One Direction...Kidnapped me?!

By going to the store Grayson ended up getting kidnapped by the boy band One Direction. The reason that they kidnapped a huge secret that could make her question her life.


1. The Intro

I’m Grayson Rooney. I’m just turned 17 years old last month in May. I wear braces and glasses, I think it makes me look pretty dorky and nerdy, so now I wear contacts to make me look less like a nerd. I am 5’4, I’m shorter than my brother Brendan and he’s only 12. It’s sad. My weight is confidential. I have dark wavy hair, with dark brown eyes, and I wear a cheeky grin at all times.

My father is White while my mom is Asian and Mexican. Which makes mom short and dad tall, and sadly I took after mom and Brendan took after my father. I love my strange, weird, exotic family it makes me and has molded into who I am today. And I love me! Not to sound self-absorbed but I just overcame somethings a little while ago and I’m proud I did.

I love to sing, I sing everywhere, in the living room, when I’m taking a shower, when I’m home alone, anywhere really. And when I’m home alone I sing as humanely possibly. I also can run, another favorite. But I got kicked out of Track because of Foul Play, apparently. It wasn’t my fault how was I supposed to know that Sydney wasn’t gonna have any common sense and avoid my punch? Then I love playing video games. There’s writing, but I don’t tell anyone, it’d be an invasion of privacy.

I hate skirts and frilly, sparkly, poofy things. I hate wearing heels, I don’t like revealing things. Shorts are the only exception. I only wear converse, vans, Nike and other non-specified gender things. Which means I like shoes that both genders can wear. I like wearing things that are comfortable, or feel like wearing. I could be wearing my best or be a total bum

And then music….I like Demi, Selena, and One Direction. The first person I’ve listened to was Usher or Ne-yo. I like their music too, I also like 5sos and other guys. But One Direction is my favorite. I’m not obsessed. It’s… okay that’s a lie. I love them.

But what’s weird is….why would they kidnap me and force me to stay there for a whole year. I don’t know if I can handle it. Well I guess we’ll just have to see.

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