Our Little Infinity; The Next Book in The New Girl Series.

Bella and Niall have been together for two happy years. Now, the star crossed lovers are about to say "I Do!" But before Bella can walk down the aisle, her love for Niall is put to the test, as well as her loyalty to One Direction and the boys. Bella must stand up and confront her past, or risk losing Niall forever.



Bella was up early the next morning. Though she didn't want to, she went to meet David as soon as she was ready to face whatever threats he was going to throw at her. It was a bit of a drive to the downtown coffee shop. Once there, she saw David sitting right there next to a window facing the street. It was as if he wanted them to be seen, just to add more damage to her wedding plans. Bella wasn't going to let him bring her down. Holding her head high, she marched right into the cafe and then right to his table.

"I got your note." She said with a tone anger in her voice. "What do you want? I already told you that I am going to marry Niall and you will not stop me." Bella plopped down in the nearest seat and just looked at him with anger in her eyes.

"Look Bella, I just want to talk." David said trying to make her calm down. It didn't work.

"OH Yeah!! Lets Talk right here is front of the window for everyone to see us." Bella retorted.

"You know what?? Fine!! I was going to give you one last chance Bella for you to back out. But now, I am going to tell everyone that you were cheating on Niall with Zayn!"

"I never cheated on Niall!! You little..." Bella stopped herself before she said something she was going to live to regret. "No. You know what, David?? Bring it!! Because, what Niall and I have no one can destroy. Not even you." Bella stood up and began walking to the door. She suddenly stopped and turned around. "And another thing, truth always wins, no matter what. Weather it be light over dark. Truth vs lies. Evil against Good. The good and right always win." Bella walked right out the door and down the street without looking back.

When she got to her car the first thing she did was call Zayn.

"Hello!" A deep english voice rang into the phone.

"Zayn?" Bella cried into the phone.

"Bella? Whats wrong? Are you okay love?"

"Yes, I'm Fine. Its just... Its just someone is trying to blackmail me about you and I in Belfast two years ago. He said that he was going to sell pictures and emails to the newspaper if I didn't call of my wedding with Niall."

"What? We just went for coffee every now and then. What does he have on us?"

"He says he has pictures of us out dancing and kissing and you know..." Bella said implying the worst.

"Who is this guy?" Zayn asked. It was obvious by the tone of his deep voice that he was upset. Bella couldn't understand why the boys were always so protective of her all the time.

"My friend David. Zayn What do I do? Please I need help. I can't tell Niall it would kill him if he knew."

"Don't worry Bella, he won't find out. I'll make sure of that. Did he why he was doing this?"

"Well, he said that he was in love with me."

"What!? Please be serious Bella!"

"I am Zayn. He says that he's in love with me. I haven't seen in almost five years."

"Wait... I think I know who's behind this. Who's really behind it!"

"Who Zayn?"

"Gigi. She's been asking me to take her back for about two weeks now-"

"That's when David started threatening me!" She said, unintentionally cutting him off.

Zayn huffed with discontent, but continued. "She said that once she was done I would have to take her back. Look, we'll get to the bottom of this before the wedding. I promise. Now you go back to back and spend sometime with Niall. Pretend that nothing is happening! Okay?"


Zayn hung up. Bella sighed and forced her herself to start the car. She turned on the radio and one of One Directions new songs began to play. Bella smiled to herself, these past two and a half years have been unbelievable. She joined one of the biggest bands in the world, fell in love with a wonderful man, and now she was getting married. She was truly blessed. Niall and her loved each other with a love that comes around once in a million years to only a few people.

Bella, released the parking break and drove off. She decided to go over to Niall's, rather then going home. He would make her feel better, that and she needed to talk to him. She arrived at his beautiful house, that was soon to become her as well. Bella always felt that she could really raise a family here.

It was a simple white house with a red front door, and a fenced in porch. The yard was a good size with lots of flowers. It was had a while picket fence and flower boxes under the windows. A path, trimmed with wild flowers, lead up to the front door. The inside of the house was rustic and cozy, like any other house you would find.

Bella knocked on the door and waited for Niall to answer. Niall opened to door to see and smiled to Bella.

"Bella, my love. What are you doing here?" He asked. "I thought you were going to stay home today."

"I'm here to see the most charming man in all of Ireland." She responded with a smile. "Tell me, have you seen him?" Bella teased him.

Niall laughed and pulled her close to kiss her. Their lips were centimeters apart. "I think he's somewhere around here." Niall said, half serious, half comically.

"Umm no, I think I'm looking at him." Bella cooed looking up into his bright blue eyes. "Can I come in? Or must stand out here like a Girl Scout selling cookies?

Niall giggled and lead her in through the the entry way into the living room.

Bella sat down on the couch and motioned for Niall to sit beside her.

"Do you want something to dink love?" Niall asked.

"No. All I want is to look at you. Come sit!"

Niall sat down and leaned back holding out his arm for Bella to come and cuddle. They say there all snuggled up. Bella held Niall's hands in hers while she laid her head on his chest.

"Darling, may I ask you something?" She asked after a while.

"Uhh uhh"

"In the time we have been together, we have never been intimate physically."

"Yeah I know. You said that you wanted to wait. Is that was this is about?"

"Would be upset if I told you that I'm still a virgin?"

Niall at her confused and shocked. "Why would I be princess?"

"I don't know! It's just I don't want you to be upset that's all. I always thought that most guys wanted have sex to 'have a strong relationship.' " Bella said making quotation signs with her hands. "I mean, I always believed that any relationship needed boundaries and respect for each other. I never wanted to do it, because I was alway taught by my mother, that a woman's virtue couldn't be replaced once lost." Niall listened attentively to her talk. "I always felt it would so much better for any marriage to start the right way. How much we would love each other if we waited. Niall I hope your not upset. I felt that you needed to know that."

"I'm not upset. If anything, it makes me love you all the more, because, it takes real woman to stand up for what she believes in. A woman that won't let a man do what ever he wants to her because she afraid of losing him. Bella I love you so much! I knew from the moment I saw you, that you were a woman worth waiting for! A woman worth fighting for! That's I why I was very protective of you. I wanted to show that I was worthy of you."

A single tear fell out of the corner of Bella's eye. "You still are protective of me, my love!"

"Well that's my job. I love you so much!" Niall placed a hand on her face and stroked her check with his thumb.

"I love you Niall!" She said kissing him gently on the lips.

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