Cold as ice itself, and pale as the snow itself, Michael Clifford is not the type of 6ft boy you should be messing with, unless it's a death with you are asking for.

But when someone crosses his path, his entire life turns all the way around, and maybe he might just show his soft spots.


17. Small Party

The boys decide to throw a small party. It is Luke, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Emily, and I. Talk about a small party. We play some music, which Emily doesn't know much of.

"I know I'm quite girly but these songs are good!" Emily says to me. 

"Maybe we should update your clothes," I say to her laughing. 

"You guys should give us a free concert!" I suggest to the boys. 

"Really? You guys would like that?" Ashton asks. Emily and I nodded. We all went downstairs for the boys to set up. They played Gotta Get Out, Teenage Dirtbag, and Unpredictable (a new song they've been working on). Emily and I give the boys a huge applause and are voices are a little sore from singing and screaming like fangirls.

"What should we do now?" I ask.

"We could play seven minutes in heaven," Luke suggests winking, but then he eventually laughs.

"No I like that idea, it could be like bonding one and one I guess," Calum says agreeing with Luke. Emily and I look at each other and just give a shrug. I mouthed to her, 'fuck it.' We all sat in a circle and I touch the glass bottle to spin it. It lands on Ashton and we go into the closet behind the acoustic guitars and box. 

"Hey Ash," I say to him. 

"What's up?" 

"Nothing much. Playing in front of you two was kinda cool," he says. 

"We were your smallest crowd," I say to him.

"You guys should really play a gig. I bet you guys could really put on a show." 

"Really?" He asks.

"Of course Ashton. I saw them when they didn't have you and they were a mess," I reply. 

"You're like the Dad of the band, keep the band concentrated. Yes, you guys might fool around, but you try not to waste time during practice." 

"Wow... I don't think anyone has told that to me, Adelaide. Not even Luke, Michael, or Calum!" Ashton exclaims.

"I'm sure this means a lot to you."  

"Seven minutes are up! Get out of here," Calum yells opening the door. 

"Damn, why is it so bright?" I ask. Ashton and I walk out of the closet and sit back down in the circle. Michael, who is sitting next to me, starts to spin the bottle. It lands on me. 



Never in my entire life. 

Michael takes my hand and leads me to the closet. 

"Don't even touch me Clifford."

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