Not Mine To Love

Renée is a poor farmer's daughter, she has grown up covered in mud and has never known any different. That is until she is sent away to court to find a suitable husband. She intends to keep her heard down and learn how to serve and run a household of her own, when she catches the interest of a young man in the court, someone who should know better than to go pursuing young serving woman.
After much persuasion Renée falls for Léon, brother to the Duchess Marie, and cousin to the King of France himself. Their passion fueled by love and the fact they can never be together.
For the Huntsman Competition


2. Prologue

He leant down and placed a single sweet kiss onto her cherry lips, she looked up at him, his emerald eyes like glistening stones set into the finest bone china that was his flawless porcelain skin and the delicate cheek bones, set, not so high that they were sharp, but defined.

The short bearded stubble that grew upon his chin tickled her cheek making her giggle ever so quietly, yet ever so harmoniously, like her light laugh was no more than her mouth pouring out the airy verse of song.

Carefully he began untying the thin lengths of lace that had been used to tie her corset under which he found her soft silk undergarments, they kissed and engaged in a passionate embrace, underneath the thick linen covers of the four poster bed that sat in the middle of his private chambers.

The curtains were drawn, her door locked and no chance of the young lovers being interrupted. Heaven only knows what would happen to them if they ever got caught. But for now, neither one cared about the consequences, they were solely focused on the present, on the intense passion and desire they felt for each other right now.

 “Heavens how I love you,” he muttered into her ear. She shivered as the heat of his breath warmed her heart and fired her passion.

“I love you too,” she whispered. The words slipped off her tongue as though it was a phrase she was meant to say over and over again.

They were now so close together; their bodies were almost fully entwined, he outstretched his hand and locked it together with hers, their fingers interlaced, their hearts were beating as one.

This was the first time they were going to lie together, this was the first time she had ever been intimate with a man. From a young age she was taught that, as a woman, her abstinence was the most attractive thing about her.

Though he did not think so, in his opinion it was not her stunning looks, her sandy blonde hair that was braided and tied into the most intricate of patterns upon her head, it was not her piercing blue eyes, that were so common among the more wealthy classes, that had at first drawn the two unlikely partners together but it was her delicate dancing abilities, her musical talents and her sparkling wit that was so appealing to him.

Well, that and the fact that they could never be together.



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