One Direction...Kidnapped me?!

By going to the store Grayson ended up getting kidnapped by the boy band One Direction. The reason that they kidnapped a huge secret that could make her question her life.


4. bag

“Why should I?” I spat angrily.

Liam was about to speak when Niall interrupted him, “Lou’s bleeding!” He pointed at Louis’s shirt. I guess I got blood on him when I elbowed him. I looked at my elbow. It was bleeding. Bad.

“Huh?” Louis looked down at his shirt. He lifted his shirt up to see if he was really bleeding. “That’s not mine…”

The boys looked at me, “Oh wow, look at the time, I must get going…” I walked towards a random door.

“That’s the bathroom, Grayson,” Harry says. I turned on my heel.

“How do you know my name?”

“How are you not screaming or passing out?” He shot back

I scoff, “Why haven’t you?”

“I have no reason.” He rolled his eyes.

“Exactly.” He was annoying me.  I don’t like him very much.

He was about to say something, but Louis cuts him off, “Girls, girls, you’re both very pretty. Now shut up, she’s bleeding!”

Liam went to go get his first aid kit. Why was I acting so hostile? This is my favorite boy band! Standing right in front of me and I was being weird. Just calm down and maybe they will explain everything and if they don’t then continue being hostile. Okay great pep talk.

Louis made me sit down on a couch next to him and Niall. I was very uncomfortable. Liam returned with his first aid kit, “Let me see your arm.”

“This is gonna hurt isn’t it?” I say uneasily.

“Just give me your arm.” I reluctantly gave him my arm. He got out rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. I tried to move my arm. “Keep it still.” I screeched when the alcohol hit my open wound. He rubbed all my blood away and put ointment on it. Then wrapped it in bandages. “There, all better.”

I sigh, I could still fell the burning sensation. “Thanks.”

He gave a heartwarming smile that made me melt inside, “Now will you let us explain?”

I nod. “Yeah, I guess.”

An hour later of explaining. It took so long because I kept interrupting him with my outburst. And it turns out my mom knew I was gonna get kidnapped, so did Brendan. When I go home, he’s gonna get it. But something felt off, but eh.

“Okay. I get it now.” I say but I still didn’t understand why they did it. That conversation will be for another time. I don’t feel like having another hour long conversation. “So, what happened to my bags?”

Zayn looked at me with a serious expression, “Louis took them.” I looked to Louis with an annoyed expression. He was someplace else, his body was here but his mind was in la la land.

“As long as I get them back, then I don’t care. But I need to go change.”

Harry grinned, “I’d be delighted to come with you.”

I smirked, “I’d rather get frost bite.”

“Zayn, come with me please.” He hesitantly gets up. “What, I won’t bite.” He shows me his hand. Showing a bite mark. “Oh…sorry about that!” I say. I go back upstairs, “Where is your room?”

“Keep going, then take a left. Why?”

“I’m using it to take a shower. Do you have any pajamas I can use?”

He opens the door for me and digs through his drawer. I sat on his bed waiting, “I’ll be right back.”

“LOUIS!” I shout going down the stairs, “I need my bags! Where did you put them!?”

Louis wasn’t down here, I saw Niall in the kitchen,”Niall!”

He turned around, “What?”

“Have you seen Louis?”

“His room, why?”

I smile, “No reason.”

He gives me a skeptical look, “Don’t go and kill him.”

I go back upstairs, “I make no promises.” I shout. I heard him laugh. 5 bedroom doors. Which one is Louis room? I heard sudden shouts.

“NO JIMMY PROTESTED!” I hear him shout. I go into the room across from Zayn’s. I knock on the door.


“Erm.. No Lou here, today!” He said in a girly voice.

“I have carrots.” The door opens and he frowns.

“Liar!” He says.

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought we were saying things that weren’t true.” I smirk.

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