With Love and Consequences- A Draco Malfoy Love Story

When Ava Hartley and her siblings got their letters to go to Hogwarts none of them wanted to leave their previous schools Ava and her Sister Avery were the same age they were fraternal twins and attended a small witching school for girls in their North Carolina home and their older brother who was 18 and older than his 16 Year old sisters was finishing up his last year at his all boys school they had already had friends and were halfway done with their classes but when their parents get an urgent letter from the minister of magic to come to London immediately they were to all be transferred to Hogwarts which would add on 3 more years for Adric and 5 more years for the girls to their classes but once they get to London and to Hogwarts they have far much more to worry about then a few extra years of classes their whole world will be turned around can they get through it without losing their minds?


1. Bad News


"Adric, Avery and Ava can you come down here please we need to have a word with you three!" my sister:

and I ran downstairs "yeah mom" "whatcha need" "girls where is your brother?"


"probably upstairs listing to music with his headphones" Avery said rolling her eyes I giggled "yeah typical Adric" "well can one of you go get him please we need to have a family meeting" "I will" "thanks Ava" I ran upstairs and knocked on Adrics door 'hello nerdbomber open the door mom and dad want to hnave a family meeting" he still wasn't opening the door so I pounded harder "hello ADRIC MATTHEW OPEN THIS DOOR!" he swung it open "what do you want dweeb cant you see I'm busy?" "i really don't care mom and dad want to have a family meeting so get moving" I walked back downstairs "he's coming slowly but he's coming" he came around the corner and sat on the arm of the chair "ok kids we have some important news your dad is needed in London to help the minister of magic with a problem which means we are going to have to move to London and you guys will be attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry its an older school and they more to offer which means you will have a few years added on to where you already are Adric you have 3 years instead of one I believe and you girls will have 5 years i believe" Adric was first to speak "what?! 3 more years I'm almost done here this isn't fair plus i don't want to go to school with them" "yeah mom this isn't fair what about Ava and I we have friends here and we are doing so good here why do we have to move away?" "guys youll make new friends and you don't have to hang around each other youll be in different classes houses and years plus they have quidditch and so much more to learn and explore" "but like Adric and Avery said this isn't fair at all we know this neighborhood we know our schools" "you guys will be fine we leave tomorrow so you guys need to get packing you'll love the new house its huge and you girls will each have your own rooms and theres an indoor and outdoor pool, a game room and so much more" "wait Ava and I have always been together now your separating us?" "really Avery stop being a drama queen" "this is horrible news" "I agree with Adric this is stupid" "Ava is right I vote no"  "this isn't a voting matter your all going now go pack" we all groaned and went upstairs "this is so awful my friends are here. Ryans here" "I'm sorry Avery" I hugged my sister we have always been together we were best friends and i hated to see her hurt she got up "London is so far" "i know but hey on the bright side youll have your own room and we don't have to fight over and take turns on how to decorate the room" she smiled at me and hugged me "i love how you always stay positive" "i have to it doesn't help to be negative" she hugged me being a fraternal twin was amazing we have been together since we were in the womb so being in different room and possible classes and houses was a new experience and we didn't know how to act all we could do was start packing after we packed all our things we layed down and went to bed "good night Avery" "Night Ava" soon we were both asleep.



Mom got us up early that morning "come on ladies get up and get ready time to go" we looked around and there was nothing around us "mom where are our things?" "already at the new house and in your new rooms we got out of bed and our beds disappeared we got our showers and got dressed:





and we slowly walked downstairs "ok everyone ready hold hands" we all held hands and next thing i knew we were standing in front of a huge mansion:

"welcome home kids" "this is the new house?" "yes beautiful isn't it" "oh my god wow" Avery had a huge smile on her face and i had a dumbstruck look on mine and Adric didn't even care" "well shall we go in" we walked down the driveway and around the giant fountain and uyp to the door mom turned the key and opened the door to show a huge beautiful entery way made with white marble on the walls laced with gold trim and the ground was glass but you couldn't see through it and it was speckled with silver and gold flakes against a gold background "wow" there was a huge stair way that had two staircases one on each side to the left was a huge ball room and to the right was the living area and towards the back went into a huge kitchen that had a dining room off  to the left in the kitchen through double gold doors i couldn't wait to see my room Avery and i raced upstairs to find our rooms when i opened the door the walls were gold and glittered like a thousand twinkling stars i had a round bed and a huge vanity i walked over and opened some doors that led to a huge walk in closet that had another closet inside smaller it was like w whole other room i ran out of the closet and to the right i opened the doors into a huge bathroom with gold decoration it was absolutely beautiful it had a huge tub and a shower:

I threw down my duffle bag and ran to Averys room and hers was layed out the same but it was white:

each room fit our style perfectly its like mom knew which room to put us in "oh my god Avery these rooms are unreal" "oh i know i love it this may not be so bad after all and were right next door" "maybe your right lkets just hope schools just as promising" "yeah hey want to go check out the rest of the house?" "lets go" we ran out of the room and checked out all the rooms in the house we got to the ball room "oh my imagine our birthday party in here dancing the night away" "i know i cant wait" "oh lets go check the outside out" we ran out of the ball room and headed outside and saw the pool  "wow Ava look at this swimming pool isn't it unbelievable!":

"wow" "HEADS UP!" next thing i know theres a thud to my head that knocked me down "oh Ava you ok?" she helped me up "yeah but where did this ball come from?" "I'm not sure" hello that's ours sorry about that" I looked towards the back of the house where there was a fence and behind that fence stood a very handsome boy with blonde hair and a body to dye for I walked over to the fence "here you go" "thanks you guys must  be the new neighbors" i was lost in his gray eyes i forgot what was going on for a second "oh yeah I'm Ava this is my sister Avery wqere fraternal twins and we have an older brother Adric but he's not very sociable" "I'm Draco Malfoy this is Blaise Zambini how do you like the place so far?" "we love it" Avery said smiling flirtatiously at Blaise "so is it true then is there really a pool in the basement as well as outside?​" "we don't know we just got here about an hour ago" "oh ok well back to the pool thanks ladies" they ran off" "wow huge house huge pool huge rooms and hot boys win for us" I smacked Avery ';your such a nerd" we laughed and ran back inside and down to the basement where sure enough there was a pool "holy cow" we were both speechless:

"Avery it has a sauna" "love this house" "girls you down there?" "yeah mom" "dinner" "ok" we ran upstairs and into the huge dining room to eat" "mom can we swim after dinner?" "of course you can" "yes" "and tomorrow night we are having a huge party so we have to go shopping gowns" "mom whats the party for?" "its a dinner party for your fathers new job to get to know everyone" "oh ok" "we invited the neighbors to the seem like nice people" "yeah i met their son Draco earlier and his friend Blaise" "oh i wasn't aware they had a son your age that's great so what do you guys think of the house?" "we love it" we said in unison "its ok" Adric said stuffing his face with food" "I'm glad you girls like it and Adric get use to it" after we got done eating we ran upstairs to change into our suits and headed for the pool:



Then we headed off to the pool "think I'm going to go to the jacuzzi" Avery ran over to the round jacuzzi and climbed in "this is heaven" I laughed and jumped in myself I loved the fountains "incoming!" I herd the call a moment to late and got a ball right to the head again Draco came running over to the fence and jumped it Blaise behind him "sorry how do I ahead manage to get you in the head?" "I have no clue" i said laughing "hey you guys want to come swim with us?" He smiled a crooked smile "yes we will" Draco jumped in and Blaise hit the slide after swimming we decided to play chicken Draco had me on his shoulders and Blaise had Avery we were having so much fun we lost track of time it was 8 o clock "Avery it's 8 already" "I have to get Blaise home it was nice hanging with you girls" you to Draco" I smiled at him he was so cute I was crushing bad we went to the house and got showers and ready for bed I walked out into the hallway "night Avery" "night Ava" I walked back to my bedroom and out to the balcony and I sat on the ledge and looked up at the stars "beautiful night isn't it" "Draco hey" I said blushing and covering my nighty with my robe he was on his balcony which looked over into mine "so my father says your attending Hogwarts" "huh yeah" " I had no clue you were a witch" "I could say the same about you" he smirked "hopefully you'll get in Slytherin that's the house im in" ", yeah we'll see" I said smirking "well I better get to bed early morning tomorrow" , yeah me too" oh by the way your dimples are adorable and your eyes are mesmerising goodnight Ava" night Draco" he smiled and walked into his room I buy my lip and went to bed myself.

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