Temporary fix

She sought to extinguish the pestilential sinister flames that engulfed his mind not knowing that she too, had been consumed by the evil it possessed.


1. Temporary fix

“You know class has started” I chimed in, slightly startling the troubled adolescent 


A pique grunt left his lips before he spoke “Yeah, so what are you still doing here?”


“Why are you doing this to yourself?” 


“I needed it” He rolled his eyes, he rotated his neck so he was facing me.  From here I could see his face in full definition, he looked rugged. Whatever he was doing was slowly was killing him.


“No you don’t, Malachi”


“listen sweetie, some people have their ibuprofen or panadol, this right here” he huffed out cloud of smoke , “this is my medicine, my temporary fix” 

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