Hello nice to meet you

Samantha has started a YouTube channel and she never planned for it to grow into a career. She started when she found a channel named SMOSH. They are her inspiration but what happens when she meets them at Vidcon?


1. Chapter 1

Samantha's POV:

"Hey guys! It's I'manidiot here!" I said to my camera. "So I have some big news!" (Insert dramatic pause) "I'm going to be at Vidcon! I'm so happy I'll get to meet you guys and a bunch of other YouTubers! Hopefully I'll make some YouTube friends because right now I only have my best friend Calie. But you guys know her as crazyunicornlady! I know I know we both have really weird YouTube names but what do you expect? I know for a fact that Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, Thatcherjoe, Pewdiepie, me, Crazyunicornlady, and SMOSH will be there. I hope to see you guys there! I'll be posting vlogs and some videos during Vidcon. Bye guys!" I walked to the camera and turned it off. I sat down and watched the video. I started to edit and I got a call from Calie. "Hey girl!" I said. "Heyyyyy! What's up?" She asked. "The sky." "Good job dumbutt." "Thank you hold your applause." I said. "Spare me and you excited to meet them?" She asked. "Meet who?" "SMOSH! God I knew you were stupid but I thought you would know this." "Thanks love you too and yes I'm stoked." I said. Meeting them would be a dream come true. They are my idols. I look up to them. "Umm hello?" "Oh sorry Calie I spaced out." "It's all good. Now go finish your video we will talk later. Bye." "Bye." I said and I hung up the phone. I looked at my SMOSH poster. I can't wait to see them. I love them. I just hope they love me.

A/N: hey guys! This is just a sneak peek of this Movella and the YouTube channels I'manidiot and crazyunicornlady are not real btw. This is going to be a love story between Samantha and Anthony. If you don't know who Anthony is he and his best friend Ian are two famous YouTubers who make up the channel SMOSH. They are amazing and hilarious. Go check out their channel! But anyways I can't promise you and tell you I will update regularly. I have other Movellas that I need to work on. To be honest I feel like all my stories are crap but I'm really trying to make them better. Thank you for understanding. And thank you for reading! <3

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