Not Mine To Love

Renée is a poor farmer's daughter, she has grown up covered in mud and has never known any different. That is until she is sent away to court to find a suitable husband. She intends to keep her heard down and learn how to serve and run a household of her own, when she catches the interest of a young man in the court, someone who should know better than to go pursuing young serving woman.
After much persuasion Renée falls for Léon, brother to the Duchess Marie, and cousin to the King of France himself. Their passion fueled by love and the fact they can never be together.
For the Huntsman Competition


4. Renée


How you have had to adapt to your new lifestyle quickly, though by the sounds of your letter you are having no trouble becoming accustomed to your new way of living. This constant exposure to such a way of life is not one a girl of your birth should be leading. It sounds like you are having a very enjoyable time though I remind you sister that the only reason you were sent to Paris was in aid of finding a husband, something which you have failed to do so.

You must stop attending these banquets you speak of at once, I will not have any blood of mine sitting and indulging themselves on such gluttony whilst men, woman and children across our great nation starve through lack of basic nutrients. And as for the vast amounts of beer and other such beverages consumed, these people must be ashamed of themselves, I do so hope you have not taken to drinking anything other than the decent watered wine we grew up on.  

I have heard news about the dances that are hosted at the palace in which you serve; apparently gentlemen often indulge themselves on young serving women, such as yourself, this girl Sabine, as she so shamelessly dances with men. She is a bad influence upon your innocent being; you must avoid wanton women like her, for she will cause nothing but trouble.

I pray you cast your mind back to when you were but a child, do you remember a girl in the town called Juliette I do believe the two of you were friends, I regret to inform you she has disgracefully fallen with child, her family are living in great shame. I would hate for our dear family to have to go through anything as embarrassing as that, it would kill our Mother if she learnt of the antics that occur so close to you, I will not inform her of the scandalous activity which happens on your doorstop, for I fear she will worry more than she already does about her golden daughter.

You must not allow yourself to be exposed to the many evils that are common place in the Parisian court. They are not as close to God as we are in Vivarais, and therefore they do not know better.

You must stay in the court until a suitable suitor has been found for you, who will allow you to leave a respectable life in the eyes of both our family and God. Please do not let our family down; I need not tell you how high the stakes are.

I do look forwards to seeing you at Christmas, though I pray you do not speak of the outrageous affairs which you are exposed too when you return.

May God bless you and assist you on your quest to find a husband and also protect you against the evils that you are unlawfully exposed to.

Your brother


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