What does sunshine taste like? (Kurtbastian fanfic)


1. chapter 1

          Sebastian clutched the handles of his backpack walking to his locker at McKinley High,  he had just transferred there from the all boys academy Dalton.   Walking he saw Kurt him and Kurt had been dating for a few months and Sebastian truly did love him.  'Damn I wanna kiss him so bad right now!'  He thought to himself holding back the urge.  They had decided to keep there relationship on the download because of everything between the glee club and Dalton.

          Walking down the hall Sebastian spotted Blaine,  when Blaine walked by he glanced over him and waved smiling.  Sebastian opened his locker and set his bag down grabbing the multiple text books from it. 'Why the fuck do we need these when we don't use them?'  He said in his head rolling his eyes.  He picked his bag back up and began the journey to his first class when he saw the brunette wearing a plaid skirt and black tights,  and of course hideous carousel sweater walk up to him in a hurry if she were pissed.

           "Hello Berry what be the pleasure."  He asked smirking feeling the tension.

            "There is none seeing you're here."  She looked around him as if wanting to see an invisible wire to catch him up to something.

               "What the hell are you looking for?"  He asked seeing her looking around like a hound dog sniffing out an animal.  She pursed her lips together ready to tell him off when Finn whispered something in her arm getting her to leave.

                 Entering his Spanish class Mr. Shue smiled and greeted him.  He looked around for someone to sit by and saw Kurt.  He instantly sat down and motioned for him to notice him.

                  Kurt bolted up at first then smiled at the soft expression of the man he loved.  He was jotting down ideas for their date that night.   It had to be special not like those lame 'dates' him and Blaine had which was mostly just picking out his bow tie for regionals,  no it was no secret that Sebastian was way different then Blaine.

                After class was done Kurt and Sebastian waited until the others were gone before colliding their lips into a soft kiss.  Then almost immediately as it had started they separated glancing to make sure no one had spotted them. 

               "Bas I'm so glad you're here,  I love you so much."  Kurt said staring into his beautiful crisp green eyes.

                "I love you too,  but it honestly sucks not being able to hold your hands in the halls."  He said and they began talking about the night bound to come.

                  "You'll have to wait for that surprise love,  I know for sure you're going to love it though!"  Kurt said with a bounce in his step walking towards the door.  Once he exited he sat down in his second class of the day next to Rachel.

                "Why is Sebastian here?"  She asked curious.

                "Probably family issues or something.  Why?  Mad it's not some other Barbra Streisand lover?"  He joked pushing Rachel playfully.

               "Hey don't hate on Barbra her footsteps were carved into history!"  She snapped taking offense then laughing as he stiffened up acting serious.  He sat in class and moved on to the next.  The whole day went like this and Glee had been cancelled that day because Mr. Shue had to go to an appointment or whatever.  Kurt made his way for the walk home.  Sebastian was supposed to meet up with him and go to his house with him.

                After walking for a while he felt a clammy hand slip into his. "Hey princess."  Sebastian teased.

                "Hey!  I'm not a princess I'm a queen."  Kurt said stopping and taking a bow.  Sebastian laughed as they reached Kurts house and awaited for the night just a few hours ahead.

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