Angels Can't Die


1. Prologue

Nobody would notice. They would remain oblivious to the fact of what she was doing this until it was to late. She had suggested the party so that the boys could have a bit of fun before they found her body, hanging from the noose that was planted firmly in the ceiling. She imagined their faces when they walked into the study, the place where they usually rehearsed. Right now, she sat at the desk, where the boys wrote their songs. She chose the study one, because there were several people doing it in her room, and two because she had so many fond memories of the boys in this room. Now as she say ask the desk, she pondered over what she should write on she note. She didn't have much time to write, the party would be over soon. She decided to keep it short. She put the pencil against the paper and began to write.

Dear Boys,

By the time your reading this I'll be gone. I want you all to know. It had nothing to do with any of you and all of this was my choice. Please do not remain sad for long. I love all of you. Liam tell mum I'm sorry. Someone please take care of Simba. Again, I love you all. Goodbye.

Yours truly,

Sophia Payne

Now she was ready. In the middle of the floor she had placed a chair. Surrounding it was a circle of daisy's, her favorite. She was dressed in a light pink coral dress. Yes she did wear heels but not the slip kind. She wore the strapped kind. Otherwise her shoes would fall the moment she hit the air. No, she was not scared. She was relaxed. She had taken several sleeping pills before. She glanced up at the clock displayed above the desk. She had ten minutes to kill. She thought about the boys.

When Liam first walked into her room to call her for breakfast, he would find nothing. He would then assume she was in the study working on everything she missed in school. When he found it was locked, he would run his hand along the top of the door frame searching for the key. Once he found it he would unlock the door.

When he took in the sight before him, surprise would steal his happy expression like night steals day.

Harry would frown. Instead of his lips curving upwards into that breathtaking smile, they would curve downwards into a frown.

Zayn would probably be asleep.

Niall will not be able to look.

Then there will be Louis's bright happy face. The one who can put a smile on anyone's face. It pained her to even think of his. Louis will not have a look on his face. Louis will just stare, with no certain expression. Then his blank expression will morph into one of disbelief.

She glanced up at the clock. It was time. The girl rose from the chair at the desk and walked over to the one positioned in the middle of the room. She carefully stepped over the daisies and onto the chair.

Don't think.

She slipped my head through the noose.

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