Samantha or Sam is a party girl yes but she doesn't always go to them and parties. She isn't in love with sex but she will have it when she is in the mood, but that's hasn't happened at all recently. She isn't much of a drinker but she drink it when she wants to have a good time or when she is angry. She would also love to kick Vincent's ass because of how annoying he is with his teasing. Vincent is her half brother Gabriel's best friend. But when Vincent and Sam aren't fighting they are great to be around. Hell they are even sort of like best friends when they aren't fighting. Vincent is the closet thing she has to a best friend. But she would still love to kick his ass.

So what happens when Vincent isn't exactly being his normal annoying self to her? What if he is acting completely different towards her? But what if her past becomes the best of her and she pushes the one person she trusts the most with her feelings away? And how can she act on Vincent's actions without betraying her brother?


3. 2

I didn't know how long I was sitting in the shower until I heard knocking on the door and my name being called. I knew it was Vincent but I wasn't in the mood for this shit. I just ignored him until he went away and I heard his bedroom door close. I could only hear that because well the bathroom connects our rooms together.

I didn't even know my brother would get mad that I was dancing with Vincent. I mean at least it's not some random guy. He should be fucking thankful that it was Vincent and not some random guy. I mean seriously I don't get mad when he dances with Molly, but then again she isn't my friend or anything, but still! He isn't being fair anymore! I can't do fucking anything around Vincent without them getting a fight which leads me and Gabriel getting into a fight. I mean he tells me to get along with Vincent and when I do he jumps down our asses for getting along!

I thought I got away from a controlling life but I guess I was wrong. It feels like my old life all over again just a little better. Gabriel wonders why I never talk when I'm with friends well it's because I don't know if I'm going to get my head chewed off for talking to one of his friends. So I just stick with my unfriendly and rude self. I'd rather be called a 'bitch' than get into a fight with Gabe.

It's like I can't do anything right with him. I mean seriously I do what he says by getting along with Vincent and being nice to Molly, but the fights start because I do what he fucking says! It feels like my dads house all over again and honestly that's not a good thing because if I feel like that then I start going back to the way I was when I was with my dad. I mean he isn't leaving me any other choice right now. I mean I get it he is looking out for me but he doesn't need to control who I talk to! I actually see Vincent as my friend sort of and he is going to take that from me. Don't get me wrong Vincent still pisses me off but I'm tired of fighting with him all the time. But I guess it doesn't matter because come tomorrow Vincent will be either completely annoying or he won't talk to me because I made him and his best friend get into a fight. When it wasn't even my fault it was Mollys fault! But no one will believe me because "she was drunk she didn't know what she doing"! I swear that girl could get away with fucking murder and if she points her finger at me they will believe I really did it and not her.

I didn't realize I was crying until I tasted the salt in my mouth. I never really cried but when things start to build up I can't help but let a couple tears fall. I don't full on cry I just let like two tears fall and that's it. I stopped crying when I turned 7 years old.

I got off the floor of the shower and turned the water off. I got out and wrapped the towel around my body and walking into my room. I dressed in one of Vincent's shirts and a pair of my sweats. I brushed my wet hair out and I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I made sure that my brother wasn't in their and thank goodness I was in the clear of all the people that lived in this house. I walked in here and grabbed a yogurt out the fridge. This probably the first thing I ate all day today. I hopped onto the counter and ate my yogurt slowly and quietly.

Once I finished I started doing the mountain of dishes in the sink. I didn't even know anyone came in here until I felt hands on my hips and a hard chest against my back. I felt hot breath on my neck.

"Sammy." Vincent said softly his voice tickling my ear.

I confined to ignore him and wash the dishes. I can't face him because he probably has a bruised jaw or something and I'd just be more pissed because I know I caused that. I mean he is the closet thing I have to a best friend and I caused him to get into a fight. Best friends don't do that! I mean I know we don't get along but when we do we are actually great people to be around when we aren't fighting. And when we get along with each other we actually look like we are best friends. But I somehow end up fucking it up.

It's my fault why me and Vincent can't be friends or ever get along! It's my fault for everything! It's my fault why my mom couldn't have full custody of me the first time. It's my fault why I went to the hospital when she just got me back! Everything that happened to me is my fault! I can't do anything right, I always fuck up the good things I get in my life. Maybe it's best if just stayed with my dad so I could be controlled instead being left uncontrolled.

"Sammy, baby girl stop right now. I need you to stop and turn around and look at me." Vincent says sternly. I feel his hand stop my hand and take the sponge out of my hands and he turned the water off. "I need you to look at me baby girl." He said gently in my ear.

I shook my head 'no'. I was to scared to look at him. I was scared he was hurt because of me again. I was scared he would be mad at me. I was just scared I caused him any pain.

"I'm not going to ask again Samantha." He growled.

I gulped but I gave into his wishes. I turned around and I looked down at the ground not facing his eyes. I saw he was wearing black ankle socks and basket shorts. I knew he was shirtless. I felt his fingers under my chin and lift my head up to meet his gaze. I squeezed my eyes shut so I couldn't see his eyes. I heard him let out a low growl. His hand that was on my hip tightened.

"Samantha look at me now." He said lowly.

I opened my eyes and met his deep blue ones. I saw so many emotions in his eyes. His blue eyes seemed so much more bluer with how many emotions were swimming around in them.

"There's those beautiful grey eyes I've been wanting to see." He says softly I can see his mouth curl up into a soft smile.

"I'm sor-" I started to apologize but he shushes me with pinching my hip. "Ow! You little shit!" I hissed slapping his bare chest with my hand.

He smirked down at me. I can see playfulness in his eyes. 'Oh so he wants to play?' I think to myself.

I smirk evilly up at him. He looks down at me curiously. I wrap my arms around his neck and I run my fingers through the hairs on the back of his head. I see his eyes roll in the back of his head. This is his weakness and it also puts him asleep. Well only I know this. He lets out a content sigh I grip my fingers on one of his baby hairs and I yank it out.

"Ow! Fucking shit!" He hisses and glares down at me.

"Payback Vinny!" I smile innocently up at him.

He looks down at me and pouts. I roll my eyes and push him away from me and I turn the lights off and make my way up the stairs. I hear his heavy footsteps following me. I make my into my room and into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and go to the restroom. I turn the light off and go into my room. I see Vincent sitting on my bed leaning against the headboard. His chest on full frontal view to me. I have to force myself not to stare at it.

"What are you doing in here?" I ask standing over him.

"Waiting for you get out so I can have the bathroom. Are you done now?" He asked looking up at me innocently.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes now get off my bed. I'm tired and want to sleep." I say motioning him to get up.

He chuckled and got up and went into the bathroom. I crawled into my bed and turned the lamp off and rolled over onto the side Vincent didn't lay on, because well it's not cold anymore. I rolled over onto my side so I'm facing the wall and I pulled the covers up so my nose is covered. I snuggled into the covers. I was half asleep when I felt the covers being lifted up and the bed dipping and Vincent snuggling up to me. He put his face in neck and his arms wrapping around me and pulling me impossibly closer to him. I felt his body heat through my clothes. He is such a cuddler it's cute. I relaxed into him and let out a content sigh letting his scent invade my senses.

"Don't ever leave without me ever again Samantha." He says sternly. I knew he was talking about party.

"Ok I promise. Did you get hurt?" I whispered sleepily.

"No. Just don't ever leave without me again." He said sternly. His voice sounded husky and low making me shiver.

I just nodded. I felt him shift and I clenched his hand so he couldn't remove it. I didn't want him to leave me alone.

"I'm not leaving baby girl. Just taking my socks off and getting comfy." He said removing his arms from me leaving me cold.

I groaned and let out a tired whimper. I heard him chuckle. He got comfy and his socks off. He put arms back around me and brought me back into his embrace closer than I was before. I let out a sigh in content and then I yawned.

"Sleep baby girl." He whispered in my ear.

I nodded. "Are you going to be here when I wake up?" I asked sleepily.

"Yes Sammy I will don't worry I don't plan on getting up early. So neither are you. So if you have to pee in the morning you better go and come back cause I want to spend the lazy day with you ok?" He said sweetly.

I felt my stomach flutter and my heart fill with this unknown emotion. I felt my whole body flush. "Ok." I said quietly and I felt myself drift off into sleep.

But I was still awake to feel him press a kiss my neck. That little kiss sent tingles up my body and I almost moaned but I didn't. I never felt like this when someone else kissed me there but with him it was different. It felt right or something.

Just before I fell asleep I heard his voice.

"What are you doing to me baby girl? Whatever it is I don't want it end." He whispers in my ear quietly before snuggling into me and putting his face in my neck and inhaling my scent.

I finally drifted off into sleep with a smile on my face for the first time in a long time.

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