Those Who Believe

This is the story of 4 best friends who dared to believe. They dared to be original. I know how cliché that sounds but trust me. This is NOT cliché. I was just a girl and that changed in a year. When 3 very special people walked into my life and refused to leave. I suck at summaries but please read this. Just start it and if you don't like it that's fine. This story may offend people but I honestly don't care. If you don't like it then stop reading. Thanks. **Trigger warning!**


4. dang it

When I got home from school on that 1st day, I went straight to the elementary school to pick up Harmony. Over my dead body would I let Andrew pick her up. Mom filled out her forms so that I can legally pick her up from school and check her out if necessary. I walk to the school and see Harmony waiting with another girl outside. harmony's back was facing me so I snuck up behind her and jumped on her back. She may be 3 years younger than me but im shorter and am all skin and bones. Mom doesn't have much money since she only works at McDonalds and Andrew doesn't work at all, the lazy bastard. So I usually give Harmony my food most nights so that she can stay healthy. I just eat at school and everything's fine. So I run up and cling to her back. The girl she was talking to screams and I laugh. I jump off her back and she turns around and hugs me. " Sissy! I made a new friend today! This is Ash." She points to the girl and he gives me a small smile and a wave. " Well it's lovely to meet you Ash, I'm Aella, Harmony's older sister." Ash just looks at me and laughs until she is on her knees. I just stare at her, as I have no idea what's going on. she stands back up and catches her breath. " Sorry about that, you're just so tiny compared to her." Ash blushes a little. I laugh at this. " Oh I get that all the time. Yep, im the runt haha." Harmony waves goodbye to Ash and we start to walk home. We talk about random shit on the way home, just weird stuff. We get home and walk through the door. Thankfully Andrew isn't home. I go and get started on my homework. I have to weave my through the house because of the boxes everywhere. I'll do some unpacking when I get done with homework. Dang, they gave us a lot considering it's only the first day.
********************************TIME SKIP**************************************
After I finished the homework and unpacking a little, I went into Harmony's room and found a note laying on the bed. She went to Ash's house and is staying the night. That bitch better have her phone on her. I decided to call her and see if she had it on her. whew. She answered ' Hello?' "Hey bitch, just wanted to make sure you had your phone on ya. Have fun with Ash, use your manners, and don't overstay your welcome." ' I know sissy', she giggled.' I have to go now. I love you' " love you too" ' Bye Jessica' "Bye Becky!" I hung up the phone. We are both obsessed with YouTubers and call each other Jessica and Becky , after one of Danisnotonfire's videos. I hear the front door open and my heart drops. " You bitches home?" I hear Andrew yell. " Unfortunately!" I yelled back. He came stomping into my room. " Where's your sister?" he asked. "At a friends house and remind me again why you care?" i sassed. " Because I didn't give the little asshole permission to go anywhere!" It took everything I had in me not to grab the knife I keep in my pocket. I wouldn't actually hurt him with it, jut threaten him. But I cant have it taken from me so I just reply calmly. " Never call my little sister and asshole. You can call me anything you want. But her, she's only 9 and doesn't deserve to have to put up with this shit so why don't you grow some balls, suck it up, and act like the father figure you are fucking suppose to be." He just started at me for what felt like hours, but was most likely only a few seconds. " Well, why don't you grow up and realize that you don't even have a clue what being a parent is suppose to mean. You're 12. Now shut up and go unpack before things get messy." He smirked at me, but it left immediately. " Is that a threat? Because if it is, I can go call social services and they'll most likely find the whiskey and pot you're hiding in the kitchen..." His face went white and he dropped his voice to a whisper. " Tell anyone and you're dead, bitch." He walked out of my room and slammed the door on his way out. This is my life...

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