Cold as ice itself, and pale as the snow itself, Michael Clifford is not the type of 6ft boy you should be messing with, unless it's a death with you are asking for.

But when someone crosses his path, his entire life turns all the way around, and maybe he might just show his soft spots.


42. Trouble

We landed and I turn my phone on.

78 missed calls from mom,

2,054 texts from various people,

56 missed calls from dad.

I am in huge trouble.

"Should I call back?"

"I really think you should," Michael replies. 

Once we get into the car I announce what I'm about to do and that I need help. 

I decide to call my mom and start to mentally prepare myself. 

"ADELAIDE WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" She screeches into the phone.



Ashton whips my phone from my hand and starts to talk. 

"She's with us, and that is no way to talk to your depressed and suicidal daughter." 

"Don't tell me how to be a fucking mother," my mom spits. 

This time Luke takes the phone.

"She's happy with us and most importantly she's with us," Luke says.

"She's probably not safe with you stupid idiots," my mom replies.

Calum snatches the phone,

"Stupid idiots?! You've got to be kidding me." 

Michael takes the phone,

"She's safe with her three closest friends and boyfriend, that's what matters," Michael says and hangs up the phone.

"Damn your parents are... They're mean," Ashton commented. 

"This is maybe the best thing I've ever done. Anyway, where are we going?"

"Oh we're meeting the boys at one of their houses," Luke says. 

"To be honest you should know this stuff, you are our manager!" Michael exclaims. 

"I'm also still a teen," I said giggling. I rest my head on his chest and he kissed my forehead.

"Ugh, get a room," Calum says. 

"Well, Calum, funny you say that," Michael says.

"Michael, what are you talking about?" I ask.

"It turns out that the 1D boys gave us a house here in London since we will be here for quite a bit," Michael explains.


"Calm the fuck down, and yes, it's real." 

"Wait how long will we be here?" I ask.

"So it's December 2012, we will start touring in 2013, for the time being we are writing and exploring basically," Calum says.

"Don't forget practice for the tour," Luke adds.

"Yeah, that too." 

"Wow, we're gonna be away for awhile."

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