I finally found you

What happens when heaven (the new old girl ) falls in like with her old pal (luke) will all hell brake loose or will their love sparkle in the moonlight?


1. the new girl

It was the first day of school, i was walking to my locker when suddenly a boy approached me.

Hi i'm luke hemmings you must be heaven.

Yes i'm heaven its very nice to meet you!

We shook hands and we akwardly kept our hands together for about two minutes while looking into eachother eyes.

Um can you show me to my first class if you dont mind.

Of course who do you have? Luke said

Mr. Toni, i said quietly

Oh i have him too! Luke said

Thats cool, i said looking at him in his eyes

Yea,we both said

Let me get my books from my locker and we can head out,luke said

Yea let me just wait for my girlfriend

Oh you have a girlfriend,i said frowning

Yea her name is mackenzie

Mabye yall can be friends,luke said

Yea mabye,i said looking around

hey baby um who is this,mackenzie said sounding disgusted.

oh hey and this is heaven, said luke

:hi,i said

um you dont have a thing for her do you,mackenzie said.

mabye but it aint like shes ever going to feel the same way anyway,luke said sadley.

wait is that you Lucas,i said furisley.

yes dont freak out,luke said

whats going one here,mackenzie said while crossing her arms.

iv'e known heaven since we were five,luke said happily while starring at heaven.

WHAT,mackenzie yelled

:i always have had a major crush on heaven,luke said while smiling

really,i said while walking slow towards him.

what no i forgot you were here,luke said

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