Why Me?

Meet Josie, 17 year old genius in writing and music. But she has a secret talent no one knows about and they never will. People think she's some rich, snobby, emo girl, but she isn't. Her life at home is horrible and she has no friends. But will this change when a new guy, Chase, moves into town and takes interest in Josie?


2. Saviour

Chapter Two:
Song for chapter two: Saviour by Black Veil Brides
*Josie's P.O.V.*
I open the door and the smell of alcohol hits me hard. I walk in the door with Chase behind me and I moved in time to avoid a glass bottle smashing into my face. Chase pushed me behind him, making sure I was okay. We made our way past the kitchen where he was screaming and ran upstairs to my room. I quickly close and lock the door quietly.
I collapse on my bed and lay there for a minute. I sit up on my elbows to see Chase looking out my window. I frown and stand by him.
"You see that?" He asked pointing to a window just across from my balcony.
"Yeah, nobody has lived there for years. Why are you showing me this?" I ask confused.
"Its not empty anymore. That's where I live." Chase said going on my balcony.
He climbs carefully in his room and motions for me too follow. I shake my head no and stay where I was.
He frowned and motioned for me to come on. Once again I deny, he climbs back to me.
He picked me up making my legs wrap around his waist and my arms around his neck. He started to climb to his room and I squeezed my eyes shut and buried my face against his neck.
"Open your eyes princess," he says in my ear, making me shiver.
I open my eyes and find myself face to face with him. His face barely an inch from mine, I look up at him too see him looking down on me. He closed the distance between us, brushing his mouth on mine. I felt sparks and butterflies in my tummy. I gasped and he kissed me again. He walked us backwards, laying me on the bed with him above me.
His hands gripped my waist and traveled down to my butt. He squeezed me in both hands and I gasped, he used that too slip his tongue in my mouth. He discovered every inch of my mouth, I moaned when his hand played with the edge of my top. He pulled away and rested his head against mine. He gave me another slow, long kiss before sitting up. He pulled me into his lap and I blushed when I realize I kissed someone who didn't deserve me.
His door burst open suddenly and a woman appeared.
"Cha-"she stopped seeing me on his lap. I start to get up but his arms tighten around me. I blush and look down. "Who is this?" She asked raising an eyebrow.
"Mom, this is Josie she lives next door." He said and my eyes widen. "She doesn't really speak to anyone."
She nods in understanding."Well Josie, I'm Ella but you can call me what you like, okay sweetheart?"
I nod and look at Chase motioning to my house. She left and I told Chase I had to go home.
"No you don't. You're not going without me. You can stay here with me, mom, and Honey."
"Who's Honey?"I ask and he smiles at me.
"C'mon princess its time too meet my other princess." He said tugging me by the hand to a lavender colored door. We walk in and I see lots of lavender baby stuff. In a crib playing with toys was a baby girl not even a year old.
He picked her up and she started smiling at him and giggling. He smiled and handed her too me.
"No, I've never held a baby before. I don't know what to do."I say backing away.
"I'll show you, come here." Chase said and gently placed her in my arms. I held her tightly and hesitantly started singing a original song I wrote. It was a soft, slow song halfway through she fell asleep. I finished the song and heard soft whispers behind me. Ella was in tears and Chase just stood there.
My eyes widened, knowing they heard the song about my mom. I laid the baby down gently, careful not to wake her and quickly left. I was in the front hallway when I felt arms stop me. He hugged me from behind as I broke down in tears. I cried for all the years I didn't, for my mom, the bullying, and abuse from my father. I cried and cried until I felt Chase pull away. I cry harder knowing he's leaving me like everyone else. But he didn't her sat me on his lap, as he sat back against the wall. I cried against his chest until I had no more tears.

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