Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


3. I have to

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Bryce's P.O.V

          I take a deep breath before nodding, " I'm ready" my voice in a whisper. " Well as you know you're mother and father left when you were only 3, but its not because they didn't think they could take care of you" she starts off while looking into my eyes with so much intensity in hers.

" You have probably known since age 16 you were different. Healing fast, i know John talked to you in your mind. Your mother and father are just like you. You may not believe me but the blood that runs through your veins is one of the strongest werewolves in the world. Your father was the king of all wolves that lived. His mother was his mate, and also was first his servant in his kingdom all the way in Greece.

He was ruler of the good wolves, which were called Moonlight. Once he married your mom she became the Queen of Moonlight making you the princess once you were born. They tried to keep you a secret from Rave, which is the bad side of the wolves that rebelled against the Kingdom. At around age three someone sold you out and you were being hunted. Your parents had no choice but to leave you with me and go into hiding. There has been rumors for years that they have been held captive by Rave till this day getting beaten until they have you.

Once you turned 16 you had got all of the wolves ability. You can transform, but i've been giving you stuff to keep your wolf calm and not letting you transform. Those people that were here today are from the group Rave. Somehow i think they found you." a small tears fall down her face. " Granny" i mumble before pulling her into a hug. She pulled back, wiping her tears; " I'm sorry that i couldn't keep you hidden and safe well enough" she mutters while shaking her head. " Granny go rest, we'll talk in the morning" my voice was shaky.

Once her frame disappeared up the steps and her room door closed i cried into my hands. How could this all be possible? Why did she wait for so long to tell me about everything. Once the tears stopped and my eyes were all red. I came up with the decision that would be best. I knew that my granny was now in danger since I'm living with her so i had to do this.

I have to leave this house for good. I have to find my parents, I have to find out more about everything but i can no longer stay here. I have to go on my own for the first time in my life. I have to do this for granny, i have to back to Moonlight who is now left with no leaders. I have to do this for the wolves. 

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