my locker and almost screamed. Did Grayson just ask me out??? I saw Ethan walking towards me "ETHAN! I have to tell you something!" "What what?" Ethan said laughing. "You know don't you " I said lightly punching his arm. "Maybe it depends on what we're talking about?" He said with a smirk. "Ugh, did he ask me out on a date date or just like a friendly date?" I asked blushing. "Oh man Autum, you should have seen him this morning! He was so nervous! He was all like: is my hair ok? Would if she says no, would if she thinks it's a joke?? Ethan you gotta help me bro., it was funny, but yeah so what did you say?" He said laughing. "Well I said yes but is it a date or not? Like should I dress nice or casual?" I was trying to hold down my butterflies in my stomach. "It's a date date, dress nice but not a dress it's just a movie, you'll be fine." He kept laughing.

How was the first chapter? Just wait for the next ones, keep reading to find out what happens next!

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