One Direction...Kidnapped me?!

By going to the store Grayson ended up getting kidnapped by the boy band One Direction. The reason that they kidnapped a huge secret that could make her question her life.


5. Finally!

 I finally could take a shower. Zayn gave me a basket ball shorts with a man tank top.It was a bit loose, but it'd have to do for now, and the clothes I bought weren't until i buy some new ones, these are my pjs! To be honest they were quite comfortable.

"Hey, Gray," Niall says interrupting me from my thoughts. I look at him, Gray? That's new. "You have a creepy grin on your face," I roll my eyes at him.

"Leave me alone!"

Louis comes around, "It's not creepy Nialler, it's... yeah it's creepy. SO wanna share your thoughts."

I shake my head, "Nope." Zayn came downstairs and smiled at me. My heart stopped for a moment. 

Quit that!! 

Why must this make me feel this way??

I turn to Niall, "Go get me a slice of pizza."

He gave me a look, "And why would I do that?"

"I'll share it with you?" I asked more than stated. He got up and heated up two slices of pizza, I smiled in satisfaction.

"NIALL SHE HAS THE CREEPY GRIN AGAIN!" Louis shouts. I glare at him. Zayn came over, to defend me but then turned away.

"Yup, creepy."

"Stop judging my smile!" I whined. Crossing my arms. Louis pinched my cheeks and Niall came back with our pizza. I smacked Louis's hand away. I grabbed one of the pizzas from Niall's plate. I haven't ate at all today. I scarfed down my pizza.

"OH NO WE HAVE ANOTHER NIALL! BYE BYE MONEY!" Louis fake cries. Niall looks offended.

He pouts, "Hey! I'm right here, man."

I'm still hungry, but i don't feel like getting up. I reach for Niall's pizza, he smacks it away, like I smacked Louis's hand. I rub my hand. "I thought we were sharing!"

"You didn't share with me..."

I look at him with puppy dog eyes. 


"Ugh, Niall! Please!"

He eats it in front of me, "Should've said how many you wanted."  I take the pizza from his hand. And take a bite of it. "My pizza!"

I laugh like a mad man, and run around. I ate all of his pizza too. I might of been greedy, but hey I was hungry. Since I was up, I heat up two more slices of pizza, I add another in, just in case. I came back and sat down. Liam and Harry had came down and looked at my plate.

"Aren't you a hungry growing girl?"

"Shut up, leave me be." I grumble. Harry smirked.

The whole time I tried to eat my pizzas, Niall tried eating my hand. "Gah! Niall quit it!"

"Give me one of your pizzas then!"


He still tried to eat my hand. "Fine, here!" I flung it at his face and he had pizza sauce on his face. "Cannibal." I muttered. He took it off his face.

"You're dead!" I held up a finger.

"Can't I eat my pizza first?"

He threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" He headed towards the pool. "No! Niall, I just ate, I just took a shower! I don't know-"

He threw me in the deep end. I gasped. "Niall I can't swim!" I say before blacking out.





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