Why Me?

Meet Josie, 17 year old genius in writing and music. But she has a secret talent no one knows about and they never will. People think she's some rich, snobby, emo girl, but she isn't. Her life at home is horrible and she has no friends. But will this change when a new guy, Chase, moves into town and takes interest in Josie?


4. Roger Rabbit

Chapter four
Chapter song: Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens.
Josie's P.O.V.
Its been two days since I was attacked. Two damn days of being scared to death of everyone, not leaving this room. I finally told Chase what happened last night. Furious was not the word to describe him after I told him, it was much worse. I can sit by him and hold his hand without freaking out now.
Which brings me to now, I'm sitting in Honey's room watching her play. She starts to fuss and I couldn't find Ella so I picked her up carefully. I rocked her and sang softly to her after I checked her diaper. She stopped crying and gazed at me with curious eyes. Her eyes sparkled in unshed tears, her cheeks tear stained. She yawned, her little tongue poking out and rubbed her eyes with her tiny hands. She closed her eyes and her breathing evened out. 
I sat there with Honey sleeping in my arms until I fell asleep. 
Chase's P.O.V.
I got home from school and go straight to my room to see Josie, but she wasn't there. I frown and check all the rooms she would usually be in, but I couldn't find her. I check Honey's room to see both of them sound asleep. I find mom and show her. She smiles and takes a picture, I do the same. I watch as mom puts Honey in her bassinet. She motions me to Josie. 
"Carry her to bed." 
"I can't. What if she wakes up she will freak out." I say frantically shaking my head. 
After arguing with her in the end she won. I sighed as I gently picked Josie up, carrying her too my room. I lay her down and her eyes flutter open. 
I waited for the tears to start but they never did. She just stared at me. 
"Chase? Will you lay with me? I'm tired of being scared. I miss your cuddles, and sleeping by you." She says. 
"Of course I will. If you ever feel uncomfortable just tell me okay?" I say and lay by her. 
She yawns and nods, cuddling against my side. I wrap my arms around her waist as she lays her head on my chest. I kiss her head softly as she closes her eyes. 
"I love you." I say, my heart skips a beat as the words slipped from my mouth. 
She was quiet and I thought she had fallen asleep, till she looked up at me. 
"I love you too," she said.
I smile down at her and kiss her forehead. She falls back to sleep this time wearing a smile.
-Time skip Monday/ Before School
Josie's P.O.V.-
I was in the stage between awake and sleep. Where your mind is awake but your body isn't yet. I felt my pillow shift slightly every few seconds and was surrounded by a warmth I haven't felt in days. I open my eyes enough to see that my pillow is Chase. I sigh and cuddle closer to him. 
He chuckles and tightens his grip on my waist, pulling my body on top of his. I'm now laying on him with my legs wrapped around his waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head against his neck. His hands brushed against my bare outer thigh and my breath caught in my throat. His stilled his movements and I looked up at him. 
"I'm okay, don't stop."I say and he continues to rub my thigh, sending shivers through my body. 
"Chase? Are you up yet? You have school." Ella says coming into the room.
Chases hands stay on my waist as I close my eyes, pretending I'm asleep.
"Yea, mom I'm up." His voice husky with sleep.
I heard the door close and felt his lips against my shoulder. I bite my lip as they traveled to my neck, stopping when he found it  in the hollow of my neck, where my shoulder met my neck. I moaned softly as my head tilted back so he could access my neck more. He pulled hisself away from my neck up to my mouth, kissing me softly and slowly.
He pulled away, resting his head against mine.
"Are you coming to school again?" He asked.
I think for a moment before nodding. "You have to be with me though, your the first one I haven't freaked out over for touching me or being too close."
"Anything for you, princess." He says getting up, but I clung to him and he laughed. "Go get ready."
"Never I will go in this." I say and brush my lips against his chest.
"Hm, I don't think so." He says, looking me up and down.
"Okay," I smile and pull his shirt off throwing it at him. I laugh at his expression and grab some clothes and running to the bathroom. I heard him banging on the door telling me to let him in. I laugh and get in the shower. I get out and see my clothes gone but a towel in their place. 
I roll my eyes at his childish ways and wrap myself in the towel. I walk out closing the door and bump into Chase. I bounced backwards causing my back to hit the door. 
"I need to get ready." I say and try to push past him.
"Why is that?" He asks putting his arms on both sides of my head trapping me. 
"Cause we have school." I say as my breath caught in my throat. He brushed his lips against my soft spot, making me tilt my head back. 
Right then someone knocked on the door. Ella opened the door and peeked her head in. Chase stood in front of me blocking me from her view. 
"Are ya'll ready yet?" Ella asked. 
"Yea, mom. Josie is in the shower. I'm going to drive her to school today, so I'm waiting on her." Chase said.
"Okay, make sure she knows that if she needs me she can call." Ella said and left.
I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I leaned against the door and looked up at Chase. He was looking at the door so I took the chance to grab my clothes and run to the bathroom.


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