Simply a Dream

A young girl (Hayley) gets caught into the world of her favorite anime (Black Butler) and lets just say she isn't really complaining.


1. Chapter 1

It was a normal Tuesday morning. You know the usual high schoolers life,studies and all of that. At least that’s my life. I’m not much of a party person unlike the rest of my class. I usually stay in and watch anime,or mostly anything with music.One of my absolute favorites though is Black Butler. Its so mysterious and perfectly animated and that amazes me. Anyway I wake up and get ready. My usual black ripped skinny jeans,red and black flannel and straightened hair I was ready to take on a dreadful day of school. Once I get there I am greeted by no one cause my friends are all talking to other people so I decide to go into a dark creepy room. Great decision Hayley,great decision. Once I enter I expect the lights to work but of course not. Just like every cliche story. I then in the corner of my eye see a purple and black hole. Yes a hole on the wall of this abandoned classroom and my curiosity always gets the best of me so I of course walk in. All there is,is blackness until nothing. I open my eyes and i’m in the middle of a dark alley. Go figure. Once I start to actually get up I feel something weighing me down almost like a weird force until I see red. I look up and I see a figure and I hear yelling until I pass out once again. What's happening to me? I’ve never passed out like this,and where the hell am I?



Guess who's doing a new story!!! LOL anyway I will be adding to both of these trust me I have a lot to add on the 5sos one but I really wanted to make this one cause I love Black Butler so much! 

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