Woods (H.S)

Everyone has always told you to never go into the woods. Danger is what awaits you; but what if your future was in those woods? Would you face death or will you run away?


2. Daughter

Bryce's P.O.V

             " I'm not lying to you" i whine to my granny while shoving breakfast in my mouth. All she does is laugh then pats my head, " oh dear, you know you are just like your mother" she says shaking her head with a small smile. A smile of my own has made its way to my face while a think of the very little memories i have of my mom.

" Now, run down to the shack and grab me some wood please. I'm inviting some friends over and i need this place nice and toasty" i watch as her small figure wobbles into the living room then slowly sits down on the very soft brown couches. I walk towards the back door and slip on my black ankle high boots. 

It was very windy today, so as soon as i slid the door open the wind blew through my grey hair. Many people think I dyed it, but i was actually born with it. My mother had grey hair too, so thats where i got it from. The dark roots that i also naturally have comes from my father who had dark brown hair. 

I hug myself while i rush to the old shack that sits right before you enter the woods. The old wooden door opens with a small creak. That familiar smell invades my nose, it smell as if i was up in the early mornings and the dew from outside was surrounding me. The wood laid in the far back, making me have to walk over old tools my father once used. " This should be enough" i mumble to myself as i struggle a little to hold 4 large pieces of wood. 

" Crap" i hiss in pain as my legs graze a very sharp object, it cutting through my jeans and my skin. I could feel the warm blood running down my leg. As quickly as i could, i rush out the shack and up the lawn. I slide open the old back door with my foot, then slid it back close. " Here you go" i say to my granny while i set the wood next to the fire place. " Thanks dear. Oh! What happen to your leg!" she said looking up at me. " Granny I'm fine, you know its nothing" i mumble the last part.

Her face changes for a second before she huffs and sits back down. " Doesn't mean i can't worry" she says while i walk up the stairs. My eyes roll but a small smile sets on my face at her caring so much about a cut when she knows i heal fast. Its always been strange, then again my life is strange. There's things that has happen to me over the past years that my granny refuses to explain to me.

I'm 18 now, and ever since i turned 16 strange things have started happening to my body. Granny promised to tell me everything once i hit 18 but she's trying to hold back until i finally burst. 


The murmuring of voices i heard downstairs cause me to get curious. I let out a soft ' oh' as i remember granny telling me about having some friends over. I look down at my clothes and decide to change into something more appropriate for meeting people. Finally i decide on a black nit sweater, blue jeans, and i knew just slipped on my black timberlands. My shoes make thuds on the steps as i make my way downstairs.

A lady was sitting on the couch with a man by her side talking to my granny. My granny's head looks over to me, and her eyes show something that i can't seem to make out. " Oh, Hellen and John, this is my daughter Bryce" quick confusion flash through my eyes, she never once in her life introduced me as her actually daughter. I muster a smile towards the guest, " Hello" i say softly. Neither of them reply, Hellen was staring very hard at my face while John was roaming his eyes down my body.

' Pig ' i thought and tried not to roll my eyes. ' Thanks' my eyes widen at the new voice in my head. I had no idea where it came from or who said it. " Hello" my eyes widen even more once John speaks. The voice in my head sounded exactly like his. " We must be going, it was nice meeting your daughter" Hellen emphasis the daughter part before they both walk out the door.

" What was that about" i ask as i plop down next to granny. She lets out a long sigh before looking right into my eyes. " I think its time i tell you everything." 

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