I finally found you

What happens when heaven (the new old girl ) falls in like with her old pal (luke) will all hell brake loose or will their love sparkle in the moonlight?


6. just a dream

Luke woke up from his adventerous dream

Luke went down stairs to go eat breakfast

Hey boys,said luke

They all said hey

Oh i had the best dream that me and heaven were dating

You always have that dream,ashton said

Shut-up,luke said furiously

Luke looked at his phone and saw that heaven was calling

Hey heaven

Hey luke

Luke im moving back

Your lying

No im not since im 19 i get to move back by myself


Calm down lucas

You have to move in with us


Please you can take my room

Why dont we just sleep in the same bed we are best friends arent we

Yes always and fine

Ok be their in 1 hour or so i love and miss you

I love you to

~time jump~

*ding dong*

Luke ran to the door and opened it and realized it was heaven

Hey heaven, luke said

Hey luke, i said

Lukes P.O.F

I opened the door and saw the girl i love more than anything she didnt know it i hope she still has that habit when we are sleeping puts her arm and leg around me.

Hey heaven,i said

Hey luke, she said

You luke good , i said stupidley

You too, she said

So where do i put my stuff, in my room, heaven said

Heaven walks up stairs

Shes totally into you, ashton said

No she isnt she miss popular im a nobody,i said

No your in a band, calum said

So, i said

Heaven walking down stairs

Sudenly she fell

Heaven screamed

Are you ok, luke said

I dont feel so good, heaven said

Call 911

No dont i just need to go to sleep, heaven said.

Ok here hold my hand ill lead you to my bedroom, i said akwardley

She held my hand tight

We went up stairs and she told me to stay with her so i did.

Will you hold me luke, she said

Are you sure you want me to, i said

Yes , she said

We layed down and i holded her

She was almost asleep so i went ahead and said i live you and thought she wouldnt hear me

I heard i love you too

No i mean more than a friend , i said

I know i love you more than a friend, she said

I was so happy i jumped up and down then she jumped up and kissed me!!!

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