I Love You With All That's Left Of My Heart

A freak illness spreads far and fast throughout the world. As Iris knows it, with her family being threatened, and her friends states away, they will fight to survive and thrive in the increasing toxic environment. Will the undead outnumber them? Or will they be able to live with the smell of dead flesh forever?


12. The Guest

One Month Later...

"I'm still not over the fact that you have water for drinking and showers." Chester said as he tweaked a part of an old sprinkler.

"Are you sure you can make this work?" Ellie asked, eagerly waiting for the fun to begin.

Ellie, Chester, Tryston and Iris were all standing in there bathing suits. "I never said it was a for sure thing. If this does work, do you have enough water for it?" Chester asked.

"Thanks to Nick, we have water for a long time. As long as we don't do this for a long time we should be fine. Besides, Ellie has wanted to do this for a month now, I think it's time."

Chester smiled before screwing in another bolt and gave Nick a thumbs up. Nick turned a knob and a weird sound came from under the ground before water came out of the sprinkler in spurts. "I can't believe it worked!" Chester shouted.

They all ran around and jumped over it. Tryston bent down and put his butt on it, causing it to shoot out in two directions. "Tryston!" Iris laughed as she was shot in the face by the water. 

Veda walked past and saw her cousins laughing and actually having fun with the people she used to know. It melted her heart. Iris made contact with Veda and smiled, it brought back a couple memories of back when they would all hang out at Iris' pool. She smiled before she knew, but quickly hid it.

B walked up and placed her hand on Iris' cheek, moving in for a kiss. "What was that for?" Iris asked.

"I couldn't help myself." She smirked.

"Are you sure that's the only reason?"

B sighed. "Can we talk? Like away from the water cause I'm getting my last outfit for the week soaked."

"Yeah, I'll meet you in the tent."

"Help!" A woman's voice pleaded from outside the walls. 

"Nick! Turn the water off!" Iris ordered. She was walking up to the entrance when Finn showed up with gym shorts, a shirt and a 10mm pistol. Iris nodded her thanks before quickly putting on the clothes and taking point with Finn. "Open the gate!" She shouted. 

It opened slowly, but they were immediately greeted my a small horde about to munch on a woman. Iris quickly pulled the trigger five times, each one hitting there targets. She got out and grabbed the woman's ripped shirt and pulled her into the safety of the camp. "Shit the gates! Snipers take care of the rest!" Iris pointed the gun at the stranger. "What's your name?"

The girl was shaking, Iris felt bad, but didn't want to seem weak so she stood her ground. "I- I can't remember."

"Addy?" Veda asked shocked to see the girl that was taken from her. 

"You know this girl?" Iris questioned.

"She used to be a member of my camp." She said before running at her and taking a knee. "Addy, are you alright? What the hell did they do to you?"

"Who are you?"

"It's me. It's Veda."

"My Veda?"

"Yeah babe." Veda looked up at Iris. "Help her."

Iris was confused but put her gun down. "Jean, take her to your tent and take a look at her. Take Veda with you so she stays calm. B, you go with them, make sure they don't try anything." When everyone cleared out. The only people left by the gate were Finn and Iris. "Who the hell was that."

"Veda's girlfriend, Or at least was before she was taken from her." Finn could see the hurt in Iris' face. "I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that."

"Better you than someone else. I'm going to go change, can you go back B and Jean up."

"Of course, don't be too long."

"I would perform experiments on me. There were so many people, so much screaming." Addy said.

"How did you end up here?" Veda asked. 

"I don't know. I just ran the first chance I got. I figured anywhere is better than where I was trapped. I tried going back to your camp, but it was overrun. I knew you weren't dead."

"I'm so happy to have you back."

"Iris never said she could stay." B said. "We don't know that they did to her, she could be dangerous."

"It's not Iris' decision." Veda snapped.

"I don't know where you think you are, but she's the leader here."

"Go fuck yourself!" Addy spat.

"Try me bitch!" B challenged.

"Everyone calm down!" Finn spoke up. "We can work this out. If there is something wrong with her, Jean can fix it. Addy's a good person."

"There's something wrong with her vital signs. She has been injected with a multitude of things, and I don't have the equipment to find out what it is." Jean butted in. 

"Good, than we kill her." B said coldly. 

Veda blocked B's way and pushed her back. "Don't go anywhere near her." She seethed. 

"I am  more than happy to go through you to get to her." Veda wouldn't move so B rammed her shoulder into her abdomen, bringing Veda down to the ground. She landed a hard right hook that caused a cracking sound and blood to come out of Veda's nose. She recovered and rolled B to where she was below her and slammed her elbow across B's face. Finn grabbed Veda and pulled her off of the girl, just for B to get up and go after Addy, who was pulled by the hair and thrown to the ground. 

"Let go of me Finn!" Veda shouted.

"Ellie! Go get Iris!" Jean shouted, getting B off of the girl. Addy got up and her eyes were pure black. She grabbed Jean by the shirt and threw her across the room and she crashed into one of the tables. Finn let go of Veda to try and control the woman, but was grabbed by the wrist as it twisted. When B tried getting a hit in, she was grabbed and bit. Blood came dripping down her shoulder as Addy dug her teeth into B's neck.

"Get off of her!" Iris shouted. She pulled out her gun and shot in the air once. Stopping everyone from moving. Addy fell to the ground and her eyes were back to the normal green. Iris saw B on the ground, choking on her own blood. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at the woman responsible. "You bit her?" She asked shocked, She aimed her gun at Addy, but was stopped when Veda ran and stood in front of the barrel. 

"Don't kill her!" She pleaded.

"Give me one good reason!" Iris shouted.

"Because I love her! I can't lose another person I care about!"

Iris looked into the hazel eyes she knew so well, than back to B who was being tended by a shaken up Jean. "Finn, tie Addy down." She said before wiping her eyes and taking a knee by B. "Can she make it through?" Jean shook her head. Iris nodded and accepted the fact that this was the last time she would see B. "I'm going to take care of her, when I come back, I need you to tell me exactly what happened here. Understood." Jean just nodded. "Just tell me one thing, did B start this?"


Iris nodded and lifted B up bridal style to exit the tent and went into her own, placing her on the bed. "I'm going to make the pain go away B." She whispered. "I'm sorry that I let this happen. I promise I will never make that mistake again, for our people, I'll do better. I love you B." She took out her gun and fired a single shot that went through B's head. "I just wish it was enough to save you." 

Iris stood in front of B's grave. Veda walked up to Iris. "I'm sorry."

"I don't need your pity. Look, I know why you're really here. It's not for me, you want to know what my decision is about Addy. I got the full story of what happened from Jean. It was self defense. I get that. But that doesn't change the fact that there's something wrong with Addy. She can stay, but she can't roam around. She's to be watched at all times."

"Wait, really? You want her to stay."

"No, but I can't throw her out either."

"I don't know what happened to make you have a change of heart, but thank you."

Iris just nodded. It's because of you Veda, its always been you. She thought as Veda walked away. 

"Hey, you alright boss?" Tryston asked.

"Is it bad that I feel relieved that B's gone?"

"I don't know Iris. I thought you loved her."

"I do, I mean I did, but I wasn't in love with her. She was comfort, something familiar, but Ty, I wanna go home." Iris said as she leaned on her friends shoulder. 

Tryston knew what she meant. Iris was never able to fall in love again after Veda, she wanted her back. Veda is the only home she had left. 





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