Cold as ice itself, and pale as the snow itself, Michael Clifford is not the type of 6ft boy you should be messing with, unless it's a death with you are asking for.

But when someone crosses his path, his entire life turns all the way around, and maybe he might just show his soft spots.


14. New Friend

I sat down at lunch waiting for the boys to sit with me. I get weird stares and disapproving looks. Someone with a messy bun but on top of her head starts walking to me.

'There is a table behind me so she's probably sitting there,' I think to myself. She gets closer and closer to my table and I hope she doesn't sit with me. She put down her tray on the table and asked,

"Can I sit here?"

"Sure," I said hesitantly. I don't like making new friends. I'm a very antisocial person and I like being alone. 

"My name is Emily," she tells me, sticking out her hand. 

"I'm Adelaide," I reply shaking her hand. 

"Nice to meet you." 

"It's nice to meet you, too," Emily responds. 

She doesn't seem like a bitch to me, maybe I've made a new friend.




"I made a new friend," I say to Luke. 

"Really? What's their name?" He asks.

"Her name is Emily," I respond. 

"The girl with a bun always in her hair?" He questions.

"Yep, she has like light brown hair," I reply. 

"I think she's actually kinda cute," Luke says shyly. 

"Aw, young love, how cute," I reply.

"Hey shut up," he says giving me a light punch on my arm.

"I should set you guys up," I say.

"No! No! Not yet Adelaide! I want to do it," Luke responds. 

"You guys would be so cute!" I say.

"Please, please do it soon!"

"Fine Adelaide, just for you."



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