Mille is a troubled girl from a small town in Denmark, Calum is an easy-going guy from suburban Sydney. One day Mille's parents decides that it's best for her to move to Australia on her own. Now she has to deal with her troubles alone.


3. Chapter 3.

Mille's POV:

I've officially lived in Sydney for 9 days now. I've applied for 2 jobs, unpacked the boxes, bought plants that will go well with the rest of my stuff and last but not least cried myself to sleep every night. Yay.

Tomorrows the first day of school and I'm nervous as fucking hell. It's 10pm and I'm trying to find the right outfit for the first day. I choose to go with a loose long sleeved black and white stripped shirt and black tight dungarees and my old vans. I pack my backpack and get ready for bed.

I wake up at 5:40am, 20 minutes before my alarm but I don't even bother trying to fall back to sleep. I roll out of my bed and go shower. I blow dry my hair and apply my everyday makeup. While I eat breakfast I watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix as I always do. I put on the clothes I chose last night, put on my vans, grab my backpack, my wallet and my keys and head out the door locking the door behind me.

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