The Full Moon


1. Night 1

The Night of Wolves Tonight was a full moon. My parents told me to lock the doors, windows, and shut the curtains.., instead I didn't even have time to. When I fell asleep I jolted awake and I saw a guy that was in my room. I wasn't even scared. I felt like He was protecting me. "Hey, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. I saw a wolf pack in the area and a wolf went in your home, so I followed it to get it's attention and killed it." He said "I'm Luke by the way. "Thank you so much for that! I'm Sara." I said as I felt as if I have known him for forever. "How old are you?" "Sixteen years old." "I'm eighteen years old and I like your hair." He said.Q Then I remembered that I had dyed my hair black and green. "Thank you. And If you want to stay here for the night you can." I said "Yeah I would love to. And by the way I locked all of the ways in to the house. " he added. The fact that I felt a sensation in my core. He smiled at me after realizing that I was checking him out. I just looked away and I felt the other side of the bed move. So I looked over and saw him laying down on the other side of the bed and I laid my head on his chest. He had took his shirt off and I starred at his torso. Then he had noticed what I was doing. He leaned toward me and in seconds we were kissing. I loved it so much. His hands on my waist and mine on something hard. I bit his lip causing a moan to escape from him. I moved my hand to his hair and pulled a little bit at his hair.

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