40 days

It was not meant to happen for poor Leinna. It was just a simple "hello" that dramatically shifted her life into a fantasy land; it was a fantasy that only existed in her imaginations but how long will this fantasy last until it collapse and return back to reality?


1. Introduction

Hello, lovelies!


I am back after years of not writing. I do apologize for leaving like that because I guess I ran out of ideas to write and I was awfully busy with school. Now that it is summer, I have time to write and allow readers to get a glimpse of my imagination. I am done with writing fanfictions because I want to start writing with nonfiction characters. I also deleted my recent fanfiction because that was just bad and I KNOW it could have been better. So here is the rework of 40 days. I hope everyone enjoys my story and again, I do apologize for leaving like that. 



Have a great day! I will try to update every Saturday or something :) xoxo

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