Double Play •ZM + LP•

Zayn Malik never joined the Auctions. He never needed a guy or girl, and he didn't think buying them off a black market was the way to do it, either.

But then he saw Liam Payne standing on the Auction board, and he just had to have him.


1. Chapter One - Liam

Chapter 1

Zayn sighed as the line slowly shifted forward. He wasn't sure why he came to these things, he never bought anything. He didn't even buy the food, which was apparently shit by others opinion. But he wouldn't trust any of the people in this building if his life depended on it.

Whenever he thought of those girls, and even guys, up on the board, alone in an empty room with dark windows they couldn't see through surrounding them. Hearing a faint voice talking for a few minutes, and then you were ushered off and shoved into somebody's car. God knows what happens to them after that.

It made him sick, yet he was also here, and had money stuffed in his pocket. Just in case, he always told himself. Hell, Zayn wasn't sure if he could even trust himself because of this.

He made it to the front, and of course, the bouncer-like people knew his name. It made his stomach flip in a very bad way. He was let in with a breeze, and he took his usual seat in the north booth.

The room was small, covered in purple velvet, walls floors ceilings and all. There was a single chair in the middle, with a tiny table by the side, containing a single red button.

Zayn had never put his fingers in the button, and he knew he wouldn't today either.

He sat for an hour, doing pointless things to distract himself, and then the lights flickered on in the board room. Zayn sat upright and swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Welcome again, ladies and gents. To newcomers, I'll explain what this place is." The voice was high pitched and girly, and it was obvious she was excited for the show to start.

"In your booth room, you'll find a red button by the table. A set of women and men will be taken into the board room one at a time for viewing. They will stand for five minutes or less, well the bidding takes place. The bid is money, which you place by pressing the red button. If you win the bidding round, you get to take the lucky guy or gal home with you for as long as you want them. We don't take refunds, by the way. All properties on the subject in the board room has been burned, so don't worry about legal technicalities. Enjoy the show, ladies and gents, and may the best person win."

The voice cut off with a buzz, and more, brighter lights flicked on in the board room. It showed an empty cement room with no furniture. It was a prison cell without the bars. A single door was in the corner to get people in and out, and that was it.

Another beep sounded, and shuffling was heard. Zayn squinted through the dark window at the first subject. She was a petite girl who looked no older than nineteen. Her blonde hair was in tears and knots, and she looked scared out of her wits. A robe was taken off her body by a bouncer, and Zayn had to look away.

"We start with a hundred dollars, ladies and gents."

A few buttons were buzzed from the other rooms, and after a war between two men, one gave up. There was a distant cheer from one of the rooms east, and the girl was ushered off the board.

"And the bidding is won by James Nickleson for six hundred. Your prize is waiting for you in the designated car." Her voice sounded happy, and Zayn was going to be sick.

A beep was sounded, and a small boy with black hair was put in the middle of the room. The boy looked terrified, and Zayn's stomach twisted.

"We'll start the bidding at five hundred folks, this one is top dollar."

Zayn ignored the buttons buzzing and stared at the boy through the glass. He looked young, much to young to be in the Auctions. We're the Boards Men breaking the rules now just for more money?

"And the bidding is won by Hussian Peter for one thousand two hundred, your prize is waiting in the designated car given to you."

Another two girls and a boy were auctioned off, and still, Zayn's fingers didn't start towards the button. He was glad the Auctions were almost over.

"Last one folks, bidding starts at fifty, he's a bit feisty."

Zayn looked up, and his heart stopped.

A boy, with short, messy chocolate brown hair and the most amazing brown eyes was standing on the board. He was lean, and slightly muscled, but still looked young and weak somehow. His face was set in stone, his jaw tight, with a sheer look of courage and determination in his features.

His arms were long and his hands were perfect, and his legs were muscled and strong. His fingers were tapping his naked thigh, and Zayn found it endearing.

This boy wasn't like the others. He was a fighter, anyone could tell from the coldness of his eyes and the grit of his teeth. He wasn't going out without a fight, and suddenly, Zayn's fingers were itching to press the button.

He couldn't tear his eyes away from the beautiful boy, and he just knew he had to have him, whoever he was.

His brain snapped back and he realized the bid was at one thousand and was slowing down. He almost felt angry that they couldn't see the beauty of this amazing boy in front of them.

Zayn held his breath, and quickly moved his hand over the button. He blinked at the boy, and he pressed down hard. His button buzzed and there was silence for a few moments, and then the boy was grabbed by the arms and ushered out like the rest of them.

Zayn couldn't breath, his throat was so tight. He waited what seemed an eternity, and then the female voice announcer buzzed in.

"And the bidding was won by Zayn Malik for one thousand and fifty. Your prize is waiting in your designated car."

Zayn let out a rush of warm air, and he closed his eyes. He had just bought a person. A living, breathing person for a stack of money. A beautiful person. A person that blew his breath away and made his heart melt.

A person he needed to see right now.

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