Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


1. News

Bryce's P.O.V

             " I love you granny, night" i shout as she walks upstairs. Her frail voice replies back to me causing a small smile to make its way to my face. I shiver as winds from the open living room windows blow in. The blue blanket around me is pulled closer in attempt to stay warm enough.

My brown eyes were glued to the TV, too focused on the horrible actors from a movie my granny made me watch. After about 10 minutes of watching i get tired of the red head horrible acting. Her fake screams and over dramatic gasp make me want to rip my ears off.

I mute the TV then proceed to pull out my phone. My head shakes as i expect to have notifications but as always my phone is dry. Flashing of red from my TV makes my head snap up. The news had suddenly taken over the movie that was on. The women who was casting looked very nervous and her mouth was moving very fast.

" What" i mumbled as i un-mute the TV. "Yes you all heard me right, a person was found right at the edge of the woods dead. Bite marks indicate it was an animal attack, but sources say at the crime scene a blood trail showed this person's body was dragged to the edge of the woods. Police are warning everyone to not go into the woods until they figure out what is out there. I'm Holly Hensen with 23 News, back to you Jim"

I roll my eyes then turn off the TV. Everyone in this town is over reacting. For many years people have been attacked by animals in that forest, so why make a big deal about it now? Also, everyone knows that the police will not do anything to see what is in there. I've lived on the other side of the woods with my granny and we've always been just fine. 

A few deer might walk through our back yard but that was really it. A yawn escapes my mouth as i make my way to the kitchen. " Granny" i mumble while shaking my head. The back door was open once again, i tell her all the time that that is dangerous. Who knows what type of animals can wonder in this house.

As i slide the door closed i saw movement come from behind some bushes that lead into the woods. My breath caught in my throat as i made out a big animal standing on all fours. I felt like it was staring at me even though i couldn't see its face. The large animal moved and thats when our eyes connected. Deep green eyes stared back into my brown ones.

Goosebumps arose on my body as fear placed itself in my body. I quickly slide the door closed and locked it. The large beast ran fast towards our house before stopping about 3 feet away. " Holy Shit" i breathed out. It was easily taller than me. The animal looked like a over grown wolf of some sort. Its head tilted left while it stared at me. I saw something pass in its eyes before it darted back into the woods.

It was so big that when it first started running back into the woods the ground beneath me slightly shook. " Granny is not going to believe this" i said as i ran up the stairs to tell her.

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