The Sweetest Perfection

Dean Ambrose is a vampire. Cold, calculating, mysterious, and deadly. He is also the hottest WWE superstar on the roster. He learns a secret that would bring him power in the vampire world as well as the human world, but it's a secret that affects someone who has never known the vampire world exists.


1. The World in My Eyes

LaKeisha's POV

"LaKeisha, get up!" I heard the voice of my best friend, Maggie Riven say.

"I'm up!" I said as I put my feet on the floor.

I sighed. I hate Mondays, but I had a job to do. Maggie and I were co-head writers for the WWE. We mainly wrote for Raw, but we also created content for Smackdown. When we arrived in the WWE, we were both fresh out of college. NYU Film School grads plucked from obscurity.

It was Maggie who got us our opportunity. She sent in our resume and portfolios in to Paul Levesque aka Triple H. At the time, we were writing heavily, and though we didn't need to work for the WWE, Maggie thought it would be a good idea. Now, here we are.

"LaKeisha, we got a production meeting in 45 mins. You need to get dressed." Maggie said.

"I know. Give me a minute. I didn't sleep well last night." I said, getting up.

"You had that dream again?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah. It's driving me insane. I haven't had a good night's sleep since I've started having these dreams." I said.

"Well, I think after the show, we should have a girls' night out. We are in Las Vegas, and we don't have to do Smackdown tomorrow night since we didn't write this week's script. So let's just have some fun." Maggie said.

"Yeah, we should. I'm down with hanging at a club here on the Strip." I said.

"Good. Now get dressed. We're gonna be late, and you know how Vince gets." Maggie said.

I grabbed my Dean Ambrose t-shirt and my jeans. I quickly threw them on and grabbed my laptop. Maggie and I left our room and made our way to the Thomas and Mack Center. Amazingly, we got there on time. We went to the production area and got ready for Monday Night Raw.

Dean Ambrose knew he had to keep up appearances. There was only two people in the world that knew he was a vampire, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. They were vampires as well, but they were nothing like Dean. Dean was handsome, but he was deadly.

Tonight, they were in his hunting grounds, Las Vegas. He had to put on one amazing show, but he also needed to see her. The one he would make his wife and his queen, LaKeisha. His "brothers", Roman and Seth, watched as Dean got ready.

"Brother, you seem tense. You OK?" Roman asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Dean said.

"You invaded her dreams again, didn't you?" Roman asked.

"Yes, I did. I need her, Roman. She can bridge the human and vampire worlds. I don't have to live in the shadows anymore. I can be free. So can you. You won't ever have to be away from your daughter anymore. Seth can live his life. With her, we can be free!" Dean said.

"Hell on Earth, Brother. We can live like rock stars, be worshipped by women who kill just to be in our presence, envied by men who want to be us. It is time." Seth said.

"Though I love your enthusiasm, I must do this slowly. She doesn't know who I am, or who she truly is. All her life, she's known the human world. She doesn't know of her vampire heritage. She doesn't know her father or her grandmother. I must help her learn our ways. She must know who she is. In time, she will learn to love me as I love her, but tonight, we party and we play." Dean said.

I stood near the production truck, hoping that Maggie would forget about going out later. What I needed was sleep and lots of it. These dreams had been plaguing me for months. Dreams of death and blood. I couldn't understand them, but I needed to.

Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. I thought it was Maggie trying to scare me. I turned to find Dean Ambrose standing before me.

"Good evening, LaKeisha." Dean said, seductively.

"Hi, Dean. Is there something wrong with tonight's show?" I asked.

"No, it's perfect as always like you are." Dean said.

"Um, thanks. We got a lot of good things coming your way, so I hope that you like what we have coming up." I said, trying to avoid Dean's eyes.

"LaKeisha, I love everything you do. So yes, I am excited." Dean said, moving closer to me.

"Um, good. Look, I need to get back. The show's not over yet, and there's much more to do." I said as I tried to walk away from Dean.

Dean grabbed me by the hand. His touch was electric, but Dean also scared me. There was something about him that I couldn't figure out, but he was frighteningly beautiful. His magnetic blue eyes sung to me, and no matter how hard I tried, I could never avoid looking into them.

"LaKeisha, you don't need to be afraid of me. I would never hurt you." Dean said.

"I know, Dean. I just need to get back." I said.

"What are you doing after the show? I would love to take you out." Dean said.

"Maggie and I are headed out to a club on the Strip. I'm sorry, Dean." I said.

"Maybe another time." Dean said.

Dean touched my face, and I nearly melted under his touch. Suddenly he was gone. It was like he was never there. I looked around to see where he went, but Dean Ambrose simply vanished.

Dean watched in the shadows as I made my way inside. He devilishly smirked to himself. Tonight, he was gonna put his plan in motion.

Another Monday Night Raw was in the books. Maggie and I made it back to our room. I really wanted to hit the bed, but Maggie wasn't hearing it.

After a quick shower, I put on my little black dress that Maggie picked out for me. I put on my Christian Louboutins that Nikki Bella got me for my birthday and left for a night on the Strip with my bestie.

We arrived at VooDoo Nighclub at the Rio. It was amazing. The view was spectacular. Maggie and I found a table and sat down. We gladly ordered table service and relaxed. Ok, I needed this. I needed to unwind.

Maggie and I toasted to our success, and we watched the crowd. Then a familiar song came on, "Come Down" by Bush. Maggie and I began to dance. I looked and saw Dean coming towards me. How did he know I was here? I knew I didn't tell him. I looked into his eyes. There was an intensity I've never saw before. His blue eyes shined brighter than normal. I could lose myself in his eyes.

Then I saw something. People around me, dying. I saw Dean had fangs and was drinking people's blood. I wanted to run, but I was stuck. I called out to Maggie, but she couldn't hear me. Dean was coming towards me. God, I needed to get out of here. I wished someone could help me.

"No one will save you from me. You are mine. Forever." Dean said.

The sky began to spin, and then the world went black...

"LaKeisha!" was the last thing I heard my bestie say.

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