The Dragon Rider

Did you ever find something? Something you couldn't explain? The moment a young eleven girl picks up a ruby rock she is in grave danger, and it doesn't help for her to discover the thruth about how everything came to be the way it is....


1. Prologue

An eleven woman galloped through the trees focused straight ahead looking for something she couldn't yet see. Her long golden hair was flying behind her as she rode past the trees. She had light blue eyes, perfectly arched eyebrows and pale skin which shone in the moonlight. She wore a white dress and a white cape which flattered wildly behind  her. She kept looking down at the child in her lap. It was fast asleep. An opening between the trees about 2 miles ahead cought her eye. She had nearly reached  it as an arrow shot through the trees and hit her horse on one of the hind legs. The horse stopped and lost ballance. The elven woman grabbed the child in her arms and jumped off the horse before it crashed to the ground. She started running towards the opening in an almost unreal speed. A Syltris appeared a few metres in front of her and she turned, she couldn't afford to stop and fight. A a ring of fire concelead her from the rest of the forest. She mumbled something and water escaped her palms and raced to the fire ring. A ball of fire flew towards her from the side. She had to turn to stop the fire ball. More and more fireballs were tossed towards  her. She ran to the edge of the fire wall and let some water escape her palms long enough for her to escape the ring. She started to run again and she managed to escape their sight about half a mile away behind a big tree. She removed the blankets from the child's face to check that it was still alive. Relived she leaned back against the tree to catch her breath. The baby's eyes opened abbruptly and it started screaming. The woman shushed daistraughtly at the child and patted it's back but it didn't seem  to work. The child screamed and screamed and screamed, showing no sign of stopping. A Syltris appeared a few metres away. It was different from the others. It was bald and you could see his arteries. His skin was pale, almost see through and his eyes were glassy. He wore torn black clothes and walked slowly over to the elven woman. She pulled the child closer panicking. She started to mumble something, and so did the Syltris a blue light shot from his hands towards the elven woman but too late. The child was gone and the light hit the woman. She was lifted off the ground and floated over to the Syltris. He raised his hand high up in the air and the elven woman struggled distraught to get down. The anger was boiling up inside her. The Syltris released her and she fell to the ground about 10 metres up in the air. She groaned and rubbed her ribs. A few more Syltrises came running.

'Kod kho!' he said and the Syltris came  running towards her. She got to her feet and pulled out her sword. It wasn't hard to beat them and soon after slimy green Syltris blood was dripping from her sword. The Syltris who had ordered them on her was now the only one left standing. 'You have killed my servants! And now .... I shall kill you!' he said with a rough voice. A red light shot from his hands and hit the elven woman. She groaned and floated up in the air. Her long golden hair was stikking out to all sides and her dress  filled with air, her eyes and mouth wide open. There was a mixture of fear and rage in her eyes. Then she fell to the ground dead.

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